Survivor Filter Portable Water Filter Review

Survivor Filter Portable Water Filter

Review of the Survivor Filter Portable Water Filter

As of this writing, there are 44 customer comments and 128 customer comments for the Survivor Filter Portable Water Filter.  I’ve read the customer feedback and then condensed the results into this review.  I hope that this helps you when shopping for a portable water filter.

Best Features

  • check Lasts for 26,417 gallons of water
  • check Weighs only 3.5 ounces
  • check Screws onto most water bottles; drinking directly from water sources is an option too.
  • check Removes 99.9% of viruses, staph, and bacteria
  • check Money back satisfaction guarantee

Item Specifics

The Survivor Filter Portable Water Filter has been tested in Columbus, Ohio to show that this product removes 99.9% of viruses, staph, and bacteria.  It lasts for up to 100,000 liters (26,417 gallons), and has a replaceable carbon filter that lasts up to 1000 liters (264 gallons).  The cotton pre-filters will last for 264 gallons a piece (5 extra cotton pre-filters included).  This product weighs only 3.5 ounces (100 grams), and is only 7 inches long for easy storage.  It is made to screw onto most water bottles and canteens such as Dasani or Smart Water.  You can also drink directly from the water source.  If you happen to not like this portable water filter, let the company know and they will refund you. 

Great Price

Although the price is higher than other straw filters, customers thought it was definitely worth the price.  This customer explained all the reasons why she loved this product, including the great price, “There is no better straw type filter anywhere. The price is also unbeatable, especially if you get it on sale with the 2 canteens. It filters more than the competitors and is TOTALLY user friendly. The charcoal makes the nastiest h2o taste great. I waited to do this review until I tested it fully and I can say I will be buying more so I have one WHEREVER I go. Also the customer service is FANTASTIC, best ever. Michael will go above and beyond to make you happy. I am so impressed with the Survivor Filter AND the Company. A must have even if you live in the city.”

Can Leak

When you tighten this filter onto the drinking bag or bottle, it may leak out a little water.  Customers were disappointed that it leaked, but it was not so much leaking that they lost all the water they filled.  Here is what one customer shared, “Only negative is the threading between bag and filter leaks. Make sure not to over tighten the filter, leaks under pressure.”

Durable and Lightweight

This product is both durable and lightweight.  It weighs only 3.5 ounces and measures 7 inches.  Customers stated that this was a very durable water filter.  Here is what one customer had to say, “Highly recommend it for your bugout bag, or simply outdoor equipment, it’s a must have. Very durable and more than adequate in a survival situation. It has become part of my State Guard Search and Rescue equipment, as it is light and convenient. If you don’t have one, get one!”

Filters Slowly

Customers commented that this filtered water very slowly.  Here is what one customer commented (he bought the kit that included drinking bags), “I went on a 4 day backpacking trip along the A.T. it’s a good thing my friend brought a Sawyer water filter or I would have spent the entire 4 days trying to filter 1 of the water bags that it came with.  It honestly takes about 45 minutes to filter 32 oz of water.  The Sawyer does that in about a minute.”

Makes Water Clean and Tasteless

This water filter can be used for drinking out of ponds, lakes, rivers, and just about anywhere else.  Customers commented that the water they drank became tasteless and clear.  Here is what one customer commented, “Purchased this along with 2 of their canteens to add to my go bag that I keep in the car. I’m not planning to use for typical hiking or camping (have Sawyer Squeeze for that) but will have with me as backup. It worked flawlessly out of the box. My 10 yr old son and I tested at a local pond and pulled water from the drain pipe that was feeding the creek. Source water was yellowish brown with stuff floating all in the bottle. Filtered water was crystal clear and tasted great. That was 3 days ago with no stomach issues since. I will be purchasing more for my wife and kids.”

Drinking Bags Are Not Durable (If You Get the Kit)

If you buy the kit that comes with drinking bags, be aware that the bags are not durable.  Many customers complained that the drinking bags broke.  Here is what one customer said about the drinking bags, “The filter itself is pretty nice, and works great. I docked a star because the bags that come with it aren’t very durable–I’m down one bag, after only ONE use, because one of the seams was split right up at the top.”

Filters 99.9% of Viruses, Staph, and Bacteria

The Survivor Filter Portable Water Filter removes 99.9% of viruses, staph, and bacteria.  Not all portable water filters filter viruses, so this is definitely a nice feature.  Customers said it also filters out chemicals.  Here is what one customer commented, “I purchased the survivor filter for my 72 hour kit. After researching portable water filters I chose this one. This appears to be the best on the market considering it filters not only bacteria but also viruses and chemicals.”

Does Not Filter Salt

Just like all other water filters, the Survivor Filter Portable Water Filter does not filter salt.  This should not be a big disappointment, since other water filters don’t filter salt either.  However, it is disappointing that this and other water filters cannot be used to drink out of oceans or salt water pools.

Fits in a Pocket

According to customers, this portable water filter will fit in a pocket.  Because it is so small, you can easily carry it around as well as store it.  Keep in mind that before storing it you should blow out any water that may be in it.  Here is what one customer commented about this product, “It’s small enough to fit in a larger pocket. The only thing I would do for a ‘special step’ before storage would be to blow out the excess water to reduce the chance for stale taste .”

Great for Drinking Questionable Water

While many customers used this product to drink tap water, you can also use this water filter to filter more questionable water.  Many customers who traveled around the world liked using this product since it filtered dirty water.  Here is what one customer had to say, “I took a short trip to SE Asia (Philippines) to places with questionable water. I used this filter to drink tap & well water. For the two weeks I was there, I didn’t get sick. I highly recommend this to the world traveler. It’s very light weight and extremely useful!! I’m buying another. Lessons for the traveler: pack less clothing and more essentials like this water filter.”

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  • plus Great price
  • plus Durable and lightweight
  • plus Filters well


  • close Filters slowly
  • close May Leak
  • close Bags are not durable

Survivor Filter Portable Water Filter Conclusion

The Survivor Filter Portable Water Filter is made to remove viruses, staph, and bacteria.  It is made to last up to 100,000 liters (26,417 gallons) with a replaceable carbon filter that lasts up to 1,000 liters (264 gallons).  Also, this product weighs just 3.5 ounces (100 grams) and is only 7 inches long.  The Survivor Filter Portable Water Filter will screw on most water bottles and canteens.  In addition to using it on a container, you can also drink directly from the water source.  If you are not satisfied with this product, the company will refund you.  The main negatives that I found according to customers are that it filters slowly and the bags are not durable.  Other than that, most of the comments about this portable water filter were positive.  The price is very good for what you get.

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people considering buying the Survivor Filter Portable Water Filter.

  • chevron-circle-right Does it work with most water bottles or just Dasani and Smart water?  Yes, it works with most water bottles as long as they have 28 mm threading (bigger bottle cap type).  This portable water filter also works on soda bottles and Gatorade bottles according to customers.
  • chevron-circle-right Can I use this as a gravity filter?  Yes, but you need to blow air first through it to get the air pockets out of the filter before hooking it up to the gravity filter.  You also need to suck to get it started and get the flow going.
  • chevron-circle-right Can I drink from lakes using this?  Yes, you can drink from lakes.

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