6 Amazing Benefits of Using a Humidifier in the Winter


Winter can be a hard season to get through. It’s cold, there are more sicknesses, and skin is drier. These things are enough to make someone hate Winter. Well, there’s good news. A humidifier can actually help with a lot of symptoms that you might suffer in the Winter. Here are 6 amazing benefits of using a humidifier in the Winter.

Benefits of Using a Humidifier in the Winter

Helps Dry Skin

Since humidifiers put moisture back into the air, your skin will absorb some of that moisture. This will make your skin less dry. Have you ever gone somewhere humid on a vacation and noticed that you didn’t need to use lotion the entire time? That’s the humidity doing its job for you. Try using a humidifier if you suffer from really dry skin in the Winter

Soothes Dry Eyes

Sometimes people go through a lot of eye drops trying to relieve their eyes from the dry air. People with dry eyes will wake up in the morning and find it hard to open their eyes and feel like they are scratchy. They will sometimes also find a lot of gunk or crusty substances in their eyes in the morning. A humidifier will help soothe your dry eyes by putting much-needed moisture back into the air. 

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Reduces Bloody Noses

Dry air can cause bloody noses. The dry air irritates your nasal passageway and causes it to bleed. If you suffer from frequent bloody noses due to dry air, consider getting a humidifier. The extra humidity will lubricate the inside of your nasal passageway and reduce the number of bloody noses you have. 

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Moisturizes Dry Lips

Get a humidifier if you find yourself constantly putting on chapstick. You won’t have to buy nearly as many sticks of chapstick with the use of your new small appliance. You will wake up with moisturized lips and not have to apply a thick layer of chapstick just to try to heal the cracks in your lips. 

Lubricates Dry Throats

A humidifier could help you if you constantly have to keep a glass of water by your bed to moisten up your throat. People that tend to breathe with their mouths open will love having humidity in their rooms. This is because breathing with your mouth open often causes a really dry mouth. More humidity in the air will prevent a terribly dry mouth and throat. You will sleep better with more humidity too.

Helps Frequent Coughs

Sometimes having a cough can be due to a sickness or virus. However, that’s not always the case. Sometimes a cough is due to the dryness of your throat. A humidifier would do wonders for a cough that is because of a dry throat. You’ll find that if your throat has plenty of moisture in it, your stubborn cough will start to vanish. Of course, if your cough isn’t because of dryness a humidifier might not help right away. Although more humidity in the air can still help a great deal with coughs that are caused by viruses too. 

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Summing Up

A humidifier will help with many symptoms that you might have in the Winter. Use a humidifier to help dry skin, lips, throat, or eyes. You can also use a humidifier to help with coughs or bloody noses. If you suffer from any of these things, try adding more humidity in the air and see how much of a difference it can make for you. 

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