Werner Telescoping Multi-Ladder Review


Review of the Werner Telescoping Multi-Ladder

As of this writing, there are 979 customer comments and 57 answered questions for the Werner Telescoping Multi-Ladder.  I’ve read the customer feedback and then condensed the results into this review.  I hope that this review helps you when shopping for the best ladder for your home.

Best Features

  • Can hold 300 pounds per side
  • Converts to a twin stepladder, extension ladder, stairway ladder, or two scaffold bases
  • Features smoothly curved rails for comfortable climbing
  • Has push-knob hinges
  • Has an extra-wide flared bottom and double-riveted steps

Item Specifics

The Werner Telescoping Multi-Ladder can be easily transformed into a twin stepladder, extension ladder, stairway stepladder, or two scaffold bases.  Ideal for indoor and outdoor jobs, this multi-purpose ladder is ergonomically constructed, features push-knob hinges, and is built to last with double-riveted steps.  This product is a 22-foot telescoping multi-purpose ladder with a 300-pound duty rating per side.  This means that it can actually hold up to 600 pounds because each side holds 300 pounds when used as a twin stepladder.  There are 28 different working heights that this product can extend to.  The extension ladder height is 11′ to 19′, and the stepladder height is 5′ to 9′.  A nice feature is the smoothly curved rails for comfortable climbing.  The Werner Telescoping Multi-Ladder also features an extra-wide flared bottom for firm support.

Plastic Pins May Prematurely Show Wear and Tear

There was a complaint about the pins that lock the legs showing stress wear and tear within the first year of use.  A customer explained, “I bought the ladder roughly 8 months ago, have used it mostly on weekends for 4-5 months and some of the reinforcing plastic on the pins that lock the legs has turned white and cracked with stress. I’ll be contacting Werner about this. It’s a 300lb ladder and including me the most it’s had would be maybe 220lbs (me plus half a sheet of OSB with someone holding the other half on another ladder).  A ladder this tall with any sign of stress failure is mega scary.”

Two People Can Be on This Ladder at the Same Time

One of the best features of this ladder is that two people can be on it safely at the same time.  This means that two people could be painting together or working on gutters together.   A customer had this to say about this feature, “it’s really nice that two people can go up the ladder at the same time.  My kids and I are having a blast decorating the Christmas tree.  Make sure to watch your fingers while adjusting heights!”


Weighing in at 45.1 pounds,  The Werner Telescoping Multi-Ladder is a heavy ladder.  There is a compromise between having a sturdy ladder that two people can be on at the same time and the weight factor.  A customer explained it this way, “All in all the functionality is very good.  It is sturdy and it is very easy to adjust the height.  A drawback is its weight.  It is very very heavy compared to traditional aluminum and fiberglass ladders.  It is cumbersome to use as a straight extension ladder, fully extended.  Lighter traditional extension ladders are easier to maneuver.  I have a house with interior ceiling heights of 8ft to 16ft and exterior roof line of about 20 feet so while there are drawbacks to weight, this ladder has saved me from buying three separate ladders.”

Push Knob Hinges

The majority of comments about the hinges were positive.  The last thing that you want on a ladder is a faulty part.  A customer shared what a lot of others were saying by saying, “I wanted to add that some people compare this to the Little Giant ladder and direct you to Youtube videos where you will see people complaining about the hinges moving back and forth with a lot of play which can conceivably make the ladder walk away from the building and slip out from under you. The hinges on THIS ladder HAVE NO SUCH PLAY and are rock solid.”


The comments on the sturdiness of this ladder were very positive.  However, it is not as sturdy when used as an extension ladder compared to when it’s used in the A-frame configuration.  A customer explained, “I have used this ladder for a number of projects over the last couple of months and cannot say enough good things about it.  The ladder is extremely stable when in the A-frame configuration, regardless of height. The same can be said for the stair setup.  When used as a straight extension ladder I did notice some bowing at full and near full extension.  This can be slightly frightening when working in a near vertical position with a tub of paint in one hand but is still workable.  Even at full extension working on a 17-foot ceiling beam, the 22-foot ladder had very little rattle or shake.  The widened legs at both ends made for a much more stable base that makes the ladder practically impossible to knock over (I tried) and feels much more stable than straight leg ladders that I have used in the past.  I will note that the ladder is pretty heavy and cannot be easily put into position at full or near extension with a single person comfortably.  Still, it is lighter than a comparable fiberglass ladder and the stability is a no-contest winner.  When folded it packs away easily against a wall and stands freely without tipping although I do not recommend leaving it that way for long.  I put my highest recommendation on this ladder for anyone looking for a top quality multi-function ladder.”

Best to Have Someone Help You Extend to Full Length

If you plan on extending this ladder to it’s full length, you may want to have a second person help you.  It is a heavy and awkward ladder when fully extended.  A customer commented, “So far I’ve only used the ladder to get at the side of my house for cleaning and have kept it in the shape seen in the photo but with the inner ladder fully extended.  It reaches quite high without even “flattening” it out.  I did play with it when I got it to see how high I’d be able to reach when fully extended and did find that I couldn’t lean it up against my house by myself since it gets so long that as I tilt it up the top weight starts to rotate it back off the ground on my end.  I’d need a 2nd person to hold down the bottom section while I lift up the top (at least if I don’t want to crash it into the side of my house). Not a fault of the ladder but just a matter of physics and weight distribution the longer it gets.”

Good Price

For what you get, The Werner Telescoping Multi-Ladder is priced well.  A customer shared this, “Not sure what more you can ask for from a ladder.  I even bought it on sale.  Good price, easy to use, feels very stable/safe/secure.  Hoping this ladder will last me for a while.  I’d definitely recommend this ladder for anyone needing to reach higher ceilings or walls.”

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  • Good Price
  • Sturdy 
  • Two people can be on ladder at same time


  • Heavy  
  • Hard to extend alone  
  • Plastic pins may prematurely wear out  

Werner Telescoping Multi-Ladder Conclusion

The Werner Telescoping Multi-Ladder can transform into a twin stepladder, extension ladder, stairway stepladder, or two scaffold bases.  This multi-purpose ladder is ergonomically constructed, features push-knob hinges, and is built to last with double-riveted steps.  This ladder is a 22-foot telescoping multi-purpose ladder with a 300-pound duty rating per side.  It can hold up to 600 pounds because each side holds 300 pounds when used as a twin stepladder.  There are 28 different working heights that this ladder can extend to.  The height is 11′ to 19′, and the stepladder height is 5′ to 9′.  The Werner Telescoping Multi-Ladder also features an extra-wide flared bottom for firm support and curved rails for comfortable climbing.  If you plan on fully extending this ladder, you may want to have a second person help you.  It is a heavy ladder and it can get awkward when fully extended.

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people considering buying the Werner Telescoping Multi-Ladder.

  • How much does this ladder weigh?  This ladder weighs 45.1 pounds.  This is a very heavy weight for a ladder.  That is why it is helpful if you have someone there to help you extend it to its full length.  
  • Where is this ladder made?  The Werner Telescoping Multi-Ladder is made in China.  However, the company is located in the USA.
  • Is there a ladder leveler made for this ladder so I can use it on my stairs?  Since each side of the ladder extensions is independent, you can easily use this on stairs.  Simply extend one side longer than the other.

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