Is an ATV Snow Plow Worth the Investment?

Did you know that plowing snow can be much easier with an ATV snow plow? This article goes through all the considerations when buying one.
atv snow plow

Why discuss the necessity of an ATV snow plow? Well, while the winter weather may be beautiful, it also can make life slightly harder. Icicles form on the roofs, sidewalks become icy, and driving on the icy roads becomes more dangerous. However, one of the most difficult chores that winter brings is removing snow from driveways and roads. Plowing snow can be a long process, but with the help of some tools, it can be made easier.

So, if you have been pondering the idea of purchasing an ATV snow plow, you have come to the right place. Whether you own a snow plowing business or you just want to remove snow from your driveway, an ATV snow plow can make life much easier. In this article, we will take a look at if a 4 wheeler with snow plow is worth the investment. Let’s begin!

Why Do I Need an ATV Snow Plow?

One of the questions that you may be wondering is if you need an ATV snow plow or not. Whether or not you need a 4 wheeler with snow plow depends on how much snow you get and for what purpose you need it. If you have a snow plowing business, then the product may be a good investment. It is especially useful in areas that are too narrow for a large snow plow.

Also, if you plan on using your 4 wheeler with snow plow for home use, you must consider if you are in need of a snow plow. Is shoveling snow too difficult for you? Is your driveway very large? These questions will help you determine if this kind of product is necessary. Also, in order for you to use an ATV snow plow, you will need an ATV or UTV. So, consider this option especially if you have an ATV already or plan on purchasing one. Otherwise, the investment will be huge!

Different Types of ATV Snow Plows

Just like other snow plows, there are two different types of ATV snowplows. These types are the straight snow plow and the V-snow plow. Both types are durable, but they do work slightly differently. Here are the differences between the two different types of ATV snow plows:

Straight Snow Plow

This type of snow plow is the most popular. Straight snow plows are much more lightweight, which makes it easier to put on your ATV. They are also much cheaper. That said, they may not be as durable when it comes to removing snow from driveways and roads.

V-Snow Plow

V-plows can handle snow in a very different way than the straight blade. Because of the arrowhead configuration of the V-plow, it can slice through frozen snow more readily than a straight blade.

4 wheeler snow plow
Image Source: My Gardening Network

Different Materials ATV Snow Plows Are Made From

There are two options to choose from when it comes to different snow plow materials. These materials are steel and poly. Both materials are durable, but they each have their own benefits. Snow and slush will slide off of a poly blade with ease, while a steel blade provides a durable, rigid blade to slice through the snow. However, both 4 wheelers with snow plow materials are durable and perfect for tough jobs.

Lift Systems to Choose From

There are three main types of lift systems that are available for ATV or UTV plows. The lift system types include the following: manual, winch, or direct lift. A manual or winch lift system will require you to manually angle the plow left, right, or straight, and with the manual lift system, as its name suggests, you will have to raise and lower the blade by hand. If you plan on plowing a lot of roads, you will want to consider a direct lift hydraulic plow. Having the hydraulic system eliminates the need to get off of the machine to angle or lift the blade. This makes the job of plowing snow go much quicker.

How to Install an ATV Snow Plow

You may be wondering how to install an ATV snow plow. Fortunately, attaching the snow plow to your ATV is fairly easy. Here are the step to installing it onto your ATV or UTV.

Attach the Mounting Plate

To begin, use a jack to raise your ATV up. After this is done, you can easily maneuver underneath your ATV and install the mounting plate. Depending on your preference, you may choose to have a forward mount or a mid-mount style. Either way, you will most likely be attaching your mounting frame with a series of U-bolts. U-bolts wrap around the frame of your ATV and keep your snow plow plate secure and in place. This process only takes a couple of minutes.

Attach the Plow Tube

After you attach the mounting plate, you will need to attach the plow tube. For the plow tube, you will have a set of pins and latches that attach your plow tube to the front end of your ATV. Push tubes to come in two different forms: straight and articulating.

