7 Incredible Dry Stack Stone Wall Landscaping Ideas


Having a dry stack stone wall in your garden is something you’ll enjoy tremendously if you’re into unusual landscaping ideas. If you’re not familiar with what a dry stack stone wall is, it’s a wall made of stacked stones that you don’t need any mortar to build (dry). It’s extremely long lasting and it can serve many purposes, which is why more and more people are building one in their gardens. Today, we’re going to show you 7 creative ways in which you can use a dry stack stone wall for landscaping purposes.

7 Dry Stack Stone Wall Landscaping Ideas

1. Dry Stack Stone Wall Raised Garden Bed

If you’re thinking of building some raised garden beds where you can grow plants above the soil in your garden, there’s no better way of surrounding them than with a dry stack stone wall. Why? Because this type of wall accomplishes two things at once. First, it keeps your raised garden beds protected and in place. Second, it’s a decorative object in itself.

dry stack stone wall with plants over it, dry stack stone wall

As you can see in the image above, the stones provide the perfect natural wall for the plants, which looks almost as if it’s been there all along. You can grow plants that will seep through the wall or fall over it, which makes for an even more interesting landscape. If you want to save space and build more than one dry stack stone wall in your garden, you can create tiered raised garden beds that will give the impression of stairs. In terms of what you can grow in these garden beds, the choice is completely up to you. You can go for basic greenery that goes great with a stone wall or you can grow colorful flowers for a stark contrast.

2. Moss Covered Dry Stack Stone Wall

There’s nothing better than a moss covered dry stack stone wall to provide your garden with an authentic woodland look. In the image below, the stones are used as a raised garden bed wall as well. However, the highlight of this landscape design is the moss covering the stones. If you’re thinking it’s impossible for you to grow moss over stones and waiting for the moss to grow on its own would take ages, we have a solution.

dry stack stone wall covered in moss, dry stack stone wall

You can create a growth moss mixture out of actual moss and water. Then, after you’ve mixed these ingredients in a blender, spread the mix onto the wall. This will help moss develop on your dry stack stone wall much faster. The amount of mixture you use depends on how much moss you want on the wall. If you’re interested in covering the entire wall with moss, make sure the mixture reaches every corner of it. If you’d like a patchier look, just spread the mixture unequally all over the wall.

3. Dry Stack Stone Wall Spiral Herb Garden

If you’d like to adorn your garden with a dry stack stone wall centerpiece, we recommend a spiral herb garden. This will also provide you with delicious herbs that you can use for your meals. Of course, you could create whatever shape you want, but we think this spiral one will really make your garden stand out. One interesting thing about this idea is that it allows you to go in different directions with the pattern and design.

spiral herb garden made out of a dry stack stone wall, dry stack stone wall

For example, as you can notice in the image above, the top stones of the wall are flat. This means you can place things on them. That is if you want to decorate your spiral herb garden more. If not, you can simply plant your herbs in whatever order you wish. We recommend placing the more leafy and larger herbs on top of the spiral. That way, they’ll be the center of attention. Another interesting idea would be to plant flowers instead of herbs. They’ll offer an amazing visual due to their lively colors.

4. Dry Stacked Stone Culvert

This landscaping project is not suitable for all type of gardens. Still, if your garden has what it takes to create a dry stack stone culvert, we would strongly recommend it. It’s true that completing the project will take a bit of time, but it will end up looking amazing. The purpose of the culvert should be to divert water, as well as provide a beautiful architectural centerpiece for your garden.

culvert made of dry stacked stone, dry stack stone wall

As you can see, the culvert forms a small bridge over the water stream. In order to create one in your garden, you’re going to need a lot of stones. Not only that but also a large metal pipe that can support the weight of the stones. If you’re unsure of whether or not this project is worth the effort you’ll have to put into it, it’s enough to ask yourself how many people can say they have a dry stack stone culvert in their garden or backyard. If you want your garden to be unique, don’t hesitate to start building this culvert.

5. Dry Stacked Stone Firepit

What would you say to a firepit made of dry stack stones? While not technically a wall, you can stack as many stones as you like depending on the size of the firepit you want to build. This will eventually create a wall if made tall enough. The great thing about a firepit made of dry stacked stones is that it isolates the fire perfectly. If you want to throw barbecue parties in your garden in summer, this firepit will serve a double purpose.

firepit made of dry stacked stone, dry stack stone wall

First, it can be a place where you roast marshmallows and cook food. Second, it can serve as a gathering place for people who want to talk, enjoy some music together, or simply stay clear of the cold on a summer night. What we like about the firepit in the image above is that it’s irregular. As you can see, it doesn’t have a well-defined shape. Furthermore, on one side of the firepit, there are much more stones stacked on top of each other than on the rest of it. This provides it with a unique look. Moreover, it proves that you can really make this project your own with a little bit of imagination.

6. Dry Stack Stone Wall and Moss Arrangement

Another landscaping idea that involves both a dry stack stone wall and moss, this one goes one step further by making the moss a central piece of the arrangement. The moss isn’t simply there to decorate the wall. It’s what makes the wall an integral part of the garden. For this arrangement, you have to grow large pieces of moss on top of the wall. The other decorations in the image below are completely optional.

moss and dry stone arrangement, dry stack stone wall

For example, you could plant some sturdy evergreens in between the cracks in the wall. Small shrubs would look particularly lovely. That’s because you don’t want a large plant that will take from the beauty of the wall. Placing other types of stones between the patches of moss is another cool idea. Some succulents, even though not present in the image above, would also look nice. The whole purpose of this arrangement is to be as creative as possible and help you improve the look of your garden or backyard.

7. Dry Stack Stone Wall Entrance

The last dry stack stone wall idea we have for you today is created for people who love symmetry and neat gardens. You could make the entrance to your garden the highlight of the entire area by framing a flight of stairs with two dry stack stone walls. Not only do the walls serve as a frame for the stairs. They also create a raised garden bed where you can grow flowers.

garden entrance framed by two dry stack stone walls, dry stack stone wall

As you might be able to tell, the stones in this project are arranged much more neatly than the ones in previous projects. This helps with the symmetry, distracting from the fact that the stones don’t all look the same. The symmetry is also accentuated by the flowers planted in each of the garden beds. The fact that they’re all the same kind and color provides an idyllic look to the garden. Finish everything off with a neatly cut lawn on both sides of the stairs and you’ve got yourself a truly put together garden.

Summing It All Up

We hope today’s list of 7 ways in which you can use a dry stack stone wall for landscaping has provided you with some inspiration as to how to incorporate such a wall into your garden landscape. As you can see, there are many things you can do with a dry stack stone wall, from using it as a frame for your raised garden beds to creating a firepit or a moss and evergreen arrangement.

If you’ve never had to build a dry stack stone wall before, you might find the experience a bit challenging and complicated. We’re not going to lie, it won’t be easy, especially if you plan on building a larger wall. Because we want to make sure you’re prepared for the task, we suggest watching the video below which explains dry stone walling for beginners. We also recommend purchasing “A Guide to Dry Stone Walling.”

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