How to Protect Your Dog From the Cold in the Winter

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All of us love our dogs. They are a part of our family and we couldn’t imagine life without them. That’s why it’s so important to protect your dog from the cold in the winter. When you protect your dog from the cold, they will stay healthier longer and be with you for many years. Some of these tips will seem obvious, and some might be surprising but they will keep your dog safe and warm all winter long.

How to Protect Your Dog From the Cold

Avoid Ice

When the weather is especially cold, hard ice will form on streets. This ice can hurt or cut your dog’s paws. It’s also important to avoid letting your dog walk or run on frozen lakes or ponds. You never know how thick or thin ice is when you let your dog walk on it. The ice could break and you and your dog could fall in. It’s best to avoid ice altogether to keep your dog safe. This is a great way to protect your dog during the winter. 

Put Booties on Your Dog

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Put little booties on your dog’s paws whenever you want to take them outside in freezing temperatures. Dog booties will protect your dog and their sensitive feet. Cold cement can scrape, scratch, and peel off the skin. City sidewalks are also covered in de-icing materials such as salt. Although this melts ice quickly, it is also damaging to dog’s feet. Putting booties on your dog’s feet will protect them and prevent any painful injuries to their paws. 

Limit Outdoor Time in Freezing Temperatures

Although dogs have a warm coat, it is possible for them to get frostbite on their ears and tails. Limit your dog’s time outdoors when the weather is especially brutal. If it’s impossible to let your dog be indoors at certain times throughout the day, make sure they have a warm place to go to get out of freezing winds. This could be a dog house or a shed. 

Can Fleas and Ticks Survive in Cold Winter Weather?

Can fleas and ticks survive in cold winter weather? It is a common misconception that these pesky parasites cannot withstand low temperatures. However, they have proven to be incredibly resilient. To prevent fleas and ticks on dogs, it is crucial to use preventative measures year-round, even during the winter months. Regularly treat your dog with appropriate flea and tick prevention products recommended by your veterinarian.

Dress Your Dog

This is one of the most fun ways to protect your dog. Dress your dog up in warm clothes that will protect their skin and keep them warm. Some dog breeds love the cold and have an extremely thick coat which makes them love the cold weather. Other breeds have thin or short hair that makes them very susceptible to the cold. Put sweaters, ear warmers, or other clothing on your dog to keep their body temperature up. 

protect your dog, winter, cold

Think of Your Dog’s Age

Just like people, old and young dogs can have a hard time regulating their body temperature. If you have a puppy or a senior dog it’s best to try to keep them indoors as much as possible until the weather is no longer freezing. This is a good way to protect your dog from becoming too cold during the winter, or too hot in the summer. There are still lots of fun activities to do indoors with your dogs. 

Summing Up

It’s important to protect your dog in the winter because the weather can be so windy and cold. You wouldn’t want your dog to suffer or be in any pain, and these safety tips will help your dog have fun in the Winter while being as comfortable as possible. Protect your dog from freezing temperatures and you’ll enjoy many wonderful winters together. 

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