Heavy Duty Giant Aluminum Multi Purpose Folding Ladder Review

multi purpose folding ladder

Review of the Heavy Duty Giant Aluminum Multi Purpose Folding Ladder

As of this writing, there are 131 customer comments and 32 answered questions for the Heavy Duty Giant Aluminum Multi-Purpose Folding Ladder.  I’ve read the customer feedback and then condensed the results into this review.  I hope that this review helps you when you are shopping for a ladder to help you reach new heights.

Best Features

  • Holds up to 330 pounds
  • Converts to an extension ladder, stepladder, wall ladder, M shaped ladder, and more.
  • Foldable design allows you to carry this multi-purpose folding ladder 
  • Features heavy-duty rubber pads and slip-resistant rungs
  • Has safety locks

Item Specifics

The Heavy Duty Giant Aluminum Multi-Purpose Folding Ladder is a multi-purpose ladder that can be used as an extension ladder, stepladder, M shaped ladder, stepladder with support, work platform, and a wall ladder.  It is 19.5 feet and has heavy-duty rubber pads that provide resistance to ensure a solid grip on all floor surfaces.  The weight limit is 330 pounds.  It has multi-position smooth operating hinges.  There are safety locks and bottom protective pads so that you are safe when on this ladder.  This product is rust-proof, lightweight, foldable design.  The foldable design makes it easy to carry.  Another nice feature is the slip-resistant rungs so that you don’t slip when stepping on the ladder.  

Compact Storage

The Heavy Duty Giant Aluminum Multi-Purpose Folding Ladder folds up to take up a minimal amount of space for its size.  A customer explained, “I have been thoroughly impressed by this product, as have many others.  It collapses to under 3 feet tall and expands to 10.5 feet.  Perfect for our apartment where we have a loft 8 feet from the ground and don’t want a ladder there all the time.”

Need to Plan on How Big You Want It to Expand Before You Begin

The way the ladder is designed you will need to plan on how big you want it to expand before you start to expand it.  A customer explained, “My only gripe and this is more inherent, an unavoidable design is that if you don’t immediately know what height you need, you often have to retract it all and adjust.  Reason being: the top rungs stay collapsed if you’re not opening to full height, which means the thicker guys take all the weight.  That said, they’re uniform in height, so you could also start opening from the top, count the unopened rungs, then retract and leave that many unopened from the bottom.  At this point, however, I’ve gotten pretty good at eyeballing it, and I don’t even use it that much.”

Will Sway

The higher that you climb on this ladder, expect it to give a little.  It is not as sturdy as some of the other types of ladders.  A lot of this just has to do with the nature of this type of multi-purpose ladder.  A customer explained, “Follow the placement directions carefully. It’s important to have the right angle against the wall. Even with proper placement, there is some give when you climb above the 4th rung. The feeling is like being on an expansion bridge – not wobbly — a very slight bounce.”

Made in China

This ladder is made in China.  Not all people found this fact to be a bad thing though some did find it to be a cheaply made ladder. Many times China products are considered inferior to American Made products.  This ladder that was made in China, however, had a lot of positive comments, such as the following comment:  “Everyone I’ve shown has asked who makes it, and I tell them China, and they’re always stunned. (“Wait, that’s made in China?!?!” Yup, I wouldn’t have believed it myself but that’s what it says on it!) Price is very attractive, it’s extremely durable, it’s built rock-solid and will undoubtedly last me for many, many years. Metal parts appear to be aluminum, which is perfect as it’s both lightweight and won’t rust over time (most ladders are aluminum or fiberglass).”

330 Weight Capacity

The weight capacity for this ladder is 330 pounds.  Keep in mind that this will include not only the user weight but also the weight of any other tools and items on the ladder while in use.  This is a very good weight capacity for a ladder of this size and type.  A customer commented, “I weigh 240 lbs and the ladder holds me just fine. This is an excellent ladder, well made, very stable, lightweight, small size for storage, but big on functionality when deployed, and it stores easily in the confined space of an RV Hold. I carry it in my RV for easy access to the roof. Easy to deploy and retract for storage.  I’m extremely pleased.  Highly recommend!”