Straight push tubes are not designed to elevate very high and will ultimately be stopped by the bottom of the ATV’s frame. Alternatively, for people that need extra elevation from their snowplow, an articulating push tube may be better. When an articulating push tube hits the bottom of the ATV frame, the snowplow blade will continue to rise because the push tube has an extra hinge that helps to give more height.

Insert the Plow Blade

Once you are finished with the mounting plate and the plow tube, you will be ready to screw in the ATV snow plow blade. Plow blades come in a variety of sizes. For ATVs, blades are 60 inches or below. Snowplow blades that are over 60 inches are designed for UTVs. Inserting the plow blade is very easy. Your ATV snow plow should come with directions about how to attach the snowplow to your ATV.

atv snow plow
Image Source: ATV Illustrations

Can Lemons Be Used in Any Way to Clear Snow?

Lemons may seem out of place in a snowy landscape, but their versatility extends beyond sunny days. Surprisingly, household uses of lemons can aid in clearing snow. By squeezing lemon juice onto icy surfaces, the acidic properties help melt the snow, making it easier to shovel or remove.

Do I Need to Take My Snow Plow off during the Summer?

You will probably want to use your ATV during the summer, so you may be wondering if you should take your snow plow off. When purchasing a snowplow, look at the undercarriage and whether you’ll have to remove it during the warm months of the year.

However, a lot of snowplows have enough ground clearance so that you can keep it on during the summer. If possible, you will probably want a snowplow that offers enough ground clearance so that you can keep it on all summer. Another consideration is whether you want to keep your mounting plate on or not during the summer months. Many people choose to leave their mounting plate on permanently because it may offer more convenience for attaching and detaching your snow plow.

Things to Look for in an ATV Snow Plow

In addition to the different types of ATV snow plows and the types of materials, there are some other specific things to look for in an ATV plow. Below is a list of some things to look for when shopping for an ATV snow plow.

Blade Width

The blade width is the most important consideration. If you have a UTV with a width of 60 inches or more, purchase a snow blade between 60 and 70 inches. For an average-sized ATV, purchase a snow blade between 50 and 55 inches.

Blade Height

The next consideration is how high you need the ATV snow plow to be. Most snow plows are between 16 to 24 inches high. Short snow plows do not require as much power to push, and they work great with smaller ATVs. Larger ATVs, however, can handle the extra weight of a tall snow plow. Therefore, a large snow plow will work well with a larger 4 wheeler.


If you have a small ATV, you should plan on purchasing the heaviest snow plow. A larger ATV or UTV should be able to handle a heavy plow without any problems. Choose an ATV snow plow that will work well with your 4 wheeler.

atv snow plow
Image Source: BOSS Snowplow

Final Thoughts

Finally, it’s that time of year to start thinking about how you will remove snow. Whether you own a business that removes snow or you simply want to remove snow from your own driveway, you may want to consider purchasing an ATV snow plow. A 4 wheeler snow plow hooks up to your ATV or UTV so that you can easily plow snow off of driveways and roads. Unlike large tractors and snowplows, ATVs can easily plow narrow paths and driveways.

However, are ATV snow plows worth investing in? In this article, I went over a few reasons why you may want an ATV snow plow, as well as how to choose one. Of course, in order to use your snowplow, you will need an ATV or UTV. If you happen to have one of those two, then an ATV snow plow is definitely a good investment. Attaching the snow plow to the 4 wheeler is very easy. Moreover, most ATV snow plow kits should come with instructions.

All in all, I hope today’s article has answered all your questions about ATV snow plows. Stay warm while you are plowing the snow and remember to share your experience on this topic with us! We already saw how helpful is a bit of advice from an experienced reader when discussing a controversial topic. So, share all your thoughts, experience, and further question in the comments section. We are all here to help each other to take the best decision!

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  1. It’s good to know that blade width is the most important consideration when looking for an ATV snow plow. My wife and I are moving to a colder climate soon and we want to know how we can find a good snow plow for when it snows heavy at our house. I’ll be sure to look for an ATV snow plow that has good blade width.

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