How to Get Rid of Backyard Flies: Easy & Effective Solutions

how to get rid of backyard flies
Flies are an annoying and potentially harmful pest that can quickly turn your outdoor space into a breeding ground. Not only are they a nuisance, but they can also carry and spread diseases, making it crucial to control their population in your backyard. Thankfully, there are several easy and effective solutions to get rid of backyard flies. From natural remedies to fly traps, you can take proactive steps to eliminate these unwelcome insects and ensure a fly-free outdoor environment. Post Summary:
  • Controlling backyard flies is crucial for both comfort and health reasons.
  • There are several natural remedies and fly traps that are effective in eliminating flies.
  • Proper sanitation and removal of fly attractants are key strategies for preventing future fly infestations.

Understanding the Problem: Backyard Fly Control

Backyard flies can be a nuisance, but with the right approach, you can effectively control their population. There are various methods you can use to get rid of flies in outdoor spaces, including fly traps and natural remedies.

Effective Ways to Eliminate Backyard Flies

Fly traps are one of the most popular ways to eliminate flies in outdoor spaces. These traps are designed to attract and capture flies, using a variety of methods. Some traps use sticky paper, while others use bait to lure flies in. Consider using an outdoor fly trap that is specifically designed for use in your backyard. Backyard Flies In addition to fly traps, there are other effective ways to eliminate backyard flies. One approach is to use a combination of methods, such as fly traps and natural remedies. Another option is to use insecticides, but be cautious when using these chemicals, as they may also harm beneficial insects and other wildlife.

Fly Prevention Tips

Preventing flies from entering your outdoor space is the best way to avoid a fly infestation. Here are some tips to help keep your backyard fly-free:
  • Keep your outdoor space clean and tidy
  • Dispose of trash and food scraps properly
  • Use lids on trash cans and compost bins
  • Remove pet waste promptly
  • Trim grass and vegetation regularly
By following these tips and using effective fly control methods, you can enjoy a fly-free backyard all season long.

Natural Remedies for Flies in the Backyard

Flies are a common nuisance in backyard areas, but there are several natural remedies that can help control their presence. By using these methods, you can effectively repel flies while avoiding the use of harsh chemicals that may be harmful to the environment and your health.

Homemade Fly Repellent

One effective way to repel flies in the backyard is by making your own fly repellent. You can mix essential oils with water to create a fly-repelling spray. Some oils that are effective at repelling flies include peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus, lemongrass, and citronella. Simply mix a few drops of your chosen oils with water in a spray bottle and spray the mixture around your outdoor space. Fly Repellent Another method of repelling flies is by using herbs. Basil, mint, and bay leaves are known to repel flies due to their strong scent. Planting these herbs in your backyard can help keep flies away. You can also hang bundles of fresh herbs around your outdoor space or crush them to release their scent.

Natural Fly Prevention Tips

Preventing flies from entering your outdoor space is an effective way to control their presence. One way to do this is by creating a physical barrier. This can be done by hanging fly strips or using fly curtains over entrances. You can also use outdoor fans to create a strong breeze that will make it difficult for flies to enter your space. Another natural method of fly prevention is by removing their food and breeding sources. Flies are attracted to areas with open food sources and garbage. By keeping your backyard clean and free of food scraps, you can help prevent flies from breeding and laying eggs in your space.


By using natural remedies to repel and prevent flies, you can enjoy a fly-free backyard without resorting to harsh chemicals. Homemade fly repellent and natural fly prevention tips are easy and effective solutions that can help control the presence of flies in your outdoor space.

Effective Fly Traps for Backyard Fly Control

When it comes to controlling flies in your backyard, fly traps can be a highly effective method. There are different types of fly traps that may work better depending on your individual needs, so it’s important to understand the options available.
Fly Trap Type How it Works Effectiveness
Sticky Traps These traps use a sticky substance to capture flies on contact. Highly effective for catching flies but need to be replaced often.
Baited Traps These traps use a bait to attract flies, which are then trapped inside the device. Very effective for trapping large numbers of flies, but the bait needs to be replaced regularly.
Zappers These traps use UV light to attract flies, which are then electrocuted. Effective for killing flies on contact, but may not capture as many flies as other traps.
When using fly traps, placement is key. Place them in areas where flies are most active, such as near garbage cans or where pet waste is located. Make sure the traps are positioned at least a few feet away from areas where you and your guests will be spending time to avoid unpleasant odors. Using a combination of different types of fly traps can also be effective for achieving maximum control in your backyard. Experiment with different positioning and types of traps to find the best solution for your outdoor space.

Fly Management Techniques for a Fly-Free Backyard

Effective fly management begins with proper sanitation practices. Remove any food debris, pet waste, and garbage from your outdoor space regularly to prevent fly attraction. Keep your trash cans covered and clean, and avoid leaving food outside for extended periods. To further reduce fly populations, consider using fly predators. These parasitic insects prey on fly larvae and can be purchased from garden supply stores. Introducing these predators to your outdoor space can help control fly populations in the long term. Another effective fly management technique is the use of essential oils. Peppermint, eucalyptus, and lemon are all-natural fly repellents that can be mixed with water and sprayed in your yard. Alternatively, you can plant these herbs in your garden to deter flies naturally. Lastly, maintain your outdoor space by trimming your grass and bushes regularly. Flies are attracted to damp areas and overgrown foliage, so keeping your yard well-maintained can also help prevent fly infestations. Implementing these fly management techniques can help ensure a fly-free outdoor space for you and your family to enjoy.

Are the Natural Solutions for Mosquitoes in Backyard Also Effective for Getting Rid of Flies?

Are the natural solutions for mosquitoes in the backyard also effective for getting rid of flies? While natural remedies like planting mosquito-repelling plants and using citronella candles can help get rid of mosquitoes naturally, they might not be as effective in eliminating flies. Flies and mosquitoes have different preferences, and what works for one may not work for the other. Alternative methods such as installing fly traps or using vinegar traps can be more effective for getting rid of flies naturally.


Congratulations! You now have the knowledge and tools to say goodbye to backyard flies for good. Remember to regularly implement the fly management techniques discussed in this article to keep your outdoor space fly-free. Keep in mind the importance of proper sanitation practices, the use of effective fly traps, and natural remedies for fly control. By taking these steps, you can enjoy your backyard without pesky flies buzzing around.


Q: How do I get rid of backyard flies?

A: There are several easy and effective solutions to eliminate backyard flies. You can use fly traps, natural remedies, and implement effective fly management techniques.

Q: Why is it important to control flies in outdoor spaces?

A: Flies can be a nuisance and carry diseases. Controlling flies in outdoor spaces helps create a more enjoyable and hygienic environment for you and your family.

Q: What are some natural remedies for flies in the backyard?

A: Natural remedies for controlling flies in the backyard include using homemade fly repellents, such as vinegar or essential oils, and implementing fly prevention tips like proper sanitation and eliminating fly attractants.

Q: What are effective fly traps for backyard fly control?

A: There are different types of fly traps that are effective for backyard fly control, such as sticky paper traps, baited traps, or electric traps. The choice of trap depends on your specific needs and preferences.

Q: How can I prevent flies from entering my outdoor space?

A: To prevent flies from entering your outdoor space, it is important to practice proper sanitation, remove fly attractants such as garbage or pet waste, and use techniques like fly screens or strategic placement of fly traps.
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