4 Pre-Made Tiny Houses: Living Large with Tiny Living

The BriteSpace by Avava Systems garden sheds 1

We all know that prefab homes are now a very affordable, stormproof, and eco-friendly alternative to building or owning a traditional house. These days, more and more folks are joining the tiny house movement, building custom small homes to live easier lives, save money, and ultimately leave a smaller ecological footprint. Here are the most awesome choices you can find.

#1. Pre-made Tiny House – The BriteSpace by Avava Systems

The first entry on our pre-made tiny home list is a beautiful white design with wooden finishes and a small deck. It comes in sizes that range between 120 and 480 square feet. The base costs run between $28, 215 and $116, 546.

Its main features include Low-E windows, a construction with Structural Insulated Panels, foundation, floors made of oak or bamboo, and split heating.

modern tiny home

#2. Pre-made Tiny House – The Signature Series by Studio Shed

This beautiful cube garden studio can be as small as 48 square feet or as large as 312. The base costs start at $5,940 and can go as high as $13,879. If you go for this design, you will be able to enjoy its weatherproof wall panels, it double pane windows, one-year warranty, tapered roof rafters, fiberglass doors, and hardware and trim made from brushed aluminum.

signature-series-by-studio-shed garden sheds

The Signature Series by Studio Shed

#3. Pre-made Tiny House – Midcentury Modern Rooms and Sheds by Backyard Eichlers

Now here is an attractive garden shed or room that will become the envy of your entire neighborhood in no time. Its size ranges from 120 square feet to 126. This model comes equipped with the famous Eichler slope roof and the Eicher-style interior paneling made from luan hardwood. It also has a door with metal hinges and sliding windows with two panes.

backyard-eichlers garden sheds

#4. Pre-made Tiny House – The Modern Kwik Room by Kanga Room Systems

This one of a kind garden tiny house can be as small as 80 square feet or as big as 196. The shell kits cost somewhere between $5, 700 and $9, 148. It has steel transom windows, lap siding, stairs the lead to the front door for a real house feeling and a groove ceiling cover. It can also come with a pine tongue, an interior cedar beam, bamboo flooring a side deck, and additional windows, should you want them.

If you do, here are some window decorations to provide an extra bit of privacy and embellishment. The last features are optional upgrades.

modern-kwik-room-by-kanga-room-systems garden sheds

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