Fertilome Weed Killer Review


Review of the Fertilome Weed Killer

As of this writing, there are 124 customer comments and 57 answered questions for the Fertilome Weed Killer.  I’ve read the customer feedback and then condensed the results into this review.  I hope that this review helps you when shopping for a weed killer to remove the weeds from your lawn.

Best Features

  • Comes in 32 ounces of concentrate
  • Works best in cool weather 
  • Controls clover, ground ivy, spurge, and chickweed 
  • Made in the USA
  • Effective and easy to use

Item Specifics

The Fertilome Weed Killer comes in 32 ounces of concentrate.  It is formulated with carfentrazone with 24-D mecoprop-p plus dicamba.  The weeds this product can control include clover, ground ivy, spurge, and chickweed.  It is recommended not to use this weed killer above 85 degrees Fahrenheit degrees, as this is proven to work the best in cool weather.  

Kills Ground Ivy

The Fertilome Weed Killer will kill some hard to eradicate plants such as ground ivy.  A customer explains, “Finally! This is a product that actually kills ground ivy. For years I’ve been using the brand with the ‘purple label’. I was trying to kill ground ivy and ‘creeping charley’ with limited success. When I used the ‘purple label’ product, the results took a few days to appear. I saw results in 24 hours with this weed killer. The results from the ‘purple label’ product was a weakened plant. This weed killer killed it D.E.A.D. dead! I recommend this product without hesitation.”

Shouldn’t Kill Centipede

When you add poison to your lawn, one of the things you risk is killing vegetation such as grass and centipede that you might want to keep. The Fertilome Weed Killer shouldn’t kill centipede unless you apply too much.  A customer explains,  “Many herbicides will damage centipede. I focus on keeping the grass healthy so I seldom need herbicides. But dichondra was a problem and I used this with a good hose-end sprayer. Best product I’ve tried! Killed dichondra, clover, and many others. Still have some weeds but not noticeable enough to spray again. Maybe next year. Be sure it’s below 90 degrees (80 even better). The centipede turned yellow in one spot (probably sprayed too much) but it quickly recovered. Highly recommend. The area in the picture below was pretty thick with white clover.”

Works Well on Bahia Grass

This weed killer produced good results on Bahia grass according to customers.  One customers said, “It’s the only product I’ve found that works WELL on Bahia grass, without killing it. It’s a pity that I can’t find this locally anywhere. I use about 3-4 oz of this per gallon in a handheld sprayer and then I go to town. A light mist goes a long way! Just give it 24-48 hours to see some results. Don’t mow 2 days before or after application. Make sure ground is not too dry, but avoid watering the grass immediately before or up to a day or two after application. Try to avoid rain for a few days, as well.”

Will Kill Creeping Charlie

Creeping Charlie is just one of the plants that The Fertilome Weed Killer is formulated to kill.  A customer shared by saying, “Very pleased with how this weed killer has done against the Creeping Charlie in my yard. Incredibly tough weed to kill and within 2 days of spraying the effected areas in my yard the creeping vine started to turn a blackish purple. Applied first application in early fall with the temperatures over 50 degrees. Plan on spraying again in early spring next year to hopefully completely eradicate the weed in my yard. Works great!”

Made in The USA

Some customers found it a selling point that this weed killer is made in the USA.  One had this to say, “This weed killer from Feri-lome is awesome!  I bought a house where the previous owner didn’t care about what was growing in the lawn. It has been battle getting this lawn under control, and I decided to try this product (recommended by a co-worker). One application and my front lawn is now almost completely clear of the more noticeable weed types.  Also as someone that lives in the state of Texas, I’m happy to support a brand that is headquartered and manufactured here.  Definitely give VPG’s ferti-lome and their other brands Hi-Yield, and Natural Guard a try.”

Works by Killing the Leaves, Not the Roots

The Fertilome Weed Killer will kill the leaves of  plants instead of the roots, like many weed killers work.  A customer explained, “This is my first summer using this product and I’ve had great results. It doesn’t damage my lawn and works great. Vining weeds, stem weeds, weed trees and more shrivel up quickly. Some narrow leaf weeds are left behind, but it’s the broad leaf weeds I’m after. Mixes easily in water and doesn’t clog up sprayers. Note that this kills the leaves, not the roots. Becasue of this it does take a bit more herbicide, but it’s hard to get as good of results as this product can deliver.”

Easy to Follow Instructions

The directions for this product are easy to follow according to customers.  Here is one of the comments on the instructions, “I have used the Fertilome products previously and this one did not disappoint me. The instructions were easy, the spray application worked well and one application killed about 90% of the weeds. This was a newly sodded lawn (about 6 months old), so I wanted to make sure I used something that would not harm the new sod. I would recommend this highly.”

Works Best in Cooler Temperatures

The Fertilome Weed Killer should not be used in temperatures above 85 degrees Fahrenheit.  In fact, it should be used in much cooler temperatures.  A customer said, “So far so good. I live in GA and am tired of paying for weed killers that do not work. I purchased this and applied on Jan 31. The weeds are already turning yellow. It appears that as advertised the product works in cooler temps.”

Effective After Just One Dose

You should start to see results after the first application.  A customer had this to say about the effectiveness after the first dose, “Weed free zone is the best weed killer I have ever used…..I try to keep weeds out of my yard without the help of a lawn service. It’s difficult when the neighbors don’t treat and don’t care. This year I hade more dandelions, thistle, and ground ivy than ever. One application of Weed Free Zone killed 99%…..I can now keep a small spray bottle for spot treating as needed.”

Good Price

The comments on price were all positive for The Fertilome Weed Killer.  One customer shared this, “Can get a jump on winter weeds. Works well in 45 degree weather. Also attacks hard to kill weeds that other weed killers will not touch. I’ve used roundup, but you have to Waite until the weather is warm. This stuff is worth the price. Winter weeds are hard to kill. This is great stuff.”

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  • Kills clover, ground ivy, spurge, and chickweed  
  • Good price 
  • You should notice results after one application. Works quickly.  


  • Does not kill the roots 
  • Does not kill all weeds
  • Doesn’t work well over 85 degrees Fahrenheit

Fertilome Weed Killer Conclusion

The Fertilome Weed Killer is formulated with carfentrazone with 24-D mecoprop-p plus dicamba.  It comes in 32 ounces of concentrate.  It is recommended not to use this weed killer above 85 degrees Fahrenheit degrees, since it is proven to work the best in cool weather. Do not use right before or after rainfall.  This weed killer works especially well on clover, ground ivy, spurge, and chickweed.  It will not kill all your weeds, only the ones specifically listed here. You should see results soon after the first dose.  Customers found that it worked by killing the leaves instead of the roots.  The Fertilome Weed Killer is made in the USA.  

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people considering buying the Fertilome Weed Killer.  I hope that these may answer some of the questions that you also may have.  

  • Will this weed killer kill moss?  No, it is not rated to kill moss.
  • Will this weed killer still be effective if it rains?  Do not apply this product immediately before rainfall or irrigation.  Rain or watering within four hours after treatment may reduce effectiveness.  Applying this product in calm weather when rain is not predicted for the next 24 hours will help ensure that wind or rain does not blow or wash pesticide off the treatment area, which could lead to an environmental concern.
  • Can I use this product on my lawn without it killing the grass?  Yes, this weed killer works great on lawns because it only kills the weeds on lawns and not the grass.  Many customers were pleased that when they applied it on their grass, only the weeds were killed.

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  1. Hi, Dwayne Leinen! After applying the fertilome weed killer, You can plant new grass in the area 2 weeks after application. Enjoy planting!

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