HAMMERHEAD Rechargeable Screwdriver: Review

HAMMERHEAD Rechargeable Screwdriver

Review of the HAMMERHEAD Rechargeable Screwdriver

As of this writing, the HAMMERHEAD Rechargeable Screwdriver had 435 customer reviews and 56 answered questions on Amazon.  I’ve read through the reviews and condensed the results into this report.  I hope that this helps you when choosing a screwdriver.

Best Fea​tures

  • check Price
  • check LED light
  • check Compact
  • check Circuit sensor
  • check USB charger 

Item Specifics

The HAMMERHEAD 4V Lithium Rechargeable Screwdriver uses a patented circuit sensor technology to safely detect live wires in outlets, switches, cords and fixtures.  It can detect a live wire up to 1 inch away.  There is no need to touch a potentially live wire with any tool to check it, if you have a HAMMERHEAD 4V Lithium Rechargeable Screwdriver.  Instead you can simply hold this tool adjacent to the possible source of electricity and press the live-wire detection button.  If the circuit is live, the red detection light will shine  and the buzzer will sound.  Then after the circuit is turned off, you can use the HAMMERHEAD 4V Lithium Rechargeable Screwdriver to confirm that it is safe to continue work.  An added feature is a 2 LED worklight that provides illumination for work in situations where you will have low-light.

Included in your purchase of a HAMMERHEAD 4V Lithium Rechargeable Screwdriver you will get an integrated, rechargeable lithium battery and USB port for easy charging.  Also included is a 9-piece screwdriver bit kit and magnetic bit holder.

Great for Small Projects

A large percent of the people who left online feedback for the HAMMERHEAD 4V Lithium Rechargeable Screwdriver wrote about how it was great for small projects.  One customer say, “I love this thing! I keep it plugged in all the time in my kitchen pantry.  I bought it ahead of my daughter’s first birthday party, knowing there would be tons of toys to put together, and it definitely paid off.  I use it all the time now for general screwing/unscrewing.  Makes things take way less time.  I would definitely buy it again.”

Circuit Sensor

The main advertised selling point for the HAMMERHEAD 4V Lithium Rechargeable Screwdriver is the circuit sensor.  However, interestingly people didn’t comment much at all about that feature. Those that did mentioned it was nice but not why they purchased this screwdriver in the first place.  Some commented things like this customer said, ” As for the live circuit sensor, well, it’s cute but it should never be the main reason for buying this tool.”  While others commented it did work well.  But I noticed it was not the main selling point for this tool. 

Made for Electricians; Low Torque Though

In addition to people wanting this screwdriver for small jobs, another popular use was by electricians.  Many electricians commented about how they used it often and also about it’s flaws.  One electrician summed up well what others were saying when he explained the flaws and offered some suggestions.  I’ll quote him in the next paragraph in case there are electricians who may be interested in buying this screw driver.

“Overall its a good product… This screwdriver was obviously made with electricians in mind but they forget a couple key points.  One major flaw is if the screw needs more torque than the device can provide then it is going to not maintain rigidity and will turn.  This is pretty annoying when you have to reach for a real screwdriver to finish the job,”  commented an electrician.


There were mixed reviews on the USB Port Charger.  While there is nothing technically wrong with the charger, some people simply didn’t like to have another item using USB charger in their life.  That group of people would have preferred an electrical outlet type of charger.  Other people found the USB port charger system convenient.  Both the people who did like the USB charger and those who didn’t, said that it should have some type of cover or rubberized case over it.

More people liked the USB convenience that those who did not.  One customer had this to say about the charger, “The best feature of this screwdriver is that it charges over micro-USB. I passed over several other chargers because they require their own power supply, which I will inevitably lose. The ability to charge over USB is priceless.”

LED Light

People liked the LED light for seeing what they were doing in low light situations.  Computer technicians were a group of people who especially appreciated the light.  I know when have to check something on my computer, it is very bad lighting no matter what room of the house I carry it to.  Once the computer shell is off, it is still very dark in there.  One IT person commented this, “Real life Sonic Screwdriver! I must say that for the price this is a fantastic tool. I work in the IT industry and this makes working inside a PC case so much easier with the led lights.”

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  • plus LED light
  • plus Compact
  • plus Circuit sensor


  • close USB charger has no case 
  • close Low torque

HAMMERHEAD Rechargeable Screwdriver Conclusion

The HAMMERHEAD 4V Lithium Rechargeable Screwdriver is a nice little screw driver for small household jobs, electrical, and computer work.  People especially liked the LED light for when they are working in low light areas.  Whether or not it has enough torque is questionable.  Some felt like it as lacking in torque.  But keep in mind this is not a big power drill.  It is a small screw driver, made for small jobs.

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people considering buying a HAMMERHEAD Rechargeable Screwdriver.

  • chevron-circle-right Does it include bits for flat head screws?  Yes, It comes with two sizes of flat head and two sizes of Phillips head screws.  
  • chevron-circle-right Does this have an adapter for a 1/4″ drive 7/16″ socket? I assemble trophies and need something to replace nut driver?  It does not include a square 1/4 adapter but will work with any 1/4 hex bit such as a 1/4 DR adapter.
  • chevron-circle-right Would this be good for electronics like laptops? and are there any magnetic bits for it?  Yes, it should be perfect for lighter duty applications, although it does have a moderate amount of torque for a handle driver.  The bits included are not magnetic.  

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