5 Ways to Dispose of Your Real Christmas Tree After the Holidays

real christmas tree

Having a real Christmas tree has its benefits. It smells amazing, looks great, and can be a fun tradition. However, it also has some cons. A real Christmas tree sheds its needles, must be watered and has to be disposed of after Christmas is over. There are many ways to get rid of or recycle your tree, and it depends on where you live. Here are 5 ways to dispose of your real Christmas tree after the holidays.

Ways to Dispose of Your Real Christmas Tree

Curbside Pickup

Some counties and cities offer curbside pickup for real Christmas trees. If your city offers curbside pickup, real Christmas tree is disposal is very easy. Simply take down the tree and put it next to your dumpster on garbage day. Then the city workers will pick up your tree when they empty your dumpster on garbage day. This method is super easy and convenient. 

Separate Party Pickup

If your city doesn’t do curbside pickup you can try to find a company that you pay to pick up your real Christmas tree. Those companies will typically put the tree in a wood chipper and use the wood chips. Simply look up “Christmas tree pickup” on the internet and you should be able to find a company near you. 

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Use the Wood Yourself

Using the wood from your real Christmas tree is a great idea as well. Put your tree into a wood chipper and use the wood chips for mulch in a garden. This gives the tree a new purpose and a new life for you to use. You can also chop up your tree for firewood. Just make sure to let the wood dry for several months before using it in your fireplace. A freshly cut tree has a lot of sap on it and can gunk up your chimney causing a chimney fire. Let your wood dry and it will make sure that there isn’t any sap or other sticky matter burning in your fireplace. 

What are some Creative Uses for Leftover Candy Canes from the Holidays?

Looking for tasty ways to repurpose those leftover candy canes from the holidays? Get creative with these delicious leftover candy cane recipes. Crush them into small pieces and sprinkle them over ice cream or hot cocoa for a minty twist. Blend them into smoothies or milkshakes for a refreshing treat. You can even melt them down and use the syrup as a sweetener in coffee or cocktails.

Donate Your Tree to Animals

If you love animals do them a favor and give them your real Christmas tree. Animals love munching on old pine trees, especially goats. Many small animal farms will accept your old Christmas trees to feed to their small animals. You might want to check out any local zoos as well. Just make sure that you’ve taken off all of the decorations so that no animals accidentally eat any. 

Make a Craft

There are tons of fun crafts to make from the bark of a real Christmas tree. Make ornaments for next year, create unique coasters, stepping stones in your garden, or a decorative sign with your family’s last name on it. It might be fun to create a new craft out of your old Christmas tree as part of your holiday traditions. You would have a little piece of every real Christmas tree your family has had together. What a fun memory! 

Summing Up

There are many ways to dispose of your real Christmas tree. You can simply let the city take care of it, but you can also create a fun craft or use the wood to burn in your fireplace and keep you warm. There is an option for everyone that wants to get rid of their real Christmas tree now that Christmas is over. 

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