Creating a Garden Plan for a Whole Year: 5 Easy Steps

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You have decided, you want to start your own garden. But you are a bit confused about where to start and what are the main steps of creating a garden. What you need is a garden plan. And we are here to provide you with one. Don’t worry, it is not as hard as it looks. Let’s take a look at 5 easy steps that you have to take in order to create your own garden.

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Design a Garden Plan

What do we mean by that? Well, before you actually start planting things in your backyard, you need to have a quite clear idea in mind of how you want the garden to look. You can start by drawing a garden plan on a piece of paper and write down some of the measurements that your garden actually has. Also, make sure you are aware of the sunny and shady places in your garden, they count for a lot when choosing what to plant where.

Something else you can do to help the garden plan become more concrete in your mind is to look for inspiration on the Internet. Print pictures of gardens you like and pin them down on a board. Then choose what you can incorporate in your own garden and what you have to give up.

Choose a Garden Theme

Now that you have a clear idea in mind of what your garden is going to look like, it is important that the garden plan involve a theme. It is not as easy as putting a variety of plants together with no connection to one another. If you want your garden to look its best, you can choose a theme and stick to it. Here, the possibilities are endless. You can choose your theme based on a certain color scheme, or on a certain season (like a summer garden). You can become even more creative and base your theme on your favorite book or movie. The sky is the limit!

Make Plant Combinations That Work

The way you arrange your plants does not have to be random. You can benefit a lot from combining plants according to shape, size, texture, color, and so on. You have to know how to balance similarities and differences to achieve a perfect final look. Harmony has to be the keyword here. For instance, you can try combining flowers of opposite colors, such as blue and orange, or red and green. We advise you that before you plant the flowers, you put them together in different ways to see which one would go best.

Choose a Garden Edging

Now that you have an idea of what plants to put in your garden, another important step in the garden plan is to choose one or more garden edgings. They can be standard and made out of stone, or you can get creative and use things such as colorful jars, bicycle wheels, vintage plates, or even seashells to make an original garden edging.

What About Decorations?

No garden would be complete without some nice decorations. These can range from benches and water fountains, to lawn decorations and colorful umbrellas. But we do have some advice for you: don’t overdo it!

We hope our 5 easy steps to create a garden plan will help you achieve the garden of your dreams. Good luck!

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