Helios Hydro Grow Tent Review

Helios Hydro Grow Tent

Review of the Helios Hydro Grow Tent

As of this writing, there were 187 customer comments and 43 answered questions for the Helios Hydro Grow Tent.  I’ve read through the customer feedback, and then condensed the results into this review.  I hope that this helps you when shopping for a grow tent.

Best Fea​tures

  • check Viewing window
  • check Made with thick, 3/4″ diameter metal poles
  • check Double stitched
  • check Large zippers
  • check Price

Item Specifics

The Helios Hydro Grow Tent is 24” (wide) x 24” (deep) x 36” (tall).  It is made with thick, 3/4″ diameter powder-coated metal poles.  There is also a crossbar that can be used to hang lights and ventilation.  The material is made of highly-reflective Mylar film, and 600D tear proof material.  It is double stitched, and 100% light proof.  There is also a viewing window that allows you to see your plants without opening the main door.  All the vents are double-socked to cinch up tight.  It is made to keep odors and CO2 inside, and pests and light outside.  This also comes with a removable floor insert, which is also made from Mylar-backed nylon.  This product has large zippers.  The grow tent is easy to install.  No tools are required when installing.  

Flap Doesn’t Get Stuck in Zipper

Many of the tents that I’ve reviewed have issues with the flap getting stuck in the zipper.  This is not the case with this grow tent.  Here is what one person had to say about the flap and the zipper, “The flaps is about 3 inches long so it keeps the tent light proof better, but the cool thing is that it is impossible to get the flap stuck in the zipper.  I cut the flaps of the other tent as the kept getting stuck in the zipper and it was quite irritating.”

Easy to Set Up

This grow tent is easy to set up according to reviews left by customers.  Here is what one of the customers had to say about the set up, “The actual tent arrived as promised, contained all parts, was easy to set up, and works as designed. There are no evident flaws and my plants are flourishing inside.”


For the price this is a good buy considering the quality of tent that you are getting.  The majority of feedback on the price were similar to what this customer had to say, “You can’t beat the price for a tent this size.”

Small Amount of Light Leaks Through Seams

One problem with many of the grow tents on the market, is that light leaks through the seams and/or zipper holes.  This grow tent is no exception.  Some people said it was no big deal and nothing that a little duct tape couldn’t fix.  Still it’s a flaw in design to have any light coming through.  Here is what one customer had to say about the light getting through, “This item has light leaks in all of its seaming.”

Helios Hydro Grow Tent


  • plus Easy set up
  • plus Flap doesn’t get stuck in zipper
  • plus Price


  • close Small amount of light leaks through

Helios Hydro Grow Tent Conclusion

The Helios Hydro Grow Tent is a quality grow tent priced reasonably for what you get.  It is easy to set up and the flap doesn’t get stuck in the zipper like it does with so many other grow tents.  A small amount of light does leak through the seams but nothing major.

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people considering buying the Helios Hydro Grow Tent.

  • chevron-circle-right Can the vent be reversed so that it hangs on the outside rather than the inside?  Yes, just push the sleeve to the outside of tent.
  • chevron-circle-right What kind of box is this item sent in? This product is sent in an unmarked box.  It is very discreet.
  • chevron-circle-right Could I hang a EnviroGro FLT46 4-Ft, 6-Tube Fixture in this tent? Would it be too big or heavy? It could be too tight.  The light setup is the same length as the tent, and any friction might punch a hole in it.  Other than it being too tight, the poles would be able to hold it.

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