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Review of the Earth Pak Backpack

As of this writing, there were 66 customer feedbacks and 7 answered questions left on Amazon for the Earth Pak Backpack.  I’ve read the reviews that customers left and then condensed the results into this report.  I hope that this helps make your shopping experience faster and easier.

Best Fea​tures

  • check Great price
  • check Compact – folds up small
  • check Durable
  • check 7 color choices
  • check Adjustable buckles 

Item Specifics

The Earth Pak Backpack is made from heavy-duty rip-stop water-resistant material.  The rip-stop material is made to withstand strenuous activities.  The backpack is foldable and can be packed along with luggage until ready to be used.

The seams and chest straps have been reinforced for durability.  The bucks are adjustable for comfort.  Breathable mesh shoulder straps were made padded for added comfort for you.

The large compartment has a 30 liter capacity.  Two zippered front pockets, plus 2 open side pockets for water bottles, umbrellas, and cell phones were designed to help keep you organized.  Extra thick and water-resistant bottom layers help to protect your belonging from the weather.

Emergency Whistle and Reflective Strips Included

A whistle has been attached to one of the front buckles for easy access in an emergency.  You never know when you might appreciate this added feature. Reflective strips were designed in to keep you safe when traveling around traffic at night.

Color Choices

The Earth Pak Backpack comes in 7 color choices.  You can choose from black, blue, gray, green, light blue, maroon and orange.


The biggest selling point of the Earth Pak Backpack is the very low price.  While this backpack doesn’t have some of the craftsmanship and quality of some of the high end packs, it certainly is affordable and may serve it’s purpose for you.

The following customer reflected how others were responding to the price of the Earth Pak, ” I’ve had it on my back today for a long bike ride, packed it to the gills with groceries, and have many more adventures planned for it. It’s light-weight, high-viz, compact, yet has a storage capacity to haul all my must-have necessities for day trekking.  Time will tell if it is durable enough to withstand weather and wilderness, but thus far I’m quite pleased. I’m kind of a thrifty guy.  I don’t see the absolute necessity in purchasing a $300 backpack off some fancy “outdoorsy” website.”


I’ll be the first to admit, I get concerned with quality and durability when something is priced very low like this backpack.  I have to see it or hear about it from a customer to believe it really can withstand some wear and tear.  Also, I’d be concerned if this could hold a heavy load.  It was great to read from customer after customer that the Earth Pak did indeed hold up under heavy loads.

One customer had this to say about the durability of the Earth Pak, “I am happy with my Earth Pak Backpack. It is light weight but sturdy. I just used it as my personal item on a fight, I had some heavy items, like my computer and Cannon camera, purse and other personal carry on items. Worked great. I love the foldable feature, packs up small and light just incase I should find something irresistible to bring home.”

And another testifies to how the Earth Pak can withstand heavy loads, “I’m using this as a possibles bag for deer hunting. It’s holding up to significant abuse, mud, and drizzle. It’s a nice smaller size and I’m easily carrying 15 to 20 lbs. Haven’t done it yet, but I know it would easily handle a laptop, books and folders for business travel.”


While the Earth Pak might not be as ideal for overnight camping as some of the higher end packs, many customers did a lot of outdoor hiking with it and were very satisfied.  Here one customer explains, “I ordered two of these. They both arrived on time and there was a hand written note in each one thanking us for the purchase and offering to help with any questions or issues that may come up. We first took the back packs to the rock formations in Sedona, AZ and loaded them with snacks, water bottles, cameras, and extra jackets. We hiked up and down several of the rock formations with no issues. We then went to the Grand Canyon and wore them down and up the trails at the Grand Canyon taking off jackets and storing them on the way down and pulling them out on the way up. And, as if that is not enough, we went to the slot canyon in Page, AZ and wore them in the narrow passage ways in the canyon. After all of that they show no wear and there are no rips or tears.”


  • plus Great price
  • plus Compact – foldable
  • plus Durable


  • close Not made for large body types 

Earth Pak Backpack Conclusion

Why pay more if you don’t have to?  The best feature that stands the Earth Pak out from the rest is the very low price.  Yet, despite the inexpensive quality of this backpack, customers testified to it’s durability.  Coming in 7 colors and with the ability to compact up into pocket size, I really like this backpack.  If you aren’t wanting to spend an arm and a leg for a travel or daypack, I say buy the Earth Pak with confidence.  An added touch is that customers said that the CEO wrote a personalized note with each purchase.  Now, that is a company I’d like to deal with.

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people considering buying an Earth Pak Backpack.

  • chevron-circle-right How many internal pockets are there?  There are 2 internal and 3 external pockets.   
  • chevron-circle-right Is this laptop compatible?  A small one fits in but a large one may fit but tight.  
  • chevron-circle-right Is there space for a hydration bag?  As answered by a customer:  “There really isn’t a designated space for a hydration bag. You can put one in the bag and feed the tube out. But nothing secure for the hydration bag? 

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