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Review of the OutdoorMaster Hiking Backpack

As of this writing, there was 1,086 customer reviews and 56 answered questions left on Amazon.  I’ve read through the reviews and answered questions on Amazon and then condensed the results here. I hope that this makes your backpacking shopping experience easier and faster.

Best Fea​tures

  • check Price
  • check 50 liters of space capacity
  • check rain cover included
  • check many compartments
  • check Great for airline travel

Item Specifics

This multipurpose backpack includes 50 liters of space capacity.  It great for hiking, traveling, camping and for an airline carry-on luggage.  The OutdoorMaster Hiking Backpack is made for both men and women.  A waterproof rain cover is included.  A padded laptop compartment means that you can take your computer safely with you and also have plenty of space for other gear.

The OutdoorMaster Hiking Backpack is made of lightweight materials so that it will comfortable to carry.  This backpack features padded adjustable shoulder straps and mesh ventilation for a snug and comfortable fit.

This backpack is packed with many compartments that provide plenty of space.  There are both small and large pockets as well as external attachment points to hold your drinks.  There are also places for your sleeping bag and trekking poles.

The backpack dimensions are 23 x 14 x 9 inches with a weight of 2.6 pounds.

Color Choices

The OutdoorMaster Hiking Backpack comes in Blue/Grey, Green/Grey, Light Green/Grey, Orange/Grey, Purple/Grey and Red/Grey.  Several of the customers did comment that the colors were a bit off from what their monitor showed.  But they also were happy with the colors they received.  Just be aware that the colors may be a tad off from what you see.  To be fair, this could depend on individual monitors.


The OutdoorMaster Hiking Backpack is a great backpack for the price that you pay.  It is not made from high end material nor craftsmanship but it is a good, durable pack for an inexpensive price.  One customer said it best by saying, “Solid, looks professional, high quality… It fits all my stuff , laptop, gadgets, my hiking tools.   Over all highly recommended.  This brand name will be a big brand name in the future.  Cheap price with high end quality.”


Included with your purchase of the OutdoorMaster Hiking Backpack comes a 6 months 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Great for Travel

Many of the people who bought and left a review for this backpack, used it for airline travel.  Most seemed very happy with this pack. I’ll quote one customer that represented similar feedbacks from others,  “On the plane to Tokyo as we speak… I plan on using this for going around Tokyo for a few weeks which will consist of some backpacking though Nikko.  So far I am astounded on how high quality and efficient this pack was made.  I will edit this review if it breaks down or anything bad , but all smiles so far!  Great waist belt , the chest clips are flexible material too so really gives a nice feel. The back frame really holds up nice but don’t over pack or it gets weird.  If you want an amazing pack that you can carry on overseas, this is the one! It meets USA and Overseas carry on and there was a really small connecting plane.  Buy away without fear !”

Straps and Compartments Make It Great for Daily Use

It seemed like the majority of customers who left feedback for this backpack either used it for travel or everyday use, not so much for hiking.  The  people who used it for everyday use, had a lot of positive comments to say about it due to the straps and compartments.  I like to find someone who represents what others were also saying.  This customer here said similar things to what others said, “I use this for everyday use and also when I do lots of grocery shopping and need to walk home with my groceries. It is spacious and is very good in distributing the weight to the waist and it doesn’t look like it can get torn easily. The little pockets on the waist wrap is good for cards/keys or even iphone 5 (but not 7). It also has lots of different straps for attaching things like tent and such.”


  • plus Great Price
  • plus Rain Cover Included
  • plus Many Compartments


  • close Not recommended for overnight camping trips 

OutdoorMaster Hiking Backpack Conclusion

If you are looking for an inexpensive back pack that can be used for travel or everyday use, then I’d recommend you take a second look at the OutdoorMaster Hiking Backpack.  I didn’t see a lot of comments from people who used it for backpacking or hiking, as the majority of feedback left was by college students for daily life, grocery shoppers, and airline travelers.  A big selling point is the price. You also get a lot of compartments to place your items which is nice since you won’t have to dump out the whole bag to find something at the bottom.  Overall, this is a nice bag at an inexpensive price.  I would not however recommend it for overnight hiking trips.  There is not frame so it may not be comfortable for extended carrying.

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people interested in learning more about The OutdoorMaster Hiking Backpack.

  • chevron-circle-right Does it have an internal frame?  No, this backpack does not have an internal frame. 
  • chevron-circle-right Can the main compartments of the bag be locked? As in, do they have 2 zippers that join together?  Yes, both main and “secondary” (the next compartment beside/in front of main) have 2 zippers.
  • chevron-circle-right Does this fit on the plane as carry on luggage?  Answered by a customer: “Yes, that is why we choose this one for our Germany trip. It fit on every plane we were on as carry on luggage.” 

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