Mosaic Cast Iron Outdoor Patio Bench Review

outdoor patio bench
outdoor patio bench

As of this writing, there are 315 customer comments and 46 answered questions for the Mosaic Cast Iron Outdoor Patio Bench. I have read the customer feedback and then condensed the results into this review. I hope this review helps you when shopping for the best outdoor bench for your home.

Best Features

  • Holds up to 500 pounds
  • Features a durable powder-coated steel frame and cast-iron Ivy back
  • Hardware is included
  • Comfortable to sit in
  • Good price

Item Specifics

The Mosaic Cast Iron Outdoor Patio Bench features a durable powder-coated steel frame for strength and a stylish cast-iron Ivy back.  The hardware is included for easy assembly. This outdoor bench will hold up to 500 pounds. The dimensions are 33.5"H x 25"W x 50.5"L. This bench would make a perfect patio bench, garden bench, porch bench, or even an indoor bench. Keep in mind that due to warning requirements imposed in California by Proposition 65, the company cannot ship any items to California at this time.


You may or may not want to buy pads for this bench. Some benches can be hard and uncomfortable, although some people thought that The Mosaic Cast Iron Outdoor Patio Bench was plenty comfortable as is. One customer said, "a really nice product, very easy to put together 4 screws in all. To my surprise, it's also comfortable to sit on. Thought I'd have to buy pads for it but that's not necessary unless you want to. Since I live in FL and leave it outside in my garden I'm choosing not to pad it. Very sturdy I think it will last for quite a while even baking in the hot Florida sun. The delivery was really fast too."

Mixed Reviews on Ease of Assembly

Some customers felt that The Mosaic Cast Iron Outdoor Patio Bench was very easy to put together while others had complaints. For the most part, most people felt it was easy to assemble.

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One customer said, "Assembly was no problem at all on either bench. There are 4 pieces, 2 arm/leg sides and the seat back and seat bottom. The tools and bolts/washers/nuts are in a blister pack - it would be hard for me to see how someone could get the wrong hardware as mentioned on other reviews. The Allen wrench is ok, but the included open end wrench is a bit small. If you have a decent 10mm ratchet or box wrench you'll save some assembly time. There are 8 Allen bolts, 4 long for the back and 4 short for the seat bottom. The arm/leg assemblies are different, make sure that the seat bottom goes into the indented side on each one. If get the sides reversed or you use the bolts in the wrong location you will end up with bolts that are not long enough which is where I suspect some of the reviewers went wrong."

Will Rust

Unfortunately, this bench will rust if left outside. There were numerous complaints of it rusting. Some people felt that it should have been painted better to have a better chance of rust not happening. One customer commented, "Got bench for Christmas. Bought a cushion for it to use outside. After several rainfalls, it is rusting and there is rust now on my cushion. I guess I'll be putting this one on my closed in porch."

You could choose to coat it yourself if you wanted to in order to protect it from the weather. One person said, "I sprayed the bench with a clear Rustoleum lacquer and it has held up well in our climate. Since we're using it mostly as a decorative accent in our yard it really doesn't matter if it eventually rusts."

Good Price

The price on The Mosaic Cast Iron Outdoor Patio Bench is not a great bargain, but it's also not overpriced. Most customers who evaluated the price thought it was priced well. Here is one of the comments on price, "I bought 4 of these benches based on the positive feedback from these reviews. Some reviews said that there were spaces between the backrest and arms, etc. I didn't have that problem on any of the 4 I bought. I am very happy with these benches. They look great they are sturdy. Super easy to assemble and reasonably comfortable. For the price and overall product, I don't think you can beat it."

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Good Customer Service

The majority of comments about customer service were positive for this outdoor bench. Here is one of those comments, "I had an older bench I was considering repairing but when I saw this unit I was impressed and the price was very good. Assembly was very easy and the bench is extremely well made and comfortable to sit in and a good size. I would recommend this bench to anyone. The first unit was damaged in transit and the company shipped an immediate replacement, amazing customer service and I will definitely buy from them again."

Complaints of One Leg Shorter Than Others

Not sure if this was a flaw in one bench, an assembly error or a flaw in all benches. But one customer noticed and said, "This is a sturdy bench. The only problem after we had it together was that the front right leg (that's standing in front of it and looking at the bench) was about 1.5 inches shorter. We shimmed it up from the ground up and it works ok now."

Missing Hardware Packets

There were some complaints about missing tool packets. A customer explained, "The bench pieces look lovely. Was hoping to use this bench for our family Fourth of July picnic but the bench did not come with the hardware packet included. It took an additional 30 days for the hardware to be mailed. Very disappointing. Hopefully, it will be put together for our Labor Day cook-out."

Bronze Not Black

If you are wanting a black bench as the description states, be aware that this bench is more of a bronze than black. A disappointed customer said, "The description states powder coated in BLACK! The bench is actually bronze! Not fair to those of us who need a certain color."

May Get Hot in the Sun

Metal gets hot in the sun, so keep in mind that this bench could get hot in direct sunlight, especially on hot days. You may want to put an all-weather cushion on it if will be in direct sunlight during summer months. Or you may want to consider putting it in the shade to cut down on the heat it will retain. A customer said, "I bought this bench to use as a prop in a Christmas play, and plan to put it in my backyard in the Spring. It is beautiful and a nice size. It's put away for the winter right now, but I wonder how hot it will be in the summer. I plan to put it in the shade under my deck facing the woods. My husband put it together with absolutely no problems."

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  • Will rust if left out in rain 
  • Good customer service 
  • Good price  


  •  Bronze not black as description states 
  • Some arrived missing hardware packets
  •  Will get hot in the sun

Mosaic Cast Iron Outdoor Patio Bench Conclusion

The Mosaic Cast Iron Outdoor Patio Bench features a durable powder-coated steel frame with a cast-iron Ivy back.  Everything is included for easy assembly. The dimensions are 33.5"H x 25"W x 50.5"L. This bench will hold up to 500 pounds. Keep in mind that due to warning requirements imposed in California by Proposition 65, the company cannot ship any items to California at this time. Some people reported that the hardware packet was not included. When customer support was contacted about the issue, they sent out new hardware packets. Even though this is an outdoor bench, it will rust if left out in the rain. In fact, some people found that it rusted within the first week of arrival. You may want to coat it with a rust-proof coating. Because this is a metal bench, it will get hot if left in the direct sun on hot days. Some people choose to put cushions on it. Cushions will not only protect you from the heat of the bench in the sun, but it will make this bench more comfortable to sit on. Overall, the comments were positive for The Mosaic Cast Iron Outdoor Patio Bench. The price was was good for what you get.

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people considering buying the Mosaic Cast Iron Outdoor Patio Bench.

  • How is this product shipped?  It is shipped in a box. You will need to assemble it yourself. The hardware is included with the outdoor patio bench.
  • Is this outdoor patio bench black-colored or bronze?  It's both black and bronze. It is not fully black but just with a mix of bronze color.
  • If I buy a cushion, how big would it have to be?  The cushion size would need to be 50 "Long x 25" Wide. However, this outdoor patio bench is comfortable to sit in even without a cushion. 

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