Get Rid of Gophers the Natural Way

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Gophers can wreak havoc on a yard. They will eat grass and destroy plant roots. Gophers also create unsightly holes in your lawn. These pests are not something that can be ignored. If you have a gopher problem, it won’t go away on its own. To solve a gopher problem you must take action to get rid of them. If you don’t like using poisons around your house, here are some ways to get rid of gophers the natural way.

Pet Droppings

This sounds gross, but it works. Instead of throwing away your pet droppings, put them next to a gopher hole in your yard. Gophers have extremely good noses and when they smell animal droppings they’ll think that a predator is nearby. They’ll pick up and leave before you know it.


Tabasco has a strong smell and it hurts gopher’s noses. Soak some cotton balls in tabasco sauce and throw those down the gopher holes. The gophers will be overtaken by the horrible smell and leave. Since tabasco is spicy it really hurts and overwhelms their senses. They’ll get out of there in a hurry.

Dryer Sheets

Get a really strong smelling scent of dryer sheet. Again, this will hurt the gopher’s noses and cause them to vamoose. You can stick a hole dryer sheet down one hole to make the smell really concentrated, or rip up the dryer sheets and put pieces in the hole.

Make Some Noise

Gophers are sensitive. If there is a lot of noise where they are living, they won’t like it. Use a radio and blast some music around their holes. The little pests won’t be able to handle all the noise and they’ll scram.

get rid of gophers the natural way

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Plant Gopher Spurge

This is a natural gopher repellent. They hate the this plant. If you plant a few of these around their holes they won’t want to stick around. They’ll hate having this plant around so much that they’ll go looking for another spot to set up camp.

Use Vibrating Stakes

Hammer vibrating stakes far into the ground next to the gopher holes. These are typically battery operated and cheap. The vibrating stakes will cause a lot of disturbance for the gophers and they will not take kindly to it. How would you like it if your house was vibrating all the time? Not fun. They’ll try to find another home that isn’t constantly moving.

Summing Up

Gophers can cause a lot of problems for your yard. They can ruin gardens, lawns, and roots. If you have a gopher problem try these methods to get rid of them. These methods are natural and don’t contain any harmful poisons that children or pets could get into. Although these methods may seem simple, they are very effective. Don’t be fooled by how easy they are, that doesn’t mean they won’t work. Don’t give up hope, you can fix your gopher problem and get your yard back to its former glory. You don’t have to live with gophers, and gophers don’t have to live with you.

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