Hunter Fan 54″ Weathered Zinc Outdoor Ceiling Fan Review

Hunter Fan 54  Weathered Zinc Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Review of the Hunter Fan 54″ Weathered Zinc Outdoor Ceiling Fan

As of this writing, there were 56 customer comments and 60 answered questions for the Hunter Fan 54″ Weathered Zinc Outdoor Ceiling Fan.  I’ve read the customer feedback, and then condensed the results into this review.  I hope that this helps you when shopping for an outdoor ceiling fan.

Best Features

  • check Includes an integrated light kit
  • check Includes a light handheld remote control
  • check Damp rated
  • check Weathered zinc finish
  • check Reversible blades

Item Specifics

The Hunter Fan 54″ Weathered Zinc Outdoor Ceiling Fan has a weathered zinc finish.  This outdoor ceiling fan features 5 burnished grey pine reversible blades.  It includes an integrated light kit with clear glass.  The one 5W LED bulb is included. This fan also includes a light handheld remote control.  This ceiling fan is damp rated.  This means that you should not put it out into exposed weather.  Places that are protected from the weather, such as a patio or a damp room, will make a great place for this ceiling fan.  To learn more about the Hunter Fan Company, take a look at their  website at

Refurbished, but Looks New

This is a refurbished ceiling fan.  However, customers were surprised and pleased with how new it looked.  According to customers, not only did it look good but it also worked just like a new fan.  Here is one of the comments from a customer, “I was very pleased with this fan. I didn’t realize until after I had ordered it that it was refurbished, in other words, not brand new. To be honest, I couldn’t tell. Everything looked just as it would have if it had been new. You can tell if screws have been used before, and you can usually tell by small marks and indentations that it has been installed previously. This was not the case. Everything looked absolutely new.”

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Light Cage Is Made from Cheap Plastic

The only downside to the quality of this outdoor ceiling fan is that the light cage is made from cheap plastic.  However, customers said that this ceiling fan still worked just as well despite the cheap plastic light cage.  Here is what one customer said, “The fan is very nice. The only knock I have is that the light cage is a cheap plastic – it would be nice if that was of better quality. However – it is only cosmetic so no one will know but the person that installs.”

Light Has a Warm Glow

According to customers, this outdoor ceiling fan has a nice, warm glow.  Here is what one customer had to say, “I love the led light that comes with it. Unlike the harsh whiteness of earlier LED’s, this has a warm orangey glow. When my wife got home from work, installation was complete, so we sat under our gazebo and turned it on. I put it on its highest setting, and it was amazing.”

Fan Won’t Work Without the Remote Control

The Hunter Fan 54″ Weathered Zinc Outdoor Ceiling Fan will only work with the remote control.  You cannot turn a switch on to get it turned on.  This means that if you lost the remote control, you would not be able to turn the fan or light on.  This customer explained, “The fan light won’t turn on with out remote. My last Hunter fan turned on with just flipping on the switch. The remote also doesn’t dim the light. I even tried other bulbs. My last worry is if you lose/damage remote you can’t turn fan or light on”

Easy to Assemble

The assembly instructions for this outdoor ceiling fan is easy to follow.  Customers did not have any problems with installing it.  Here is one of the comments from a customer, “Bought two of these for my outdoor patio. Installation was straightforward, all parts were included, and the fact they are refurbished does not seem to be an issue.”

Fan Must Be Completely Assembled Before It Will Turn On

Some customers thought that this fan didn’t work because they tried to turn it on before it was completely assembled.  However, this outdoor ceiling fan must be completely installed before it can be turned on.  Here is what one customer had to say, “I was worried about a refurbished product but was in excellent condition. When my husband installed it and went to test the fan out before the completion of the light assembly it would not turn on. I was convinced I had purchased a bad product but it must be completely assembled to work. We love, love this fan and recommend its purchase. Do not let a refurbished model scare you at all. You will get superior quality for a great price.”

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Damp Rated

This product is a damp rated outdoor ceiling fan.  This means that you should not install it in places that are exposed to the weather.  An enclosed area, such as a patio would work great.  You can also use this fan in damp rooms, such as a bathroom or washer room.  Just remember that this is not wet rated, so do not place it in an exposed area.

You’ll Have to Pay to Return This Unless You Buy It With Prime

If there is any reason that you are not satisfied with this fan, the only way to get a refund or can return it for free is if you purchase off Prime.  Otherwise, you will need to pay for the shipping.  Here is what one customer had to say about her experience with shipping this item, “It’s on its way back, which I had to pay for because it wasn’t covered by Prime. Don’t buy things not covered by Prime! My first and last time I make that choice.”

Weathered Zinc Finish

The color of this outdoor ceiling fan has a weathered grey color.  The description mentions that the blades have a burnished grey pine color.  Although there were no comments left about the color, it should be noted that this fan has a nice wood color.

Some Customers Reported That Only the Light Worked

Although it wasn’t a common complaint, a couple customers stated that only the light worked.  The fan, however, would not turn on with the remote control.  According to customers, this usually cannot be fixed.  Here is what one customer had to say, “Installed fan and can not get fan to operate. Light works but the fan motor will not turn on. I checked wiring and it was correct. Checked direction switch and it was fully seated. By passed remote switch and hard wired to house power, again light works but no fan.”

Hunter Fan 54" Weathered Zinc Outdoor Ceiling Fan


  • plus Good price
  • plus Easy assembly 
  • plus Reversible blades


  • close Cheap cage around the light
  • close Refurbished.  Not new.
  • close Only works by remote control

Hunter Fan 54″ Weathered Zinc Outdoor Ceiling Fan Conclusion

The Hunter Fan 54″ Weathered Zinc Outdoor Ceiling Fan features 5 burnished grey pine reversible blades.  It also has an integrated light kit with clear glass.  One 5 Watt LED bulb is included.  A handheld remote control is what is used to operate the fan.  It is damp rated but not wet rated. Do not expose it to wet weather.  Make sure that you don’t loose the remote control because this fan will not work without the remote.  Some customers felt that the light cage was made from a cheap plastic.  The assembly is easy according to customers who purchased this fan.

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Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people considering buying the Hunter Fan 54″ Weathered Zinc Outdoor Ceiling Fan.

  • chevron-circle-right Is the light adequate for a bedroom?  No, it is very bright for a bedroom.  There is no dimmer, so you would either have to change the bulb or have other lamps available for those times you don’t want a bright light.
  • chevron-circle-right What is the airflow in cubic feet per minute?  3947 CFM (cubic feet per minute) on high.
  • chevron-circle-right Can this fan be flushed mounted?  No, this ceiling fan does not have flush mounting as an option.

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