Hide Your Garden Sprinklers in the Most Creative Way

sprinkler cover
sprinkler cover
In order to keep your lawn always fresh and evergreen, it is absolutely necessary that you install a high-quality irrigation system. However, when it comes to design, garden sprinklers and siphon valves don’t make for the best ornaments out there. Luckily, you can bury the sprinkler heads in the ground. The thing is that in order to keep everything running, you can’t get rid of the siphon heads. Most people choose to place them in the close vicinity of the house, but this makes them stand out nonetheless. However, there is one item out there that allows you to cleverly hide them in plain sight. At the same time, it makes for a nice addition to your lawn in terms of design and nobody will suspect a thing.

Are There Creative Ways to Hide Retaining Walls in Your Garden?

One creative way to hide retaining walls in your garden is by using vertical gardens. These stunning green walls can be filled with various plants, adding beauty and functionality to the space. Another option is to incorporate the retaining wall into a larger garden feature, such as a waterfall or a raised planter bed, blending it seamlessly with the surroundings. Get inspired by browsing through creative retaining wall ideas to make your garden truly enchanting.

Granite Rock Sprinkler System Valve Cover Box

garden sprinklers There are countless types of sprinkler head covers out there. However, when it comes to system valves, there is but one option that ensures you conceal all that plumbing in the most original and creative way.  Retractable garden sprinklers are scattered all over the lawn and easy to hide beneath the grass. Garden sprinklers that twist are also a common sight to see. This leaves you with one problem when installing an irrigation system for your front yard: the valve system.
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Using this faux rock that resembles a granite boulder is the best way to conceal it. The thing about it is that you can place it anywhere without anyone bothering to look twice. Also, it is made out of a high-quality weather resistant material. However, do not apply a great deal of pressure on it, as it may break. Furthermore, it is spacious enough to house up to 4 valves.

Utility & Design

Another important feature is that you don’t have to bury the valves if you choose to hide them this way. This sets the granite rock valve cover box apart from all the others. You can go for the classic ones, as well, but in order to install them, you first have to dig a hole in the ground. After you hide the siphons the best you can, it still won’t be enough. Because of the plastic and the synthetic colors, they will stand out. Also, it is harder to access the siphon valves if anything goes wrong with the garden sprinklers or the irrigation system itself.

Summing Up

In conclusion, the point in concealing something is to make it unnoticeable. This we do not guarantee. Not because it would make something unpleasant to look at. If something, it’s the opposite. Some people may stop in their tracks when they pass by your garden or front yard to admire the beautifully adorned lawn. However, they will never know that the rock placed in good taste near the flower bed is actually a faux one that is there for a completely different reason. Hence, this makes for the most original and creative choice and also a very useful suggestion to hide irrigation system plumbing.

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