Learn How to Build Outdoor Furniture Using Common Tools and Materials

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No backyard is complete without some outdoor furniture. But the satisfaction is even bigger if you craft it yourself. Today we are going to learn a little more on how to build outdoor furniture. But don’t worry, you don’t need to buy expensive materials or tool. Simply get what you have around and start making your own furniture!

How to Build Outdoor Furniture for Your Own Backyard

1. Hammocks

A hammock is a great companion for a lazy summer afternoon and not only. Luckily, it’s not hard to make one on your own, though you must pay attention to the safety measures. First, you need to cut the canvas. A recommended size would be 4’x7’, but you can adjust it however you want. If you think the canvas is too thin, you can try folding it in half. Stitch them well. A grommet kit is going to be very useful. Measure the holes for 9 grommets that are evenly spaced at each end of the hammock.

Next, cut 18 pieces of rope measuring 7’ and put one rope through each of the grommets, pulling the ends together. Loop the ends around a metal hoop and secure it. Then, all you need is to hang up the hammock on two trees or poles and you can relax.

how to build outdoor furniture outdoor hammock
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2. Colorful Pallets Table

If you have some pallets lying around, they’re a great resource for learning how to build outdoor furniture. This is excellent if you’re not that experienced with crafting things since you can make a mistake and still get some more pallets. This idea with a table made of colorful ones is quite easy to set up. You just need to place two of them vertically and place others horizontally on top of them. Make sure they are secure enough. Paint them in whatever colors you want, the more, the merrier! The best thing about it is that you can make it as large as you want.

how to build outdoor furniture pallets table and bench
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3. Adirondack Furniture

If you want to know how to build outdoor furniture for the summer, you can’t skip trying to make Adirondack furniture. With their typical shape, they are very useful for any backyard. You can use stock lumber or some scraps for the local home center. One last thing you need to do is to offer it a chalk paint finish. The result will be no different than the lounge chairs you find in the store, but it will cost you less than that.

how to build outdoor furniture adirondack chairs on the lawn
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4. Ice Chest

Knowing how to build outdoor furniture can save you a lot of trouble. If you don’t believe us, just think about the effort of going all the way back to the house for cold drinks when you’re having a party in the backyard. Luckily, with some reclaimed wood, you can make your own ice chest. You can also use pallets if you wish. Of course, the size depends only on your needs, so don’t worry about that. Add an icebox inside the chest and you’re set. You can keep there your beer or soda and save yourself the effort of going all the way to the house for your guests. Alternatively, you can also include some other repurposed materials, such as metal scraps for decorations.

how to build outdoor furniture person sanding a piece of wood
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5. Fold-Out Bar

This is an awesome idea for people who don’t have huge backyards or patios. You can have a bar without taking up all the space you might need for something else. In this case, it’s better if you already have a cabinet you don’t use anymore. Simply make the door fold out and keep refreshments on it. When you don’t use it, just fold it up and it won’t bother you anymore. However, to avoid any accidents, secure the door with some rope or a metal chain.

6. Old Milk Jug Table

Many people are confused as to how to build outdoor furniture from such an old milk jug table. The plan here is simple: you just need to place a wooden board on top of it. Depending on the size of your jug, you can get a bigger or smaller table. Try not to use a board that’s too big, otherwise the balance of your table might be affected.

7. Backyard Bench

If you have enough pallets, you can build anything. That’s the base principle when deciding on how to build outdoor furniture. A good idea is to build your own backyard bench made of pallets. You can make it large enough to accommodate a couple of guests as well. You can make armrests as well from pallets, so you get extra comfort. Add some cushions and mattresses and you get a comfy bench to relax on. In this case, it’s important to know how to clean outdoor furniture to maintain it properly.

how to build outdoor furniture pallets bench and table with bean bags
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8. Wooden Cable Reel Rocking Chair

A rocking chair is great for children and not only. If you happen to have an old wooden cable reel in your backyard, you can turn it into a rocking chair. The best part about it is that it’s huge and it can fit up to two people (and a child). Simply cut half of the sides of the cable reel and make a sitting area inside it. You don’t need to do much else for your own rocking chair. Add some cushions, a blanket and be ready to rock!

how to build outdoor furniture section of a wooden cable reel
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9. PVC Pipes Chair

Many people reuse the PVC pipes they have left from other DIY projects and create their own chairs. You just need some canvas. Create the frame of the chair with the pipes and paint them in whatever color you want. More colors are going to be more attractive to children, for example. Sew some canvas on it to create the sitting area and you’re done.

10. Concrete Table

For those of you who are fans of industrial design, you can learn how to build outdoor furniture from other materials than wood. A good example is a chic concrete table that doesn’t require a lot of effort. You just need to take a couple of 2x2s and pour concrete to make the upper side of the table. Let it dry and then set it on some modern table legs. Set it in place with pocket holes and screws. Be careful though, since the concrete part may be quite heavy to lift and handle.

11. Penny Table

A trend that gained lots of adepts among the DIY fans is making a table with pennies. Of course, you will need to have a table available for customizing. You just need to gather enough pennies to cover the top of the table. Glue them there and place a sheet of glass above it. A round design is recommended, but you can do it with a square one as well.

how to build outdoor furniture close up of pennies
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12. Stump Table

Another great idea for a table is to use a stump. If you or a neighbor happened to cut a tree, you can surely find an extra log to use. For a rough look, you can leave it just as it is and simply add a plank on the top. Make sure you nail the plank to the log for more safety.

13. Tire Swing

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to offer your kids a swing. The old idea with a tire made into a swing isn’t bad at all and the children will love it. Simply drill some holes in the bottom of the tire to make sure water doesn’t pool there. Clean it with a high-pressure hose before letting your kids use it. You can either place it horizontally or vertically. The second option is better for one person, but if you have more children, it’s best to choose the first one. Tie some sturdy rope to a tree or a pole and you’re ready.

14. Daybed

Finally, one of the best ideas for having outdoor furniture is to make your own daybed. Once again, you can resort to using pallets since they’re the easiest option. However, you can use some other pieces of scrap wood if you make sure they are sturdy enough. Place them together and nail them down. Next, add comfortable cushions and blankets. It’s a perfect place for reading or even taking a nap on a sunny day. Extra tip: you can even make it mobile if you add a couple of wheels to it. In this way, you can move it around whenever you want to get some shade or full sun.

15. Swing Bed

The name for this outdoor type of furniture is quite self-explanatory, but here it goes. You need to create the base of the bed, preferably of wood. It would be sturdier if you made it of metal, but it can also be too heavy for hanging from a tree. Use sturdy rope or, even better, some metal chains to secure it. Make sure the tree you choose is strong enough. Add a mattress and a couple of pillows and enjoy some relaxation.

how to built outdoor furniture outdoor swing bed with mother and child
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Knowing how to build outdoor furniture by yourself doesn’t require a lot of skills or money. All you need is a little creativity and handiness. Luckily, there is a huge array of ideas to choose from if you’re feeling crafty. From daybeds and tire swings to pallet tables or chairs, any piece of wood can be repurposed for a great outdoor furniture item.

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