Gorilla Carts Steel Garden Cart with Removable Sides Review

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Review of the Gorilla Carts Steel Garden Cart with Removable Sides

As of this writing, there are 359 customer comments and 78 answered questions for the Gorilla Carts Steel Garden Cart with Removable Sides.  I’ve read the customer feedback, and then condensed the results into this review.  I hope that this helps you when shopping for a wheelbarrow.

Best Features

  • check Durable
  • check 1 year limited warranty
  • check Easy to assemble
  • check Price
  • check Removable steel mesh sides 

Item Specifics

The Gorilla Carts Steel Garden Cart with Removable Sides has a durable, 34 inch x 18 inch steel mesh bed.  It has 10 inch pneumatic tires.  The new frame design allows for quick and easy assembly, as well as improved maneuverability, rigidity, and ground clearance.  This wheelbarrow features removable steel mesh sides and a padded pull handle.  This cart can hold up to 400 pounds.  There is a 1 year limited warranty.

Heavy Duty Cart

If you are looking for a heavy duty cart, the Gorilla Cart is a great choice.  Customers commented that this cart could haul almost anything.  Here is one of those comments, “This is a well-made, beautifully designed heavy-duty cart that can be used for all sorts of purposes. There are big, hefty tires on it, and whenever you have tires, there is a ‘tire’ odor. That wasn’t a problem for me. I brought it inside to my favorite place for assembling things and it wasn’t a problem. While it’s probably best suited for me to use carrying around bags of potting soil, rocks, etc., it may just get more use transporting groceries from the car to the kitchen. I’m the worst at assembling things, but this does come with good instructions that even I can understand.”

Tires Have an Odor

Be aware that multiple customers reported that the tires on this cart have an odor.  They said it is best to assemble and store this cart outdoors.  Some customers said that the odor (which is probably a chemical that was used when it was made) was so strong it gave them a headache.  Be careful when opening the box, as the strong chemical smell made a lot of people feel sick.  According to one customer, it says on the box that the cart contains chemicals that can cause cancer.  Here, a customer explains her experience, “When this cart arrived, I noticed the entire box reeked like mothballs. I just thought it had been stored next to something stinky, so hauled it out to the back deck until I could assemble it. Turns out the tires on this thing smell bad enough to asphyxiate a rhino!…The next morning, the entire house reeked of these tires, so out it went. Took me two days with a fan at the sliding glass door to my basement just to get the stench out. I then Googled this situation and discovered MANY people complaining about it along with numerous thoughts on how to get rid of it. I tried washing the tires in hot dish washing detergent, hot laundry detergent, lighter fluid, gasoline, a baking soda bath, and a vinegar-lemon juice mix. NOTHING WORKED! I even left it outside in the sun for a week, but that did no good…Thank goodness for Amazon’s amazing customer service! They gave me a substantial discount on the purchase price, which allowed me to buy a whole new set of 10″ wheels at Harbor Freight (they are identical, but do NOT stink!). Lesson learned: don’t purchase this thinking you will store it in your house, or attached garage! There is actually a disclaimer on the box that states this product contains chemicals known by the state of California to cause cancer!”

Great Customer Service

If you happen to have problems with the Gorilla Carts Steel Garden Cart with Removable Sides, you can rest assured knowing that the customer service will replace the parts or refund you.  Here is what one customer said, “Great customer service. One of the welds on my cart was placed incorrectly. But one email had the replacement part on its way. It’s sturdy but not too heavy. Easy to assemble. I would order again. And recommend.”

Side Panels Cannot Hang Down

Customers who were wanting to use this as a garden dump cart were disappointed that the side panels cannot hang down.  Instead, when you unlatch them they fall off.  While this isn’t a big deal, if you want to take the sides down for a short amount of time, you have to set them aside and later put them back on.  A customer explains, “A good little cart. Only thing I dont care for is the sides come completely off. If you are dumping things and the little side holder gets moved the whole side falls off. I thought they would hang down when undone but do not, they come completely off. Other that that I use quite frequently.”

