6 Ways to Organize Your Messy Shed to Make Your Life Easier

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Let’s face it, sheds are usually the place you never want to go. Every time you go in there, something falls on your toes and you can never find what you’re looking for. Between the paint buckets and the gardening tools, you find yourself going in the shed less often. Don’t worry, it’s fixable! You can turn your shed into an organized outdoor area with everything you need easily accessible. Here are 6 ways to organize your messy shed to make your life easier.

Pegboard Wall

There are infinite possibilities with a pegboard wall. You can hang anything you want from it. You can put hooks in it and hang a basket for storage. Maybe you could hang your rakes from it. Or you hook shelves in it and put tools on it. Pegboards can be easily painted to match the color scheme already in your shed. Pegboards will create more space and allow fewer things to be leaned against the wall just waiting to tip over onto your toes.

ways to organize your messy shed

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Golf Bag Organizer

This is another great organizing tip. The tools with the long handles are always hard to find space for. Rakes, shovels, and hoes are what are typically leaned against the shed wherever there is room. Prevent these gardening tools from falling down and hurting someone. Put all your long handled tools in an old golf bag. They’ll all be consolidated in one spot and they won’t tip over. Therefore this is a win win!

Hose Storage

Don’t let your hose be all tangled up on the floor. Use a bucket to wrap your hose around. This will make a spot for your hose, and create more storage inside the bucket. Your hose won’t get tangled when it is wrapped around the bucket, and you can put more tools inside the bucket. When you have limited space in a small shed you need to think of storage ideas that will serve multiple purposes. Another great idea that has several uses.

Glove Holder

It’s always hard when you have a bucket full of gloves and you can’t find a match. Prevent this from happening by making a glove holder. Use clothespins or hooks to hang your gloves in pairs so they never go missing. When you’re done using your gloves, put them right back on the glove holder. Also the next time you need them, you won’t need to hunt around.

ways to organize your messy shed

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Magnetic Strips

Hang magnetic strips on the walls of your shed. This way you can see the tool you need when you need it. Hang your screwdrivers, paintbrushes, or wrenches right on the wall. You can even stick soup cans on the magnetic strip to hold little things like pencils or pins. Small items that typically get lost are the best thing to put on the magnetic strips because this way they’ll always have a designated spot . This way you won’t have to worry about losing anything. Simply go into your shed and see the tool you need hanging on the wall.

Wood Pallet Tool Rack

Use an old wood pallet to store your big tools in. Put you rakes and shovels in between the gaps in the pallet. You can keep your tools upright and out of the way. No need for a balancing act, this idea will keep your tools in place. There are old wood pallets everywhere and you can use them for just about anything.

Summing Up

You don’t have to live with a messy, cluttered, unorganized shed because all of your tools can have a safe and secure spot. It is possible to find the tool you’re looking for right when you need it. Try these 6 ways to organize your messy shed and see what it’s like to live life being able to walk into your shed without feeling frustrated.

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