The Easiest Way to Build a Raised Flower Bed: 3 Simple Steps

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Raised flower beds don’t have to be complicated to make and they have a lot of benefits. They can be quick and easy to make. You don’t have to be a carpenter or a professional to make a flower bed that looks good and is functional. If you don’t have any experience building things, don’t worry, this is easy and anyone can do it. All you need is a free afternoon to complete the job. So let’s go over the easiest way to build a raised flower bed.

Things You’ll Need for a Raised Flower Bed:

  • 4 Wood Planks (size of your choosing)
  • Rebar (12 pieces for a rectangle flower bed)
  • Rubber Mallet
  • Newspaper
  • Soil

1. Getting Started

You can get planks of wood at any home improvement store that aren’t expensive. You can have your planks be the color they came in, or you can paint or stain the wood. Make the wood look however you want it. Your kids can help you choose what to do with the planks to make your flower bed look fantastic. Once your wood is the way you’d like, lie your wood planks so their inner corners touch. It should make a square or a rectangle. You can have four pieces equal in length, or two short and two long pieces. The length, width, and height of the planks are completely up to you. The bed can be very large, or kiddie sized.

2. Building

There isn’t a lot of actual building for this flower bed. It’s really easy! You’ll need rebar that’s about 2 feet long. This is for a bigger flower bed, if yours will be smaller a shorter piece of rebar will suffice. The number of pieces of rebar depends on how big your flower bed will be. For a flower bed that is rectangle you’ll want two pieces on the short sides, and four pieces on the long sides. Use your rubber mallet to hammer in the pieces of rebar to prop up the planks so they stand upright. Make the pieces of rebar are equidistant from each other. Hammer in the rebar so that about 6 inches are visible above ground. Once you hammer in all the pieces of rebar, your flower bed should have a stable frame standing upright.

raised flower bed

Image Source: The Natural Gardener

3. Filling in the Frame

Put newspaper down on the bottom of your flower bed frame to flatten out the grass underneath. Spray the newspaper with a hose to make sure it is completely wet. This will create a nice barrier for your flower bed. Last but not least, fill it with soil. Fill the entire frame with soil until it’s almost to the top of the flower bed frame. Smooth out the soil with a rake. Then plant your favorite plants! You can plant flowers, vegetables, fruits, or succulents. It’s totally up to you. Create something that you’ll love looking at everyday.

Summing Up

Building your own raised flower bed is simple and you don’t have to have building experience to do it. It’s basically just propping up wood planks to make a frame. That’s it. Anyone can do that. You could get this project done in one afternoon and have a beautiful raised flower bed that everyone will admire. If you’ve always wanted a raised flower bed but were too intimidated to try, use this method. You’ll see that this is the easiest way to build a raised flower bed.

Image Source: Wild Flowers Ranch

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