Survivor Filter PRO Water Filter Review

Survivor Filter PRO Water Filter

Review of the Survivor Filter PRO Water Filter

As of this writing, there are 740 customer comments and 166 answered questions for the Survivor Filter PRO Water Filter.  I’ve read the customer feedback, and then condensed the results into this review.  I hope that this helps you when shopping for a portable water filter.

Best Features

  • check Made from durable materials
  • check Lifetime warranty
  • check Comes with all internal filters and tubing, detachable drinking cup, and travel bag
  • check Good price
  • check Great customer service

Item Specifics

The Survivor Filter PRO Water Filter has been tested at multiple USA labs, and has been shown to remove 99.999% of protozoa (Cryptosporidium, Giardia, and Parasites), 99.999% of tested virus, staph, and bacteria, 99.5% mercury, and 93% lead.  To use this filter, you can either drink directly from the water source with this, pump it into the attached cup, or pump it into any other cup.  This product is built from quality materials, including ABS material (the same material used on car bumpers), polysulfone (the same material using in visors of Apollo astronauts), steel, and food grade activated carbon.  It is BPA free.  If you are not satisfied with your purchase, the company will refund you or send a replacement.  

Great Customer Service

The customer service is great according to customers.  Customers who had problems with this portable water filter said that the seller immediately replaced the filter and/or broken part.  Here is one customer’s experience with the customer service, “I had issues with the pre filter plugging up even in a reasonably clean water source and ended up using it without the pre filter. Considerably reducing the life of the main filters. So I only gave it 2 stars. Within a day after the review posted the manufacturer must have read it and immediately contacted me. They let me know that there was a an engineering issue with my original filter and that they resolved it and wanted to send me a brand new replacement, totally free of charge. Not only did get a complete unit in 2 days, but also a spare pre filter. Best customer service I have ever encountered.”

Takes a Long Time and Effort to Pump Water

When using this water filter, you will need to spend a long amount of time and effort pumping out the water.  Don’t expect this water filter to filter water quickly.  This customer explained, “We had a group with 4 or 5 other filters and this was far slower than the others. I didn’t mind too much because it does filter better/more than the others but it also required much more effort to pump. I was camping for 3 days and pumped maybe 7 or 8 times a day for multiple water bottles and I was feeling tired after just one 16 oz bottle.”

Easier If Two People Operate the Pump

As you read in the comment above, it takes a lot of effort and time to pump out water.  That is why customers thought it is much easier if two people operate the water pump.  One person can be pumping, and the other can guide the water into a container.  This helps speed up the process.  Here, a customer shares his thoughts, “I noticed right away that it pumped slowly and would take awhile to fill water containers over a liter. Another observation is that two people makes using this pump filter a lot easier to operate. One person pumping and the other guiding the filtered water into a container.”

Pump Lever Doesn’t Seem Very Durable

Although this portable water filter is made from durable materials, the pump lever doesn’t seem to be too durable.  Many customers commented that they felt like the lever was going to break, and a few customers reported that their’s did break.  Here is one of the comments, “I tested it on some pretty murky water before I took it on a long camping trip with friends. The system initially handled the questionable creek water well, but wear and tear became apparent a lot faster than I anticipated…It still does it’s job but I don’t trust the handle/pump. I feel like it will snap with much colder conditions or bend beyond the point of serviceability if more force is required to filter water as the lifetime of the filters increases. “

Good Price

Although some portable water filters are around $10 to $20 (like the straw filters), the price for this product is good.  Pump filters tend to be more expensive, so overall this product is at a great price.  Here is what one customer had to say, “For the price, I believe this is the best filter you can get. I shopped out many on Amazon and Google, but kept coming back to this one. We took it over night right away to the mountains and filtered water straight from the lake. The parts went together easily and the mesh bag worked great to let it dry out afterward. We filtered water for the whole family (6) multiple times without incident. It felt a bit slow (1 quart/5 minutes) but like I said, you can’t beat this quality of filter for the price.”

Clogs Easily

Customers noticed that this portable water filter clogs very easily.  This means that hardly any water will come out, and it can’t be backwashed (cleaned).  Here, a customer explained, “After a couple of uses the initial stage filter got clogged and running water through it backwards could not unclog it. The result of this is that the filter became unusable and could not be cleaned in a survival situation.”

Great for Backpackers (It Fits in a Backpack Nicely)

If you are looking for a backpacking water filter, the Survivor Filter PRO Water Filter is a great choice.  It is small enough to fit into a backpack nicely.  A customer had this to say, “Just received my survival filter pro, if you are in the market for a easy to operate water filtration system for camping, hiking, fishing or backpacking look no further. This unit filters to .01 microns. Small in size but comes with huge benefits.”

Filter Can Pump Out Water Even When You’re Not Pumping the Lever

If you happen to leave this water filter in water with the prefilter in it, it may pump out water.  Customers reported that after leaving this water filter assembled and in water, they came back to find that this filter had pumped out all of the water.  A customer explained, “If you leave the unit assembled with the prefilter in water, it will still pump even though you aren’t pumping the lever. I found this out one morning when I had two gallons of water on my floor because I left the thing assembled with the prefilter in the water container.”

Turns Green/Murky Water Into Clear Water

A lot of customers commented that this pump allowed them to drink from murky and green water.  The Survivor Filter PRO Water Filter is made to filter out the dirtiest of water and make it clear.  Many customers were amazed with how well this portable water filter worked.  Here is one customer’s experience with this water filter, “My swimming pool is beyond GREEN, full of frogs, and leaves! So what better water to try? My daughter and I, were amazed when the water pumped into cup was clear, no odor, and tasted as if it was bottled!!! The carry case is small, and does not take up any room. I think every back pack should have one!”


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  • plus Good price
  • plus Compact
  • plus Great customer service


  • close Clogs easily
  • close Takes a long time to 
  • close Takes a long time to pump out water

Survivor Filter PRO Water Filter Conclusion

The Survivor Filter PRO Water Filter is able to remove 99.999% of protozoa such as Cryptosporidium, Girardia and Parasites.  When using this filter, you can either drink directly from the water source, pump it into the attached cup or pump it into any other cup.  This BPA filter is built from ABS material, polysulfone, steel, and food grade activated carbon.  The Survivor Filter PRO Water Filter comes with a satisfaction guarantee.  The company will refund you or send you a replacement if you are not fully satisfied.  It may take quite awhile to filter water from this pump, but that is normal for a filter of this type.  The price is good and the customer service has great reviews left.

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people considering buying the Survivor Filter PRO Water Filter.

  • chevron-circle-right Could I use this to drink out of my swimming pool?  This filter will filter out chlorine, but it won’t filter out salt.  Chlorine contains some salt and can leave salt in your pool.  Therefore, when you drink from it you won’t taste chlorine but you will taste salt.  Drinking from swimming pools is not recommended when using this product.
  • chevron-circle-right What is the difference between the two filters, ultra and carbon?  Carbon filters contain activated carbon which will adsorb organic molecules from the water.  Things that might cause the water to have a peculiar taste or smell will be removed by this filter.  The ultra-filter contains a porous filter which will filter out particles that are larger than 0.01 Microns.
  • chevron-circle-right How many gallons will this water filter pump until I need to change the filter?  It will filter up to 264 gallons of water.  However, the Survivor Filter comes with an additional cotton filter, because the cotton filter gets dirty the fastest (this is the filter that is placed inside the dirty water).

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