Suncast Hosemobile Pro Hose Reel Cart: Review

Suncast Hosemobile Pro Hose Reel Cart

Review of the Suncast Hosemobile Pro Hose Reel Cart

The Suncast Hosemobile Pro Hose Reel Cart had 84 customer comments and 15 answered questions on Amazon.  I’ve read through the customer comments and questions and then condensed the results into this report.   I hope that this helps you when shopping for a hose reel.

Best Fea​tures

  • check Great price
  • check ​Easy to carry
  • check Doesn’t leak
  • check Connections are made of metal
  • check Solid for plastic

Item Specifics

The Suncast Hosemobile Pro Hose Reel Cart is brown and taupe.  It holds 225 feet of 5/8 inch hose, plus whatever you wish to put in the storage bin such as small watering accessories.  The hose hooks are designed to hold the end of the leader hose.  The hose reel cart comes with a no leak guarantee.

Great Price/Not a High End Product

If you are not wanting to pay a lot for a hose reel cart, The Suncast Hosemobile Pro Hose Reel Cart may just be the answer.  It is a fairly well built cart for being almost entirely plastic, and it should serve the purpose, though may not last as long as metal carts. The hose connections are made of metal, and customers report that they don’t leak.  Everything with this cart is functional but not high quality including the leader hose.

May Not Hold as Much Hose as Advertised

The Suncast Hosemobile Pro Hose Reel Cart is supposed to hold 225 feet of hose, but people are reporting that it holds about 150  feet of 5/8 inch hose at the most.  Some people tried to put 200 or more feet on it but found the cart axles couldn’t handle the load.  One customer commented, “We put 200 feet of 5/8 inch hose on the cart and the axles bent so much that the wheels rub against the frame making the cart difficult to move. The manufacturer claims the cart will carry 225 feet of hose and it will but the load is too much for the flimsy axles.”

Lightweight Design and Non-Mounting Feature Makes It Hard to Unreel

The higher quality hose reels are usually mounted onto a house or building.  That way you can unreel the hose without the reel moving.  However, keep in mind this is an inexpensive hose reel and it is not made to mount to a house.  With that being said, customers report that this reel moves too much and that they need to stand in front of it to unreel the hose or have a second person hold it.  Both of these techniques may work but defeat the purpose of a hose reel.

One customer explained the problem like this, “poorly designed.. no way to secure these hose reel so it doesn’t move excessively. I only had 100 feet of 5/8″ hose on the hose reel and found it next to impossible to pull the hose from the reel unless I stood on the right front foot of the hose reel which resulted in the hose being pilled up in front of the reel. When trying to wind the hose back onto the reel I had to have someone hold the hosemobile unit while I attempted to wind up the hose.”

Doesn’t Leak

Some hose reels do leak, but customers reported that this one doesn’t.  It may be inexpensive and not the highest quality but it does serve the purpose of not leaking which is a pretty big deal. Here is one of many of the “no-leak” comments –  “The aluminum in-out tube doesn’t leak with just hand tightening which is a first compared to previously owned reel carts.”

best garden hose reel, Suncast Hosemobile Pro Hose Reel Cart


  • plus Great price
  • plus Easy to transport
  • plus Doesn’t leak


  • close Moves when unreeling 
  • close Doesn’t hold as much hose as advertised

Suncast Hosemobile Pro Hose Reel Cart Conclusion

The Suncast Hosemobile Pro Hose Reel Cart is an inexpensive hose reel cart that doesn’t leak.  It is made to hold 225 feet of 5/8 inch hose, though customers reported that it holds much less than that.  When too much hose it added, the axles can’t handle the heavy load.  Because it is a non-mounting hose, it may move when you try to unreel it.  Some people found that it took 2 people to unreel it, with one to hold the cart while the other unreeled it, or if one person unreeled it, it took that person holding the cart while the hose piled in front.  This is definitely a drawback of a hose reel cart.  But it is on the low end as far as price goes, so you won’t get the quality that you would if you paid more.  With that being said, many people still liked this hose reel cart and felt it did the job that they intended for it to do.  If you are not wanting to spend a lot on a hose reel cart, this may also work for you, like it has for others.

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people considering buying a Suncast Hosemobile Pro Hose Reel Cart.

  • chevron-circle-right My water faucet connection is inside my garage and I need the reel to be accessible on the outside. How do I make this happen?  There is an extra faucet attachment to the real itself which allows water to come in and flow out through the hose connected to the reel.  Get a hose connection long enough to reach out where you want the reel.  It can stay there.  It will send the water from the reel to your main hose line you are using.
  • chevron-circle-right How durable is the connection from the feeder hose to the reel? Will it last more than one season?  As answered by a customer: “I’ve had my reel for 3 years and experienced no problems with the connection.”
  • chevron-circle-right Will this work for a pressure washer hose?  It will depend upon your the fittings. The hose connects to the spindle with regular garden hose fittings. If you can put those fittings on the pressure washer hose then it should work.

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