15 Plants to Achieve Your Edible Landscaping Dreams

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Edible landscaping is a new trend that has been becoming more popular. The idea is to create  a landscape that you can eat. The trick is to be able to have edible plants that are capable of growing outside of a garden. A lot of typical edible plants you grow in a garden with other edible plants. Edible landscaping is tricky because the plants you decide to grow must be resilient enough to grow well outside of the typical environment. Here are 5 edible landscaping plants that would look good in your yard. 

Great Edible Landscaping Plants


Herbs can be a beautiful addition to any garden. Most herbs are very green in color and look inviting. They also smell amazing. Herbs like rosemary or mint are very fragrant. Imagine having mint next to your front door so that everyone could enjoy the smell when they came over. Having herbs on hand will also help you use fresh herbs in your cooking.


You can grow healthy greens in your yard that look good too. Lettuce is easy to grow and will add beauty to your yard. You can also add in things like rainbow chard. Chard is very good for you and rainbow chard is appealing to the eyes. Rainbow chard comes in all sorts of colors and will attract a lot of attention as part of your landscaping.

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Fruit Trees

Plant a fruit tree to add shade and food to your yard! Pick your favorite fruit and start growing it. There are so many fruit trees that look beautiful and grow delicious fruits. The classics like apple and peach are always a great choice. You can also take a less traditional approach and plant something like an almond tree. Fruit trees grow delicate blossoms every year that are pretty to look at. These blossoms will add beauty, then fruit to your yard. 

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Fruit Bearing Bushes

Plant these bushes along your fence line for added privacy, or around your front door for decoration. They’ll look and taste good. You can plant blueberry, currant, or gooseberry bushes. You can have your kids help you pick the berries and enjoy eating them. These are an awesome addition to any yard.

Edible Flowers

Violas, pansies, and calendulas are all edible. You can include them in salads to make your salads more attractive. Try cooking and eating the blossoms for a more elegant dinner menu. These flowers look fabulous and don’t taste too bad either.

Summing Up

Edible landscaping can save you grocery money, and help you be more creative with what you eat. You can create a beautiful yard that is totally edible. Plan and design your yard to make it attractive so it doesn’t look like a garden gone wrong. Edible landscaping can also help save you if you’re in a jam. Maybe your car broke down so you can’t get to the grocery store. Your edible yard can provide a couple of meals for your family. Try these edible landscaping plants and see how beautiful and delicious they can be. 

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