Ikris Retractable Garden Water Hose Reel: Review

Ikris Retractable Garden Water Hose Reel

Review of the Ikris Retractable Garden Water Hose Reel

The Ikris Retractable Garden Water Hose Reel Had 35 customer reviews and 5 answered questions on Amazon as of this writing.  I’ve read the customer comments and also the questions, and then condensed the results into this review.  I hope that this helps you when shopping for a garden hose reel.  This reel weighs 12.12 pounds

Best Fea​tures

  • check ​Lightweight compared to most hose reels
  • check ​Hose included
  • check Nozzle included
  • check Mounting Hex Lag Bolts included
  • check Locks to stop at any length 

Item Specifics

The Ikris Retractable Garden Water Hose Reel includes a pre-installed, automatic rewinding, reinforced ½” diameter braided PVC hose (50 ft length) with high-quality and threaded brass end fittings.  A retracting SmartPath Guide automatically levels the hose reel while rewinding to prevent uneven overlapping.  This reel features a 180° swivel mount and easily detachable case for winter storage.  The reel will locks to stop at any length.  To get it to lock,  pull until desired length and then release.  The Starter Nozzle, Mounting Hex Lag Bolts, and pre-installed 50’ hose are all included with your purchase of the reel.  Fits all standard U.S. hose thread connections (3/4”). 

Popular with Gardeners

Though this hose can be used for most anything you would use a hose for, it seems to be a very popular choice for gardeners.  Here is one of the many gardener comments, “Perfect for watering the garden. Retracting makes for such a quick setup and cleanup! Good quality and better price than other hoses.”

Easy to Install

The reel is easy to install according to people who installed it.  In fact, I could not find one comment that said it was hard to install, rather everyone was saying how easy it was.  Most people mounted it to cinder block walls.  Some commented that they installed the bracket using wedge anchors instead of tapcon screws due to better pullout resistance with wedge anchors in the cinder blocks.  Apparently Tapcon screws require a lot of torque to install the fastener and it is very easy to over torque and end up with little or no tension capacity.  Most of the stress with this reel will be pulling (tension) and not with the weight (direct shear).


Compared to many other hose reels, the Ikris Retractable Garden Water Hose Reel is fairly light weight.  Weighing in at only 12.12 pounds, you should be able to carry it around by the handle provided on top of the reel.  With some of the other reels, people were asking if it was possible to carry it around instead of mounting it.  Most would require a cart or really strong arms and back to carry.  However, this one is not that heavy.  It is made to be mounted but carrying it is not out of the question.

Recommended Care of Reel and Hose

Here are some recommendations to get the most out of your hose and to prolong the life of it:  Make sure the Swivel Mount is installed securely before using. Release water pressure by shutting off and draining the hose before rewinding. Do Not disassemble.  Do not let go during rewinding, as it may cause the hose to whip.  Drain hose before prolonged inactivity to avoid stagnant water.  Shut off the lead valve when not in use.  Avoid Freezing temperatures – empty hose reel at the end of the season and store in a cool, dry place.  Do not overtighten connector.  Read all directions and instructions before using this product.  Use only as directed.

Won’t Retract the Full Hose Length

There were some complaints about the hose not retracting all the way in.  Some people said that it left several feet out that would not retract.  Some people however had no problem getting it to retract the full length in.  Here are a couple of the comments on retractability, “I just bought this and installed it last week. I’ve retracted the hose TWICE and the hose already won’t reel all the way back in.” And “Will not auto retract the last several feet of the hose.”

Ikris Retractable Garden Water Hose Reel


  • plus Lightweight for a hose reel
  • plus Easy to install
  • plus Comes with hose, nozzle and mounting hex lag bolts


  • close Won’t retract the full length in 

Ikris Retractable Garden Water Hose Reel Conclusion

The Ikris Retractable Garden Water Hose Reel is a popular garden reel hose for gardeners.  It is priced right about in the middle of expensive garden hose reels to the least expensive garden hose reels.  It should be easy to mount and install according to people who mounted it.  Although some people chose not to mount it since it is so light, weighing in at just 12.12 pounds.  However it is made to be mounted.  The only consistent complaint that I could find was that it doesn’t retract all the way, often leaving a few feet of hose not in the reel.  This reel does come with a hose, nozzle and mounting hex lag bolts.

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people considering buying an ikris Retractable Garden Water Hose Reel.

  • chevron-circle-right How do I get the hose to retract?  Pull the hose lightly forward and release it. It will stop at the point you designate on the hose stop. Turn water off and relieve pressure in the line before retracting. 
  • chevron-circle-right What are the dimensions of this reel?   The Ikris Retractable Garden Water Hose Reel measures 15.3 x 7.7 x 13.8 inches.
  • chevron-circle-right Is this hose easy to retract?  Yes, it retracts very easily, however it can be difficult to get the last few feet to retract.  If it doesn’t bother you to have a few feet of hose not wound up, then this shouldn’t be a problem. 

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