Polar Trailer Heavy-Duty Cub Cart Review

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Review of the Polar Trailer Heavy-Duty Cub Cart

As of this writing, there are 88 customer comments and 11 answered questions for the Polar Trailer Heavy-Duty Cub Cart.  I’ve read the customer feedback, and then condensed the results into this review.  I hope that this will help you when shopping for a wheelbarrow.

Best Features

  • check Well balanced
  • check Weighs only 35 pounds
  • check Holds up to 400 pounds
  • check Doesn’t tip
  • check Great customer service

Item Specifics

The Polar Trailer Heavy-Duty Cub Cart will hold up to 400 pounds.  It weighs 35 pounds, which is not too heavy for a wheelbarrow.  The dimensions of this wheelbarrow is 50″ X 28″ X 29″.  The tire size is 2-16″ X 4.8″.  It has wide, rugged wide-track tires.  It has an all steel frame with powder coat finish.  

Difficult to Assemble

If you are wanting a wheelbarrow that is easy to assemble, this product may not be what you are looking for.  According to customers, this wheelbarrow is difficult to assemble.  Here is what one customer said, “I haven’t used it yet. BUT the assembly has been a challenge. Hours and still haven’t tightened everything yet. The directions and visuals are poorly written. Their best suggestion was to ‘not tighten any screws until fully assembled’. I had to change out several screws and struggle to place screws in appropriate holes. Reaching into the tub and then trying to thread the nut on the other side, is really a two-person task. Or using duct tape to try to hold one end in place. Even had to use a mallet to set the handlebar.”

Better Than Some Types of Wheelbarrows

Some wheelbarrows can tip, bend, and get stuck in mud, but fortunately this wheelbarrow does not do that.  Although there are some disadvantages to this wheelbarrow, overall it is better than a lot of other wheelbarrows.  Here a customer shares her thoughts, “I live and work on a farm. Single wheel barrels tip too easily and require one to carry too much of the weight. Wheel barrels with the tipping tongue protruding out front get caught up on uneven ground. Wheel barrels with skinny wheels sink too far into the mud. Metal barrels bend out of shape. This wheel barrel does none of that. I can load a couple hundred pound of feed in it, and easily push it through thick mud into the barn. (I am a 58 year old woman.) When tipping out a load of muck, the barrel pivots on the wheel axis. I love this barrel.”

Tires Are Not Durable

Unfortunately, the tires on this wheelbarrow are not too durable.  Because they are pneumatic tires (air filled), they can pop easily.  Also, some customers have experienced the tires actually coming off the rim.  If you decide to buy this wheelbarrow, be extra careful when pulling/pushing it so that the tires don’t pop.  This customer shares her experience, “Within 1 week of using this wheel barrow the left inner tube blew out and two weeks later the right inner tube blew. Then while it was sitting waiting to be used again my husband and i heard a loud pop! The plastic wheel actually warped and blew the tire out again. I now need to buy new wheels and inner tubes for it.”

Well Balanced

If you have ever dealt with single wheeled wheelbarrows, you know how easily they can tip over.  A nice feature to this wheelbarrow is that it has two wheels, and it is well balanced.  You won’t have to worry about tipping this wheelbarrow over.  One customer had this to say, “Was leary about this and when I got it I almost returned it because it said light duty on the cart and Amazon advertising said heavy duty..and the tub went narrower than most carts where the wheels are attached. Decided to keep it..didn’t have much trouble putting it together and after using it for two months really love it. Clearing land so putting large loads and moving it over rough ground..it is a work horse!!! I love how easy it moves , it’s light weight and we’ll balanced. Most of the time I can move it with one hand with the cross bar being a plus over two handled barrels. I haul it up and down hills and and haul firewood to and from the the wood shed. Buying another just for the barn.”

Handle May Not Last Long

Some customers reported that the handle did not seem very durable.  This customer comments about the durability of the handle and frame, “For my garden use, I do expect the tub will outlast the rear handle and frame. I’d bet with outside storage (within a mile of salt water) it will be no more than 10 years or so before the latter is rusted through. Hope I’m wrong, but even if right I can probably slow down the process with some spray paint as needed, or otherwise live with it.”

Hard to Pull on Uneven Ground

If you live on level ground, this wheelbarrow should work great.  But on uneven ground, some customers found this wheelbarrow to be difficult to push.  Here is one of the comments, “The cart is well balanced and handles loads well on level ground. However, I live on a hill and must hand-carry my firewood up to the cart on a more level path. It is very difficult to push/pull a load up a hill and the stands drag at times. It is more of a push cart than a pull cart ( handle needs to be a little longer for pulling ). I had no difficulty assembling the unit with a helper to hold the screws. My only complaint is the bolt holes in the handle are bigger than the bolts and there is looseness but this is no big deal. I may try a larger bolt. All-in-all, I am pleased with my new cart.”

Great Customer Service

If you happen to have problems with your wheelbarrow, you can rest assured knowing that the customer service is great.  They will either refund you or send you new parts.  Here is one of the comments about the customer service, “2nd one we bought so we can have one in each barn. Used daily for manure. First one is a few years old and going strong. A few months in we did get a slow flat and Polar sent us a whole new wheel pronto. Customer service is great and easy to deal with in USA.”

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  • plus Well balanced & won’t tip out on you
  • plus Great customer service
  • plus Goes through mud well


  • close Cheap wheels are not durable
  • close Hard to pull on uneven ground
  • close Handles may break

Polar Trailer Heavy-Duty Cub Cart Conclusion

The Polar Trailer Heavy-Duty Cub Cart is made to hold up to 400 pounds.  At a weight of only 35 pounds, this means that you will be mostly pushing the contents of what you are carrying and not the weight of the wheelbarrow.  It has wide tires, but there were some complaints about the wheels being cheaply made.  The frame is made of steel with a power coat finish.  It had good reviews for being well balanced but poor reviews on the handles which may prematurely break.  It is a bit hard to pull on uneven ground.  The customer service had good reviews.

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people considering buying the Polar Trailer Heavy-Duty Cub Cart.

  • chevron-circle-right Is the bottom of the wheelbarrow flat enough to transport plants or soil in it?  This product features a tapered box.  This will provide a flat space at the bottom of the box that is smaller than the opening.  You should be able to transport some plants and/or soil in it.
  • chevron-circle-right Does this wheelbarrow ship in the original box (meaning that it shows the wheelbarrow on the box)?  Or does it ship in a cardboard box?  The Polar Trailer Heavy-Duty Cub Cart ships in a box that has pictures of the wheelbarrow on it.  This means that you will be able to tell what it is as soon as it arrives.
  • chevron-circle-right Could I pull this wheelbarrow up stairs?  Yes, you could, but it may be difficult.

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