VacuMaid GV30 Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum Review

VacuMaid GV30 Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum

Review of the VacuMaid GV30 Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum

As of this writing, there are 96 customer comments and 55 answered questions for the VacuMaid GV30 Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum.  I’ve read the customer feedback, and then condensed the results into this review.  I hope that this helps you when shopping for a shop vac.

Best Features

  • check Can be mounted on the wall 
  • check Comes with accessories
  • check Easy to install 
  • check Can be used as a blower
  • check Not noisy

Item Specifics

The VacuMaid GV30 Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum includes a 30 foot hose and hanger, a caddy bag, a telescopic wand, a dusting brush, and floor and crevice tools.  It is easy to change the 7 gallon, 5 layer HEPA style bag.  There are no filters to clean.  The 5.1” Ametek Lamb Motor has up to 25% more life than comparative brands.  It has powder coated steel for corrosion resistant lifetime use.  This vacuum mounts quickly and easily to the wall.  

Easy Installation

You shouldn’t have to go through reading painful directions on assembly and installation with the VacuMaid GV30 Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum.   A customer had this to share, “Installation was surprisingly easy. You attach the mounting bracket to a wall near an outlet and then slide the unit in place.  Took me less than 10 minutes. You’d probably want to mount on a stud, which shouldn’t be a problem since outlet boxes are almost always on the side of a stud.”

Nice Attachments

The added attachments received positive comments from customers who bought and used this vacuum.  A customer described the attachments like this, “The hose is a standard ribbed material,approx 30′ in length. Perfect for my main garage wash bay areas for my German car collection.  The plastic attachments shine as they are constructed of a thicker grade injection molded plastic,sure to hold up to years and years of usage.  I particularly liked the small bristle brush and floor attachment,as typically these come with plastic like stiff bristles found on your more traditional “cheap” big box retailer style units.  The VacuMaids however, have a very soft, Ox bristle feel to them.  My door panels,and leather are sure to appreciate this nice touch in material selection.”

Quality Product 

Most of the reviews coming in on this vacuum reflected that it is a quality product.  A customer explains their experience with the quality, “I purchased this vacuum to replace another garage vacuum I had bought a few years ago when I had my garage redone. I looked at this appliance then but thought it was too expensive just for the garage. WRONG Penny wise and pound foolish as I removed the old one from the wall, threw it into the trash and installed this one. Everything about this so far has told me I have purchased a commercial grade vacuum that will provide the necessary cleaning capability for years to come. So far I have not been able to find one fault with it. I used it over this past weekend to clean the garage and vacuum two of my cars and I am thrilled. The mistake I made was that I did not get the 50 foot hose and had to move cars around to clean them. If you are looking for a exceptional vacuum for the garage look no further.”

Perfect for a Garage Vacuum

Many of the reviews stated that this vacuum was perfect for a garage vac.  Here is one of those reviews, “Oh my gosh- it’s wonderful. We did a ton of research for a shop vac for the new workshop that was being built. We have used a ShopVac in our garage for years, and it’s been OK. But it was so noisy we had to wear ear protection when we would use it. It was bulky, not easy to manuever around in the garage, and took up floor space. We read the reviews about the VacuMaid and finally decided to try it even though it was more expensive. And now we are so glad we did! We are so delighted with the VacuMaid that we are ready to ditch our existing ShopVac in the garage and order another VacuMaid. This vacuum is EXACTLY as advertised: great design, able to reach all parts of a 24′ x 24′ building, and even out the doors without any loss of power or suction! We can not recommend it enough- it is truly worth the price! It arrived timely, was packed carefully, easy to install and we love using it!”

Creates Static

There was a comment about the VacuMaid GV30 Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum creating static electricity.  A customer explained it this way, “Purchased this and installed easily within about 10 minutes. So far I am pretty happy with my purchase.  The unit seems to get pretty warm around the motor so I am hoping this doesn’t lead to premature wear.  This is odd but it seems to create quite a bit of static electricity which gives you quite the ZAP when you go to turn it off after use. The suction however in very good and the unit seems to be well constructed with quality materials. If it continues to work like this over time, I will probably buy another one for my shop.”

Works as a Blower

The nice thing about the VacuMaid GV30 Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum, is that it also works as a blower.  A customer explains, “It also works as a blower, which is a helpful feature for me (I use this to blow out the garage instead of my leaf blower).”

Other people found that because the vacuum worked so well, they didn’t need to use the blower even though it is a nice added feature.  A customer shared this, “So when I was ready to buy a new one, I really wanted one with a blower function for sawdust and sanding between finishes. I installed the VacuMaid GV30 this weekend and just used it to vacuum up some sawdust. It worked so good I didn’t need the blower function.  It did a great job on the floor as well.”

High Price but Worth It

The VacuMaid GV30 Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum does cost more than a lot of the vacuums out there but according to customers, it is worth it.  Here a person explains the elevated price this way, “Sure, the price is a bit more expensive than some units out there but you know where the extra $$ goes. This unit has great suction (even at full hose extension 30′). The unit noise is very tolerable and no more that other units that I have worked with. Its a breeze to install and the included storage bag is nice. The unit appears large in the photos but its actual size does not take up much room at all. If your looking for a garage vac….you found it!”

Durable Cannister

The outside of this vacuum had good reviews.  It is durable and of quality material.  Here a customer explains, “Vac canister is made of a medium weight metal. not flimsy like a pop can, and not thick like a 55 gallon drum…just right.  The paint finishing on this vac is very good as well. The logo is even asthetically appealing. I am a car guy,and wanted something more industrial looking while maintaining good looks…This unit suits the above quite well.”

Low Noise

Many shop vacs can be very loud.  With some you should even wear ear protection.  But not so for the VacuMaid GV30 Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum.  The low noise output was explained this way by a customer, “Another item of interest for me, was the fact that the motor on this unit, although very powerful, is very,very quiet. I was expecting that of a normal shop vac which i feel the need for earplugs…. Not this unit. It has a turbine like noise. The fact that this units motor is enclosed unlike standard shop vacs is likely the main reason for the low decibles.”

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  • plus Powerful
  • plus Quality canister material
  • plus Low noise


  • close Some people wished hose was even longer
  • close Price
  • close May create static

VacuMaid GV30 Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum Conclusion

The VacuMaid GV30 Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum comes with a 30 foot hose and hanger, a caddy bag, a telescopic wand, a dusting brush, and floor and crevice tools.  It is also features a 7 gallon, 5 layer HEPA style bag.  There are no filters to clean.   It is coated in powder coated steel for longevity.  The price is a bit higher than similar models but the quality on this vacuum is good.  An added and popular feature is that you can easily mount it on a wall.   

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people considering buying the VacuMaid GV30 Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum. 

  • chevron-circle-right How long is the power cord?  It is about five feet and four inches long.  
  • chevron-circle-right Would it work on sawdust?  What is the diameter of the hose?  The hose is 1 1/4″ inside diameter.  It should work great on sawdust.  
  • chevron-circle-right Is it possible to get a additional wall hanger (bracket) for this unit?  Yes.  You can find wall hangers on the VacuMaid website. 

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