Hitachi String Trimmer: Review

Hitachi String Trimmer

Review of the Hitachi String Trimmer 

The Hitachi String Trimmer had 58 customer reviews and 20 answered questions on Amazon as of this writing.  I’ve condensed the feedback into this review.  I hope that this helps you when shopping for a string trimmer.

Best Fea​tures

  • check ​Anti-vibration system
  • check ​Powerful
  • check Durable
  • check Comfortable to use
  • check Starts well for a gas powered machine

Item Specifics

The Hitachi String Trimmer is run by a 22.5 cc pure fire two-stroke engine.  The engine meets emissions levels without sacrificing power, adding weight, or creating a lot of maintenance.  The length of this string trimmer is 69.6″ overall length.  The long length should help to fight off fatigue from bending.  An anti-vibration system also helps to reduce user fatigue.  An S-Start recoil starting system reduces the force needed to start the engine.  The Hitachi String Trimmer is covered by a two-year commercial use warranty, seven-year consumer use warranty and one-year rental use warranty.

Anti-vibration System Is a Great Plus

Vibration from string trimmer use can start to wear on a person.  The Hitachi String Trimmer has an anti-vibration system and people couldn’t be happier about it.  A customer explained, “I am a 60 yr old female who had problems with my old Echo being heavy and the vibration putting my forearm, wrist and hand to sleep.  I just used this long, light weight machine for 45 minutes with a smile on my face. It is the best weed eater I have EVER owned.  When I put it down, my arm felt like I had never used it.  I would highly recommend this weed eater.”

Commercial Landscaper Uses It for Cutting Entire Lawns

It intrigued me reading that a commercial landscaper uses the Hitachi String Trimmer for cutting entire lawns.  That says a lot about a product.  When someone does something for a living, time is money and a quality job is important.  He explained how he often uses this over a lawn mower for cutting grass.  “This Hitachi weed eaters are simply put….the best trimmers ever made…I am a commercial cutter. I use these for commercial service…I COMMONLY cut ENTIRE lawns with mine and I do this practically everyday sometimes not even touching my 36″ commercial mower the whole day,” he reported.

No Dealers Around for When It Needs Fixed?

When I buy a pricey machine I want to make sure there is somewhere to take it to get it fixed or serviced if a problem arises.  According to a customer dealers of the Hitachi are hard to find if not impossible.  Apparently so are replacement parts.  He advices, “Make sure your unit operates properly. If it does it will operate flawlessly for years…Mix 4.5 oz of any quality 2 cycle mix to 1 gal gas.  You will have a bulletproof trimmer. Oh, by the way there are no parts for these ANYWHERE nor any dealers, nor any service so be careful with your unit and take care of it.”

Starts Well

A drawback to gas powered tools is that they sometimes don’t start very quickly.  It may takes many pulls on the ocord and then you also risk flooding it and having to wait awhile to try to start it again.  From the feedback left on Amazon by customers who bought this string trimmer,  the Hitachi is fairly easy to start.  One customer commented this, “The best trimmer I have ever used, and I have used most all of the major brands. Well balanced trimmer that I often use with one arm, excellent throttle control design, easiest starting and always starts even when having been used in tough situations, and the bump sting feed works well with quality string.”

Be prepared to give it a go several times though before expecting it to start up. This is normal with gas powered machines, though it can be annoying.  This is why some people will go with electric trimmer.    Be prepared to not have an immediate start on the first pull of the cord.  A different customer explained, “Probably the best string trimmer I’ve ever owned. I was a little concerned at first as it would take several pulls to start, but after about 6-7 uses, it starts first to second pull every single time.”

best string trimmer


  • plus Starts well
  • plus Comfortable to use
  • plus Powerful


  • close Hard to find parts or dealers if it needs fixed 
  • close May need a sleeping pad for cold nights

Hitachi String Trimmer Conclusion

The Hitachi String Trimmer is a powerful gas powered string trimmer.  One of the most talked about features is that it is built for comfort.  The long length and also anti-vibration system make it easy to use without contributing to unnecessary fatigue.  The Hitachi String Trimmer received many positive reviews about how it can really get the job done.  One commercial landscaper commented that he often uses it to cut entire lawns instead of using his lawn mower.  A concern that you may though, is that there are reports of not having any dealers around nor places to buy replacement parts if it should need serviced or fixed.  On a good note,  if you take good care of it and use the proper gas to oil ratios, it should last a very long time.  It also starts up well, which is always a concern with gas powered machinery.  However, be prepared to have to pull on the cord several times to get it to start.  This is normal and a drawback on gas powered string trimmers over electric string trimmers.  Overall, from the reviews I’ve read that were mostly positive, this looks to be a durable and powerful string trimmer.

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people considering buying a Hitachi String Trimmer.

  • chevron-circle-right I am unclear on the gas part of this tool.  Do I need to put gas in it as well as oil?  Yes it is 2 stroke. Put 35% two stroke oil on the first tank and then follow the manufacturer’s instructions after that. 
  • chevron-circle-right Can you turn the head sideways to edge with this device?  You have to turn the entire unit upside down to make that work. It doesn’t have a feature where it will actually flip over and “click” into place.
  • chevron-circle-right What is the fuel tank capacity?  The fuel tank capacity is 16.2 fl. oz. 

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