4 Cool Garden Ideas with Used Picture Frames

used picture frames ideas garden table top

Since everything has gone digital in the past years, we’re willing to bet you have some used picture frames lying around the house. Don’t throw them away! Instead, you can use them to create different things around your garden. Not only will they be practical and cool, but they will also be borderline artsy.

4 Cool Garden Ideas with Used Picture Frames

#1. The Outside Tabletop

This idea will allow you to manage two things at one. First of all, you will be repurposing your old picture frame and secondly, you will give your garden table a whole new appearance. In case you have one of those large, old picture frames, you can repaint them and make your table look like a fancy new one.

used picture frames ideas garden table top

#2. The Suspended Flower Pot

Another awesome role used picture frames could fulfill is that of a flower pot holder. In fact, you can suspend a flower pot from it. All you need to do is nail a piece of wood to the bottom of the frame so that it can stay upright. Apart from that, you also need to drill a hole through the top so that you can insert a chain and hook. You will use them to hang your flower pot.

used picture frames ideas flower pot

#3. Faux Windows with Rustic Flower Pots

An old and used picture frame can become a fake rustic window with just a few small adjustments. Add glass panels to it so that it really looks like the window of a rustic cottage or even a farm. Place it on one of the outside walls of your house, facing your garden. Add some flower pots and watch your garden transform into a beautiful, relaxing spot.

used picture frames ideas faux windows

#4. A Fantastic Herb Dryer

Drying your favorite herbs has never been easier than with this elegant and romantic contraption. You will need three or four used picture frames, some window screen, and a length of chain. Stack them up with the largest at the bottom, nail the window screen to the wooden frames and they chain them together.

Hang the herb dryer out in your backyard, somewhere in a sunny place. You can then use it to dry out all your favorite herbs for teas and cooking.

used picture frames ideas herb dryer

We all love repurposed objects. There’s just something about seeing an everyday object with a whole new life and meaning. It’s the same thing with used picture frames. They used to hold portraits of your loved ones but now they get to go outside and enjoy a bit of nature and sunshine.

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