OxGord Ice Scraper for Car with Snow Brush Review


As of this writing, there are 458 customer comments and 189 answered questions for the OxGord Ice Scraper for Car with Snow Brush. I have read the customer feedback and then condensed the results into this review. I hope this review helps you when shopping for the best ice scraper for your vehicle.

Best Features

  • Made of durable and heavy-duty material
  • The foam grip handle allows you to comfortably hold this ice scraper
  • Features both an ice scraper and a snow brush
  • Easy to store due to its slim design
  • Designed to break even the toughest layer of ice

Item Specifics

The OxGord Ice Scraper for Car with Snow Brush features a 2-in-1 design that allows you to break and scrape the ice and brush snow off your windshield. It is made of durable and heavy-duty material to with-hold even the toughest layer of ice. The multiple built-in snow-picks allow you to break the ice, while the foam grip handle allows you to maintain a comfortable grip on the ice scraper. This ice scraper is easy to store, as it has a slim design.

Short Reach

If you need a long reach scraper and brush, this is not it. From tip to tip is only measures 16 1/2 inches. Still, it is about an average reach as far as brushes and scrapers are concerned. A customer shared, "When this scraper arrived I was a little hesitant because it was a lot shorter than others that I have used in the past, but still seems to do a good job at getting ice off the windshield. It might be a little hard to use if you are short or have a bigger car because of the length of it, but I’m very happy with the quality."

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If you want a longer reach, remember it may not be as compact as this one. Unless it has a telescoping end that allows you to make it shorter in length when storing. The nice thing about the short reach ice scrapers and snow brushes is that they are uncomplicated and shouldn't break as easily. The long reach telescoping ice scraper and snow brushes often easily break or malfunction. If the long reach ones don't have a telescoping or folding feature then they will not be compact and as easy to store as this one.

Bristles Uneven

Some customers found that the bristles were uneven. This is an easy fix since you could trim them, but this should have been done at the factory level. Aside from this minor quality control issue, the uneven bristles weren't a big deal to most of the customers. One person commented, "It really is small, and fits easily in my Miata! Some of the bristles were uneven, so I clipped them off with a scissor. The scraper works well enough."

Compact and Lightweight

At just 4.8 ounces and measuring 16.5 x 5 x 1.2 inches, The OxGord Ice Scraper for Car with Snow Brush will fit in most vehicles. Though it may not fit in too many glove compartments, it may fit in a door pocket. If it doesn't fit there, it should be able to fit under the seat of most vehicles. A customer commented, "I drive a mini cooper. It's nice to have a sturdy scraper/brush that fits easily along the driver's seat." Another person who liked the short reach said, "Some people complained about the shortness of the snow brush but that's what I like about it.. easy to handle and fits in my car."

Performs Well

The OxGord Ice Scraper for Car with Snow Brush works efficiently according to the majority of customers who purchased it. This is perhaps the greatest factor in purchasing an ice scraper with a snow brush. Sure, bells and whistles may be nice on some of the fancier and more sophisticated models, but the bottom line should be, how well does it scrape off the ice, and brush off the snow.  One of many satisfied customers shared, "The scraper works great. It even cleans off the morning frost so I don't have to wait for the defrost. Sure speeds up my time getting out of the driveway in the morning! This is the best scraper I have purchased."

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Well Built

This ice scraper with snow brush is not cheaply made. It should hold up well to wear and tear very well. This is important considering you will be using it in all kinds of weather. You may drop it or treat it harsher than if you were in a climate controlled setting where other tools are used. Having a well built ice scraper in my opinion should be towards the top of the list when evaluating one. A customer shared, "Scraper feels sturdy, not lightweight and cheap like other scrapers out there. Overall very pleased and would buy again." While another customer wrote, "This is a very high quality and sturdy snow brush and scraper. It was easier to remove snow and the toughest ice from car windows in the worst of winter. I would highly recommend this product."

Nice Grip

The foam grip handle makes The OxGord Ice Scraper for Car with Snow Brush comfortable to use. If you live in an area with a lot of snow, comfort and a good grip will be even more important than if you use it just a few times a  year. Also, a grip becomes important when you are dealing with blowing wind in your face and possibly a slippery surface under your feet. With The OxGord Ice Scraper for Car with Snow Brush, you can be confident in that when you put it in your hand, it shouldn't easily slip out.  A customer shared, "This product is perfect for morning ice scrapping! It’s an even platform which makes the scrapping of ice consistent and durable for the windshield. Also features good handle grip and a nice brush addition too."

Gentle on Windshield

I couldn't find any comments or complaints about The OxGord Ice Scraper for Car with Snow Brush not being safe for a vehicle. This is not the case for all ice scrapers and snow brushes. Some that I reviewed did have complaints left by customers, about it being too harsh for their vehicle. You shouldn't have to worry about scraping your vehicle with this snow brush. The bristles are soft yet firm enough to do the job and the ice scraper part is approved for windshields.


The OxGord Ice Scraper for Car with Snow Brush is fairly priced. It isn't bargain-priced yet it also is not overpriced. It is durably made and shouldn't break on you like some of the other cheaply made ice scrapers and snow brushes could. There are no bells and whistles like telescoping ends, but with that said what you get with this is a solidly built simple ice scrapers with snow brush at a decent price.

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  • Well Made 
  • Compact and lightweight       
  • Fair price       


  •  Uneven bristles 
  • Short reach
  • No telescoping parts

OxGord Ice Scraper for Car with Snow Brush Conclusion

The OxGord Ice Scraper for Car with Snow Brush has a 2-in-1 design. Because it has both a brush and ice scraper you can break and scrape the ice and brush snow off your windshield all with this one tool. It is made of durable with heavy-duty material to with-hold even the toughest layer of ice. The majority of customers who commented on the durability said that it was built very well, not cheaply made like some other snow brush ice scrapers. The foam grip handle scored well with people who used it. The soft grip and shape of the handle allow you to maintain a comfortable grip on the ice scraper. This ice scraper is easy to store in most vehicles, as it has a slim design. On the other hand, it does have a short reach, so you will need to decide if the compact design and short reach are going to fit your needs. The price is fair for what you are getting. It's not overpriced yet it's not bargain priced either.

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people considering buying the OxGord Ice Scraper for Car with Snow Brush.

  • Are the bristles thick?  Yes, they are thick. This ice scraper should easily wipe the snow and frost off of your windshield. It is also very gentle on the windshield. Keep in mind that the bristles may be uneven, so you may need to trim them.
  • Is this a heated ice scraper?  Unfortunately, the OxGord Ice Scraper For Car with Snow Brush is not a heated ice scraper. That said, it still works great at removing snow. It just doesn't melt the ice as a heated ice scraper would.
  • Does this ice scraper have padding on the handle?  Yes, there is a foam grip handle so that you can comfortably hold this ice scraper. 

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