Quick and Easy Ways to Make a DIY Outdoor Table

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On a perfect autumn evening there is nowhere I would rather be than spending time outdoors. The easiest place for me to get outside and grab a breath of fresh air is in my own backyard. Many people feel the same draw to the outdoors that I do. Some people can spend hundreds of dollars to create the perfect patio or porch to satisfy that call to the wild. However, if you are like me you prefer to DIY, saving you a whole lot of money and having fun while you are at it! After searching the internet I have found some of my favorite DIY outdoor tables. So the next time you feel the urge to head outdoors, you can pull up a chair and enjoy a relaxing evening at your own DIY outdoor table.

2×4 DIY Outdoor Table

You don’t have to be a woodworking master to create a beautiful DIY outdoor table. In fact, this first project I found was made entirely of 2×4 pieces of wood. You don’t even need fancy equipment. This table can actually be made using only a saw and a power drill. For visual interest, this table left a small gap between the slats on the tabletop. Try to keep the gap between half an inch and three quarters of an inch wide. Small gaps like this will add visual appeal while also cutting back on wood needed for the project. Finish off your DIY outdoor table with a little deck stain to help waterproof the table and give it a professional look.

Fire Pit Table

If you are feeling ambitious and ready to start a complete patio makeover you may want to consider a fire pit for your DIY outdoor table. This table is great for easing your summer BBQ into a summer s’more cook-off. You can build your own fire pit, but if you already have a built in fire pit you can easily build tabletop to cover it. To build the tabletop you will need to first screw together pressure-treated wooden boards. Once you have screwed together enough boards to cover the width of the fire pit, you can cut it down to the shape of the fire pit with a jigsaw. Then consider staining the board or adding hardware for easy lifting. You will be so glad once this project is completed that you have not one, but two backyard essentials ready to use.

Martini Table

This may be the easiest table of the whole bunch. This is a new twist on a classic martini table. This DIY outdoor table is just as functional and cute as a store bought martini table, but it will come in at only a fraction of the cost! In fact, you may already have all the materials needed to make this table in your garden shed. All you need is two large clay planters, glue and some black spray paint. All you need to do is flip the first clay planter upside down and glue another planter on top. You can use the saucer from the planter to glue on the very top to act as the tabletop. Once the glue has set, spray paint with a high gloss finish for that sleek martini table look. You could complete this DIY outdoor table project in under 2 hours.

Table Cover

If you already have a set of patio furniture that you love, you don’t have to scrap the set when you are ready for a remodel. You can very easily create a DIY outdoor table cover to go over your existing patio table. This tabletop cover is made from recycled fence wood. It was simply fitted together so that it could slide on top of the patio table. Underneath all that beautiful wood is an old and outdated glass patio table. Once you have built your table cover and stained it to your liking it is time to give it a nice coat of wax to keep it weather resistant. Don’t forget to also bore a hole in the wood so that you can replace the umbrella back onto the table. With this new facelift your old patio furniture will feel brand new!

Polished Concrete

For a DIY outdoor table that is modern, sturdy, and unique try making a polished concrete table. A table like this will sell for hundreds of dollars at an outdoor garden center or home goods store. You can easily make this table for under $100. The cost of this project is largely dependent on what kind of wood you choose for the legs, and what brand of concrete you choose for the tabletop. While it is simple to make, it will require a few days. So maybe wait for the weekend when you have plenty of extra time. The great thing about this table is that you can customize it with imprints of leaves or shells, add colored glass, or even small pieces of tile. The possibilities are endless

Faux Marble

This faux marble table will add instant elegance to your backyard, without adding the hefty price tag that comes with marble to your budget. This DIY outdoor table is a little more intense, but can still be completed by those willing to work. First you will need to build a mold for your concrete. Using melamine to build your mold is a good idea since concrete will not stick to the melamine. Next, mix your concrete in a wheelbarrow in two batches. This tutorial suggests using countertop mix because it is easy to pour into molds. Add colorant to your second batch so that you can “swirl” the concrete together to create a marbled effect. Let your table dry and then assemble. You will be left with a stunning, one of a kind DIY outdoor table.

Pallet Table

For the final DIY outdoor table project we decided to showcase a pallet table. There is no shortage of pallets ready for upcycling. This is more of a casual coffee table, then an actual outdoor patio table. However, I believe you will still love this table as much as I did. You need to pick up two pallets and stack them on top of one another. You can place cedar planks on the top of the table if you want a more polished look, or just leave it as is. This particular pallet table chose to paint the pallets a stunning bright white. This gives your DIY outdoor table a farmhouse fresh feel.

In Conclusion

I believe you will find that there are many DIY outdoor tables waiting to be created. It is just a matter of finding which table works best for your outdoor space. Don’t be afraid to get creative and try something new. You will be glad you created something so useful, next time you are enjoying dinner outside on your DIY outdoor table

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