TANGKULA Patio Table Review

TANGKULA Patio Table

Review of the TANGKULA Patio Table

As of this writing, there are 131 customer comments and 43 answered questions for the TANGKULA Patio Table. I have read the customer feedback and then condensed the results into this review. I hope that this review helps you when you’re shopping for the best outdoor table to add to your patio.

Best Features

  • Durable
  • Stable
  • Central hole for an umbrella
  • Easy to clean
  • Contemporary style

Item Specifics

The TANGKULA Patio Table features a tempered glass top and a rattan package edge. Its compact structure and beautiful texture can highlight your patio or poolside decor. Because it has a smooth surface, this outdoor table is very easy to clean. This product is very durable and can withstand almost all weather. The design of the legs guarantees that the table will remain steady. There are four separate legs on the TANGKULA Patio Table. The central hole allows you to attach an umbrella to this outdoor table. 

Mixed Reviews for Assembly

The comments on ease of assembly varied a lot. Some felt it was easy to assemble while others felt it was difficult. For a lot of people, attaching the middle piece was difficult. Here is one of the negative comments about assembly: “Perfect for deck and for entertaining. Only gave 4 stars because it was not easy to put together. Putting the legs on was the easy part. The difficulty starts when you need to attach the middle square piece. It is curved at each corner and there are 2 screws needed to attach to the legs. Very difficult to line up these vertical holes. And if you don’t get them in correctly the table will not be level. After several tries and a few obscenities, I mastered the install. Worth it in the end because they do look really nice.”

Preassembly Issues

Even though most of the people found that the table assembled well, there were some that had issues with the preassembly that took place before the table was shipped to them.  A customer explained, “I’m glad the other reviewers found this table easy to assemble, and once critical issues were resolved it, indeed was fairly straightforward. However, the table top comes partially assembled, in that it has plastic sleeves into which you put the leg ends before attaching the support squares. In my case, one of the leg sleeves had come out of the groove in the table lip that it must fit into in order to anchor properly. In addition, only one of the other sleeves was in its proper location, in the curve of table top lip; the other two were along the side, completely out of place. The photo tells the tale of how completely out of alignment all these pieces were (the one properly aligned is the one I had to put back into the lip). Fortunately, with a lot of patience, a rubber mallet and a pair of vise-grip pliers, I was able to get the sleeves into proper placement. It took about an hour or so to get the legs to the point that I could attach the supports. Once I got it together and out onto the deck it seems as though it will be serviceable.”

Easy to Clean

Because the TANGKULA Patio Table has a smooth glass surface it is very easy to clean. Just a little soap and water should do the trick. A customer said, “Great looking, easy to clean. maintenance free. Perfect patio table.”

Umbrella Hole Is Nice Feature

The fact that this table has a hole in the middle doesn’t mean that you will need to purchase an umbrella, but it does give you the option of using an umbrella. If you choose not to use an umbrella, you can put the included cap in the hole. The majority of customers liked the fact that it had a hole in the middle of the table. One person commented this, “The beautiful/perfect table with a hole for my gorgeous umbrella arrived exactly as stated in A++ condition!!! The instructions were super easy to follow. I put together by myself.”

Fast Shipping

Most customers found that the table arrived very quickly after they ordered it. One person said this, “31.5”diameter table is suitable for small patio or deck. Looks elegant and shipment is fast. I live in New York. From the address, I knew the seller is in California. I got the package in 4 days. Satisfied with the shipment. The package is a little damaged. But nothing serious. Assemble is not hard to me. Clear instruction is easy to follow. Feel happy with the whole purchase.”

Missing Parts

There were quite a few comments about missing parts. Here is what one customer had to say about this, “As someone earlier stated, parts list does not match what is included. There are 4 little clear bumper things that need to be installed on the legs where the glass rests. These are not shown in the instructions and need to go on before the legs are attached to the top. The holes to accommodate them are there. A little tap with a hammer and they popped right in. Also, instructions call for 16 washers, but only 8 were included in the shrink-wrapped pack. (Trip to the hardware store) The size of the table, however, is perfect for my small deck and the wicker trim is very nice.”


Because of the way the legs are attached, this is a very sturdy table. You shouldn’t have to worry about it wobbling. A customer commented, “Very well made and very sturdy. The plastic insert for the umbrella pole is plastic and has a cap if no umbrella is used. Overall, I am very happy with them and would highly recommend them as an attractive addition to any patio, or in my case, the balcony where space is an issue.”

Good Price

For the quality of the table that you are getting, The TANGKULA Patio Table is priced well. A customer had this to say, “For the price, this table was more than I expected. It has nice thick glass, sturdy metal legs, and it was very easy to put together. The table was ready to use in about ten minutes and fits four chairs. I would definitely recommend.”

Make Sure to Remove Stickers Before Assembling

There are stickers on the legs to help you identify where each leg goes. Make sure to remove the stickers before attaching the legs or you will see the stickers under the glass once the table is put together. A customer commented, “I love the table but since it is assembled upside I didn’t realize until it was uprighted that the legs had a lettered decal(identifying the parts for assembly instructions) right where they rest against the glass! Won’t be easy to remove(I’m NOT taking the legs off to remove the label!) Hoping with dew/condensation they will loosen and I might be able to scrape them off with a toothpick.”

Weathers Well

This is an outdoor table so it is made to be out in the elements. Not all outdoor tables though weather well.  The TANGKULA Patio Table scored well with customers on how well it weathered. A customer shared this, “Bought this along with barstools from the same company. Love this table. It’s sturdy, well made and fairly easy to put together. The height is perfect with the barstools. We are in the desert southwest and its done great in the winter heat and wind.”



  • Sturdy
  • Weathers well  
  • Easy to clean


  • Some people found it difficult to assemble  
  • May arrive with missing pieces 
  • Stickers will show through glass unless removed before assembling

TANGKULA Patio Table Conclusion

The TANGKULA Patio Table features a tempered glass top and a rattan package edge. This is an easy to clean table because it has a smooth surface.  It is very easy to simply wipe clean. This product is very durable and can withstand almost all weather. This is also a very steady table because of the way that the legs are designed.  There are four separate legs on the TANGKULA Patio Table. The central hole allows you to attach an umbrella to the table. There were some customers who said the preassembly was not done right, and there were missing pieces.  Other than that, for the price that you will be paying, this is a good table at a good price. 

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people considering buying the TANGKULA Patio Table.

  • How many people can this outdoor table seat?  There is room for two to four people. Most customers thought that two people could comfortably sit at this table, but with any more people, it could be crowded. 
  • What is the color of this outdoor table?  It is a dark brown, although some customers thought it was a black color. Most customers were pleased with the color of this outdoor table.
  • Is the base of this outdoor table made of steel, iron, or aluminum?  The TANGKULA Patio Table is made from aluminum.

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