Good Price

The price is very affordable for what you get with the Heavy Duty Giant Aluminum Multi-Purpose Folding Ladder.  A customer commented, “What an incredible deal.  Bar none the most affordable ladder of its kind I’ve seen, and I shopped around.  I was worried it might turn out to be junk or something, but no, I love it!  This is the first time I’ve ever used one of these, and it’s shocking how easy it is to open and close.  It’s sturdy but not too heavy, feels like quality.  I am a new home-owner and live in a very tiny house so being able to store this so easily is huge.  And while it wasn’t Prime eligible, I received it a week early.  Just wow.”

Complaints of Accidents

This ladder did have its share of complaints as far as accidents and injuries go due to poor construction.  An unsatisfied customer explained, “This ladder is not rated by OSHA.  Another very disturbing thing to note is that it does not have a manufacturer’s name on it anywhere.  The smoke screen are all of the “safety yellow” stickers on it everywhere.  This is definitely a Chinese knockoff.  I used it twice and the second time the first rung broke.  If I had been any higher it would have been disastrous.  Others have had the same experience with broken rungs.  I am a professional carpenter that weighs 175 pounds, and I have had over 10 ladders.  Not a single one had ever had a rung break.  This should be pulled from the shelves and recalled. DO NOT BUY THIS LADDER!”

Rungs Must Be Locked in Place

It is of extreme importance that you lock all of the rungs in place before use.  If you don’t do that, you may risk injury.  A customer warned, “If you don’t have ALL of the rings locked securely in place (which is difficult to confirm), it WILL COLLAPSE WHILE YOU ARE ON IT! That happened to me! My foot got caught in the collapsed ladder with me still on it so my weight on top of the rung ALMOST BROKE MY FOOT! Thank goodness I was only about 4 rungs up when it happened or it could have been a terrible disaster! I would have returned it but by the time I got around to using it, it was too late.  All I can do now is throw it away and WARN potential buyers!”

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  • Price
  • Multi-purpose 
  • 330 weight capacity


  • Rungs can easily break especially if not locked in place 
  • Must plan how far to expand it before you start expanding 
  • Reports of injuries

Heavy Duty Giant Aluminum Multi Purpose Folding Ladder Conclusion

The Heavy Duty Giant Aluminum Multi-Purpose Folding Ladder is a multi-purpose ladder that can be used as an extension ladder, stepladder, M shaped ladder, stepladder with support, work platform, and a wall ladder.  This ladder is 19.5 feet and has heavy-duty rubber pads designed to provide resistance to ensure a solid grip on all floor surfaces.  The weight capacity is 330 pounds. This ladder has multi-position smooth operating hinges.  along with safety locks and bottom protective pads so that you are safe when on this ladder.  It is very important that you carefully follow the directions and lock the rungs in place before using this ladder.  Failure to do so could result in injury.  This ladder has a rust-proof, lightweight, foldable design.  which makes it easy to carry.  The rungs are slip-resistant for your safety.  This ladder is made in China.  The price is good for what you get however there were reports of accidents and injuries due to poor construction.  

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people considering buying the Heavy Duty Giant Aluminum Multi Purpose Folding Ladder.

  • Could this be used as a fire escape ladder?  In an emergency, you could use it as a fire escape ladder, but it is not designed for this use.  It doesn’t have hooks to lock onto a window sill or the metal rail of an outside fire escape.  Extending the rungs and moving the ladder in a hurry would also be difficult.  During a fire emergency, it would be best if you had a different ladder.
  • Is this ladder sturdy enough to use as an attic ladder?  According to customers, this multi-purpose folding ladder is sturdy enough to use as an attic ladder.
  • Is there an attachment for a roof-support (so as not to damage gutters?)  No, but you can buy a stabilizer/spreader that will attach with U-bolts onto your ladder.  You can buy a stabilizer on Amazon.

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