Holmes Ceramic Space Heater: Review

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Review of the Holmes Ceramic Space Heater

As of this writing, the Holmes Ceramic Heater had 93 customer reviews and 10 answered questions on Amazon.  I’ve read through the reviews and questions, and then condensed the results here into this report.  I hope that this makes your shopping experience faster and easier.

Best Fea​tures

  • check Portable
  • check ​Perfect for direct heat in small spaces
  • check Price
  • check Quiet
  • check Small size 

Item Specifics

The Holmes compact ceramic heater is a little space heater designed to add warmth where you really want it.  It has overheat and also a manual user-reset safety-features so that you can use your portable heater without worrying.  The lightweight design and integrated carry-handle will make it easy to move and position in place.   The Holmes Ceramic Heater comes with a fan, has 2 heat settings and is  perfect for a small room or office.

Great for Office Space

One of the most common feedbacks I read was that people were using the Holmes Ceramic Heater for heating their small office space.  Here one customer describes, “Great compact space heater that is ideal for a small office or cubicle. I use mine in a cubicle and at the low setting it does an ample job of heating my space. Never have needed to even switch it to high. Order this. You will not be disappointed.” And another, “I have this in my office and even though it’s small, it’s very powerful. I put it under my desk or under the table during early morning meetings and it does a wonderful job of heating.”


Some heaters can be quite loud.  The Holmes Compact Ceramic Heater is not one of them .  One reocurring topic was how quiet this heater runs.  Here one happy customer explains, “VERY quiet. No one can tell when I have it on under my desk.  Very happy with this heater. Its simple, has a decent heat output, and so far with this model, I definitely got my money’s worth of use.”

Takes the Chill Off Quickly

Sometimes we just need to raise the heat enough to take the chill off.  This little space heater does a good job of doing just that.  This heater is also great for elderly.  Here a customer explains, “This little heater does its job. My wife is in a private room in a small Alzheimer’s assisted living facility. The heating and cooling is uneven throughout the building. This heater will knock the chill off her room in about ten minutes. The directions say do not use the heater in a bathroom. Well, I didn’t know that till I read the directions, and to heat the bathroom was one of my priorities. Now, I place the heater just outside the door, blowing warm air into the bathroom. This works fine; the small bathroom with shower heats well in about ten to fifteen minutes.”


The Holmes Compact Ceramic Heater received good reviews for how well it held up to abuse. Here one customer said this, “I have been having this heater for about 4 years, it is a great heater. If I leave it on, it will warm the entire room.  It also very durable.  I have dropped it plenty of times and it is still working perfectly fine. I use it my bedroom, which is a large room.  I also use it my restroom and sometimes the heat becomes unbearable.  But that just shows how powerful this little thing is.”


  • plus Quiet
  • plus Portable
  • plus Good heat output for small heater


  • close Won’t heat large area 

Holmes Ceramic Space Heater Conclusion

If you are looking for a little space heater to heat up a small area, then the Holmes Compact Ceramic Heater might be the perfect heater for the task.  Most people seemed to use it for direct heat in very small areas like an office cubical.  It is also small enough to be portable.  The price is low and it is portable and small enough to take just about anywhere. 

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people considering buying a Holmes Ceramic Space Heater.

  • chevron-circle-right How many cubic feet can it heat? Is there a rating for how large an area it can easily heat?   As answered by a customer:  I’m not sure how many cubic feet it can heat but it really only heats a small area right around my desk chair, mostly my feet.
  • chevron-circle-right Does the plug have 2 prongs or 3 prongs? The plug has two prongs.
  • chevron-circle-right What is the wattage of the two heat settings?  900 watts and 1500 watts.

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