5 Outdoor Activities for the Best Family Reunion Ever

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Summer is almost here so you know that the family reunion is coming up. Every year your whole family gets together to catch up with cousins, uncles, aunts, and grandparents. If your family reunion is a couple days long, it can be hard to find activities to fill up all the time you have. Don’t worry, there are tons of fun activities the whole family will enjoy doing. Here are 5 outdoor activities for the best family reunion ever.

Make a Family Scrapbook

Rent a park with a pavilion or use someone’s backyard with a deck. Have everyone bring photos of themselves and their family. Have them try to include old pictures, not just new ones. Provide glue sticks, scrapbook paper, stickers, and scissors. Every family can design their own scrapbook page. They can put stickers on it, write memories down, and put in relevant pictures. When every family has created a page, present the scrapbook to the grandparents. They would love seeing all their children and grandchildren’s hard work. It’s a fun activity because it makes everyone laugh at old pictures and reminisce about the good ‘ol days. It also makes a beautiful and meaningful gift.

Play a Ball Game

This is simple, but so fun. Play volleyball, baseball, football, or soccer. Have everyone get on teams and have fun competing against one another. Ball games are easy to plan for and don’t require a lot of supplies. Everyone will have a good time playing and trying to beat the other team. Maybe the winning team gets a prize at the end.

Do a Family Talent Show

This activity is so fun because it lets everyone show what they’re good at. Little ones can show something they’ve been practicing like reading a book or whistling. Older kids can do more advanced things like play the piano or sing. Each talent is celebrated and cheered for. Everyone feels good sharing what they are good at and having their family recognize it. Have blankets out on a lawn with lights hanging from trees. If you can, make a little stage too.

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Grandparents’ Storytime

Have the grandparents tell stories about what it was like when they grew up. Have them describe how they met each other and what it was like when their kids were little. Everyone loves hearing stories about when their grandparents were young. The grandparents will love sharing their stories and the grandkids will love listening. This is a great activity for sitting around a fire. Have everyone share blankets and listen to grandma and grandpa while they make s’mores.

Family Jeopardy

This game can be a riot. This helps everyone to learn more about their family members and provides some laughs. Make categories like middle names, birthdays, or funny stories. You can ask questions like “What did Aunt Susan call a blanket?” or “What was Uncle Dave’s first word?” The size of the teams will depend on the size of your family. This game brings out some funny family secrets too! Sit under a shade tent and sit on the grass, or rent a pavillion for the whole family. It’s fun all around.

Summing Up

Family reunions are so much fun! They let everyone catch up and get to know each other again. These outdoor activities will help everyone to reconnect and have together. If you have a family reunion coming up, consider incorporating these outdoor activities. You won’t be disappointed!

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