Preparing Your Lawn for Winter: A Simple Guide

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There’s no stopping winter now. That season is coming straight for us without reservations. It can be a stressful time for your lawn, and for you. You’ve spent hours doing your best to keep your lawn green and healthy all summer long, now it could get yellow and start to die? What gives? Don’t worry. Winter doesn’t need to kill your lawn. Preparing your lawn for winter will help it spring back to life when the snow melts. This article will tell you everything that you need to do in order to keep your lawn as healthy as possible all throughout the winter months. Preparing your lawn for winter doesn’t need to be complicated or overwhelming. Here’s a simple guide to get you through it.

Preparing Your Lawn for Winter

Fertilize One More Time

It’s a good idea to fertilize your lawn before the snow starts falling. This last fertilizing treatment is an important step when you’re preparing your lawn for winter. Try to fertilize your lawn right before the first frost, or snow, of the season. Then when the snow starts to fall the fertilizer can continue feeding the grass’s roots under the snow. Your lawn will continue to feed off of this fertilizer until spring comes. This helps your lawn to be more resilient because its roots will be nourished all winter long.  

Mow it Short

Mow your lawn really short before the snow sets in. Long grass attracts rodents to your lawn. Rodents look for cozy places to sleep all Winter and long grass under the snow is a perfect place to burrow. Cut your grass really short before the snow comes so that rodents won’t have anywhere to burrow or nest. There will be a big dead spot where any rodents were so cutting your grass short is really important. 

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Clean Up

Summer is a fun time to play outside and have lots of awesome lawn toys. Do a quick scan of your lawn to make sure that there aren’t any toys left out. Not only will the toys get damaged, it’ll also damage your lawn from having something sit on it for several months. Put away inflatable pools, patio furniture, and little toy trucks. This is an easy and simple thing to do when you’re preparing your lawn for winter, but it can make a big difference. You’ll be glad you did this when your lawn doesn’t have any dead spots in the spring. As an added bonus, all of your fun summer toys will be in good shape for next summer. 

Don’t Cut Across Your Lawn

Even if there’s snow on top of your lawn, there’s still damage that can be done underneath. Constant walking and trampling on top of the snow could result in dead grass when it all melts. Avoid walking over your snow-covered lawn and use the sidewalk or walkway instead. This will ensure that there’s not a dead trail of grass where everyone took a shortcut. Then you will have a beautiful green lawn once again. 

Summing Up

See? Preparing your lawn for Winter is simple and straight forward. There are some important steps that need to be taken right now, but they’re all easy to do. There’s nothing earth shattering here. Now is the time to start preparing your lawn for winter because it’s coming fast and then it’ll be here before you know it. Preparing your lawn for winter now, will give you a beautiful, green, and lush lawn all throughout next summer. 

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