Suncast 20 Inch Snow Shovel: Review


Review of the Suncast 20 Inch Snow Shovel

The Suncast 20 inch snow shovel had 376 customer reviews and 13 answered questions on Amazon as of this writing.  I’ve read through the customer feedback and then condensed the results into this review. I hope that this helps you when shopping for a snow shovel.

Best Features

  • check ​Durable 
  • check Good for scraping ice
  • check Big scoop for throwing snow
  • check Good price
  • check Comfortable handle 

Item Specifics

The Suncast 20 inch snow shovel has a no-stick graphite blade with a galvanized steel wear strip.  The handle is made for comfort and for easily gripping.  The shovel measures 51 inches overall with a 20 inch blade.

Good for Scooping and Tossing

If you will be scooping up snow and tossing it to clear out an area, than this shovel should be perfect.  It has a wide scoop that will allow you to pick up a lot of snow at once.

Comfortable Handle

Customers commented favorably about the shape and grip of the handle.  Here is one of the many positive handle comments, “The handle has textured portions that give it a better sense of feel than something that would be smooth.  Great for heaving snow if your gloves get slippery.”

Works Well for Scraping Ice

The galvanized steel wear strip makes this shovel good for scraping ice off of the pavement.  Many people left comments similar to this customer’s feedback, “This is an inexpensive, decent quality shovel.  It has stood up to some pretty heavy snow, and is pretty good at chipping away ice.  It’s very light weight, and only flexes a little bit when really kicked into ice.  It’s pretty hard to beat at its price point.”

You Will Need to Put the Handle On It

If you are not wanting to assemble anything, then be aware that you will need to put the handle on this shovel before you use it.  For some this is no biggie, but for others, they were not so happy to have to do any assemblage.  Here is one comment about the assembly of this shovel, “Very nice snow shovel.  It’s nicely made and durable.  I didn’t like the fact that it came in 2 parts and I had to put the handle on but I didn’t take any stars away from that but I am just stating that for the person who has issues with that stuff (just another thing that can screw up if not done right). Overall sturdy and well made.”

best snow shovel


  • plus Large scoop good for throwing snow
  • plus Scrapes ice well
  • plus Comfortable handle


  • close Small assembly required; will need to put handle on it 

Suncast 20 Inch Snow Shovel Conclusion

The Suncast 20 inch snow shovel overall received positive feedback from customers who bought it.  It has a comfortable handle with a secure grip that isn’t too slippery.  This shovel works well for both scraping ice and pushing and tossing snow.  You will need to assemble a small portion which is to put the handle on it. Overall, this is a good snow shovel for the price.

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people considering buying a Suncast 20 Inch Snow Shovel.

  • chevron-circle-right Is it possible to remove the handle from the shovel? If so, what is the length of the handle please?  Standing upright, the blade of the shovel is 13-1/2 inches tall, and the 1-1/4 inch diameter handle rises another 37-1/4 inches out of the blade.  There are 2 Phillips head screws securing the handle to the blade (1 front and 1 rear), and removing those screws does allow the handle to be removed. 
  • chevron-circle-right Is the scoop part of the shovel made from aluminum or plastic?  The scoop part of the shovel is made from plastic with an aluminium strip on the edge.  The strip helps scrap ice and keeps the plastic from eroding.
  • chevron-circle-right Would this work well to scoop up gravel?  I would not recommend this shovel for scooping gravel.  It is a heavy plastic and not durable like metal would be for scooping gravel.

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