GIGALUMI Pineapple String Lights Review

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Review of the GIGALUMI Pineapple String Lights

As of this writing, there are 160 customer comments and 12 answered questions for the GIGALUMI Pineapple String Lights.  I’ve read the customer feedback, and then condensed the results into this review.  I hope that this helps you when shopping for outdoor string lights.

Best Features

  • check 10 pineapple shaped string lights
  • check Battery operated
  • check Satisfaction guaranteed
  • check Made with coated metal material and premium LED
  • check 10 feet long

Item Specifics

The GIGALUMI Pineapple String Lights is 10 feet long and has 10 pineapple shaped string lights atached.  The length between 2 bulbs is o.5 feet.  Made with coated metal material and premium LED, this product is both durable and has a unique look.  The leading circuit is 5 feet.  Not only do these string lights look great outdoors, but they are great for indoor uses too.  They can be wrapped around furniture, beds, plants, windows, staircases, bars, frames, rafters, fireplace mantels, patios, balconies, boat decks, and more.  These string lights are battery operated.  Note that the batteries are not included; you will need to purchase 3 AA batteries.  This product is satisfaction guaranteed.  If for any reason you’re not satisfied with your purchase, let GIGALUMI know and they will either refund you or help you return the product.  

Pineapple Shape

Perhaps what sets these string lights apart from most are that they are in the shape of a pineapple.  Looking through the customer reviews, I got to see so many clever ways of using these lights.  Some people have pineapple art up and use these lights to illuminate the art.  Others used them for Tiki Bars or to cheer up the look of a bedroom, kitchen or dorm room.  A customer commented, “I love these lights! They are perfectly pineapple shaped and a very cute addition to my dorm room. They are gently bright, I would use a couple sets of them to fill a room. Awesome product, worth the price.”


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder we all know.  Even so, the majority of the reviews left by customers for The GIGALUMI Pineapple String Lights had comments about them being nice looking.  Here is one of those comments, “Let’s be real: string lights are usually kinda cheesy and cheap-looking. These, however, are grown-up and sophisticated – cute but not cutesy.  They’re actually made of metal (the pineapples, anyway), which makes them feel more like real decor than some add-on from a teenager’s bedroom.  I currently have them above my bed, casting cage-like shadows on my ceiling, but I could seem them being charming in a kitchen or covered patio.”

White, Not Yellow Like in the Photos

I’m not sure why so many of the string light companies have lights throwing off a yellow ambiance when in fact it is white.  This is another one of the string lights that show yellow lighting in the photos but they are actually white.  A customer had this to say, “The only downsides are the LEDs, which are bright white, not the warm yellow in the photos, and the battery pack, which I had to use a knife to pry open. Overall, though, I’m crazy for these lights, and will probably order a few more sets to give as gifts!”

Battery Operated

Keep in mind that these string lights are battery operated.  You will need to purchase 3 AA batteries since they are not included.  Not everyone was pleased with the fact that they are battery operated.  A customer commented, “These lights are really cute, but unfortunately I had problems with some of the strings not lighting up as bright as they should.  After a couple weeks of use, they gave a dull glow instead of a bright glow which helps make the wire pineapples pretty.  Not fond of having to use batteries.  Going to try a different brand that plugs into the wall.”

Small Size

When I first looked at the photos, I thought of 10 inch vintage patio pineapple lights that I grew up around.  But keep in mind that these pineapple lights are very small at just around 2 1/2 inches.  However the majority of customers thought that the size was just right.  Here a customer comments on the size, “My 13 year old daughter loved these. They are just the right size. Not too small and not too big.  Excellent quality.  Would definitely buy again.”

Good Price

For what you get, these lights are priced well.  A customer commented, “Love these tropical pineapple lights!  I have them around a mirror in my powder room and its just the right light!  Nice quality at a great price!”

Only Five Feet of Actual Lighting

The description is correct when it says you will receive a 10 foot long string with 5 feet leading up to the first light.  But for some reason people expected more than half a string of lights which only run 5 feet.  So be aware that you will only have 5 feet of pineapple lighting.  There were a lot of disappointed customers including this one, “Definitely not a true 10 feet of light.  I believe the description is somewhat misleading needs to be edited for more transparency. Pineapples only take up about 5 feet of the string the other 5 feet leads to the battery pack.”

Some Customers Report Lights Arrive Not Working

There were some complaints about the lights arriving not in working order.  Here is one of those comments, “Two of the three strings we purchased did not work. The pineapples are adorable though and still made great decor for the party.”

Battery Box Is Hard to Open

There were a lot of complaints about the battery box being hard to open.  Here is one of those comments, “I love these! They are so cute. Definitely would recommend. My only concern is that the battery box was hard to open. There were also no directions when I got confused. I got it eventually, but other than that I love them!”

Good Customer Service

The customer service had good reports.  Because the battery pack is so hard to open, some people had to contact customer service.  Here is one of those comments, “These look nice BUT it was a PAIN to get the battery packs opened. Two of the plastic cases ended up breaking while trying to open them and we had to tape them together. UPDATED – The company’s customer service team reached out to me and refunded the two strings.  They were very helpful.  The lights look very nice and hopefully they will work on making the cases easier to open for the batteries.”

Popular for Tiki Bars

A common use for these pineapple lights are for use in a Tiki Bar.  Here is one of those comments,  “These LED Pineapple lights are the perfect addition to our Tiki Bar.  Even with the Lights off, the Pineapples are bright & colorful adding the perfect Tropical touch! When they are on, β€œIt’s Tiki Time!” Very Happy with these festive pineapples!”

pineapple string lights, pineapple light


  • plus Unique shape
  • plus Good price 
  • plus Nice ambiance


  • close Only 5 feet of actual lighting
  • close Battery case is very hard to open.  Some customers broke case while trying to open it.  
  • close Small lights

GIGALUMI Pineapple String Lights Conclusion

The GIGALUMI Pineapple String Lights are 10 foot long containing 10 pineapple shaped lights with 6 inches between bulbs.  The cord leading to the first light is 5 feet.  They can be used both indoors and outdoors.  These are popular lights to wrap around furniture, beds, plants, windows, staircases, bars, frames, rafters, fireplace mantels, patios, balconies, boat decks, and more.  They are battery operated but the 3 AAA needed are not included and must be purchased separately.   These are small lights at just around 2 1/2 inches per light and the string is only 10 feet long with just 5 feet of actual lighting.  Even though this is stated in the description, some customers felt misled for how short of a string of lights that they got.  The price is good though for what you get. However, the battery case is very hard to open according to customers.  The ambiance is nice but had comments ranging from white light color to a nice yellow glow due to the light casing.  Overall, the majority of comments were positive for the GIGALUMI Pineapple String Lights.  They are uniquely shaped and popular for novelty items like Tiki Bars.   

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people considering buying the GIGALUMI Pineapple String Lights.

  • chevron-circle-right Is the pineapple covering the bulb plastic or metal?  It is made from metal.
  • chevron-circle-right How can you connect multiple strings to cover a larger surface?  Unfortunately, they aren’t like Christmas lights where you can plug the next string into the previous one, because its battery based.  You would probably have to just put them next to each other.
  • chevron-circle-right What size are the lights?  They are 2.75 inches according to Amazon.  Some customers thought they were a little too small, but they still have a unique look.

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