Durable Tires

Although the tires on this cart are pneumatic, which means they have a chance of popping, a lot of customers were pleased at how durable the tires on this cart were.  Here is what one customer had to say, “Better than expected. Large wheels make rolling across uneven terrain much easier than my previous cart. I use it regularly because my long driveway is too far from the house. I can load it up 1 or 2 times and get everything in as opposed to the 4 or 5 trips required if I don’t use it. I also use it to haul wood in the house for the stove. It is quite easy to keep clean and removing the sides for oversized items is easy, too if I use my bungee cords, which also helps when pulling it up the 5 steps to the door. I will also use it to gather wood for cutting for next years cold weather.”

May Rust

Because this cart is not a plastic garden cart, there is a chance that rust may appear.  The Gorilla Carts Steel Garden Cart with Removable Sides is powder coated which will help prevent rust, but some customers said rust appeared anyway.  One customer had this to say, “Only flaw… the cart is powder coated everywhere except in the hollow portions inside the rails. Rust occurring after just one day outside (morning dew). Hopefully it will not effect it’s longevity.”

Good Price

Compared to other wheelbarrows, this cart is very affordable.  Customers thought that for then quality of this cart, the price was very good.  One customer had this to say about the price, “Great price, no shipping costs, and it was exactly what I wanted and expected.”

Easy to Assemble

A lot of wheelbarrows are difficult to assemble.  Fortunately, this cart is not one of those wheelbarrows.  Customers were happy that this cart could be assembled so quickly.  They said that the instructions were clear, and that this cart could be assembled by one person.  One elderly woman had this to say about the assembly, “I love my cart!!! When you get yours,you’ll see the easy-to-follow assembly instructions with the parts are numbered in sets, in steps, shrink wrapped onto an easy to access card. I am a 65-year-old woman who put it together within 45 minutes, alone. It is very sturdy, and it holds everything I need.”

May Not Hold 400 Pounds

Some customers questioned if this cart could hold 400 pounds.  While it is a durable cart, some customers thought that the tires may not be able to take the weight of this cart.  Here is one of those comments, “These carts cannot handle the weight they claim. 400 pounds? Maybe once or twice but if you did it regularly the cart would bend all out of shape and the wheels would fall off. We use these for customers at our pumpkin patch and they don’t hold up well to carrying pumpkins. Easy enough to fix and beef up though if you can find replacement wheels and know how to weld.”

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  • plus Easy to assemble
  • plus Good price
  • plus Durable tires


  • close Wheels have a strong odor that made some people feel sick
  • close Sides won’t hang down
  • close 400 pound load capacity is questionable according to customers

Gorilla Carts Steel Garden Cart with Removable Sides Conclusion

The Gorilla Carts Steel Garden Cart with Removable Sides has a 34 inch x 18 inch steel mesh bed. It also has 10 inch pneumatic tires and removable steel mesh sides and a padded pull handle. This cart can hold up to 400 pounds.  It comes with a 1 year limited warranty.  It is easy to assemble.  A complaint is that the sides won’t hang down. You have to take them off instead. Also, customers questioned if it really could hold 400 pounds.

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people considering buying the Gorilla Carts Steel Garden Cart with Removable Sides.

  • chevron-circle-right Could I take down one of the side panels, and only have three side panels up?  Yes, you could.  But you would need to secure the other panels with a bungee cord.  A lot of customers took down a couple of the side panels when hauling large, awkward items, but they said it was not too secure.
  • chevron-circle-right Can I take this wheelbarrow to the beach?  Yes.  This wheelbarrow should be able to easily roll on the sand.  However, if the wheelbarrow is carrying a heavy load, it might not work as well on the sand.  Overall though, this wheelbarrow is a great choice if you are needing a wheelbarrow to easily go across the sand. 
  • chevron-circle-right Are the tires solid rubber?  What is the height of the Gorilla Cart without the side panels up?

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