9 Outdoor Wall Decor Ideas Your Neighbors Will Envy

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Not every house makes for a home is something everybody must understand right off the bat. In order to feel at ease in your private surroundings, you need to add a touch of personality to your garden and backyard space. Therefore, go wild! Decorate to your heart’s desire, make your home the extension of yourself. Be one with the house, right? Well, if you are looking for a unique design, but don’t want to splatter paint all over the walls like some artists do, consider these creative outdoor wall décor ideas.

No spray paint, no mess, in some cases even no nails. Just apply and enjoy! Whether you’re going for a romantic, playful, modern or rustic atmosphere, you will find only the best adornments on this outdoor wall décor ideas list.

1. Sea Turtle Wall Decor

outdoor wall decor ideas

There are two most desired environments one would choose to build a house in: on the beach or in the mountains. Who wouldn’t want to wake up to the sounds of the waves crashing on the fine sands? Well, if you want the experience but don’t benefit from the proper setting, create it! Use beach themed decorations both indoors as well as outdoors to make you feel closer to the ocean.

For example, you can place this hand-painted tropical beach wall décor both indoors as well as outdoors. It features beautiful sea turtles, seashells, and multiple sea stars. If you have concerns when it comes to durability, worry no more! Everything is made of metal, and the beautiful paint protects the whole thing from possible corrosion if left outside.

2. Mediterranean Style Decorative Fish Net with Shells

outdoor wall decor ideasWhen it comes to beach themed decorations, this awesome fishing net is one of the most creative outdoor wall décor ideas on this list. It features some colorful seashells as well, in order to add a touch of authenticity to the whole thing. Also, it comes in two colors: either blue or white. Go crazy with it! you can hang it from the ceiling, or place on your walls.

No matter where you choose to place it, this Mediterranean fish net will make a great addition to your home when it comes to design. However, in order to preserve it properly, make sure it is safe from rain, should you choose to decorate your outdoor walls with it.

3. Blue Mosaic Stick Tiles

outdoor wall decor ideasSometimes it is possible to mix together décor with utility concepts for awesome results. This way, you can keep your home clean, safe from diseases and beautiful at the same time. When it comes to personal hygiene, keeping the bathroom clean is mandatory for any household. These sticky mosaic tiles are perfect for both decoration as well as utility purposes.

You can apply them straight on the bathroom walls. These will help you with your cleaning since you can use only a cloth to wipe them off pretty much anything. Also, the dimensional style of the tiles and the simplicity of the overall design makes for one of the most practical and beautiful decorations. You can use it for the kitchen, as well, for the same purposes.

4. Radiant Poppies Decorative Peel & Stick Wall Art

outdoor wall decor ideasIf you want to add a little bit more color to your garden, you can use these flowery stickers. Or if you want to bring the garden inside, it works just fine all the same. Whether you choose to apply these colorful stickers to either your indoor or outdoor walls, the steps are pretty easy. Frankly, there are just two of them: peel and apply. The third would be to enjoy the end result, which you most certainly will.

The stickers come in the form of flowers, butterflies and also hummingbirds. All of them are cute and colorful and will make for a nice addition to any space. Also, if you want to replace them anytime in the future or move them from one wall to another, you can do it without having to worry about possible damage to the paint. This is because you can easily remove them anytime you wish just as fine as you applied them in the first place.

5. Sun and Moon Metal Wall Decor

outdoor wall decor ideasBalance means everything in one’s life. This can be said for your home, as well. If you’re not into Chinese philosophy that much or tired of seeing yin yang ornaments everywhere, you can try this sun and moon decoration. As beautiful as this piece is, it also carries a deep symbol of harmony as other common Chinese trinkets.

Furthermore, the beautiful metal design features a rustic finish with perfect details and superior paint job, which makes it great in terms of outdoor wall décor ideas for your home. Use the hook on the back for easy hanging and place it anywhere you please in just a matter of minutes.

6. Tree of Life Wall Decor

outdoor wall decor ideasThis one is a rather large ornament and yet another one of the most beautiful nature-inspired outdoor wall décor ideas on our list. It stands no less than 38 inches tall and is made entirely out of metal. However, it manages to keep a delicate look, because of the natural metal ones and impressive paint job it features. You can place this impressive piece either indoors or outdoors all the same.

If you choose it to place it on one of your outdoor walls, you have to account for some things. However, when it comes to durability, you can place this beautiful piece wherever you like. The coating it features is sure to keep it from corrosion due to bad weather or powerful sun rays. However, in order to benefit from this particular decoration for as long as possible, try to keep it sheltered from possible harm.

7. Roman Four Seasons Garden Plaque

outdoor wall decor ideasAmong the best suggestions of outdoor wall décor ideas, we present you with a different choice, namely this intricate garden decoration piece. The one downside to this particular adornment is that you can’t hang it pretty much anywhere. However, this small detail doesn’t impact its overall beauty in the slightest. If one of your passions is history, this impressive roman plaque is just perfect for your taste. It is made to look ancient and features a beautifully carved compass design on the front.

Everything is made of stone raisin and will definitely make for a nice addition to any garden. When it comes to location, you can place it anywhere visible, so that everybody can admire it. perhaps near a flower bed would be a nice suggestion.

8. Wooden Sunflower Wall Sign

outdoor wall decor ideasIn order to greet your guests accordingly, consider choosing this particular piece or something similar. It features a warm message that will welcome your visitors in a pleasant manner. An artist handcrafts every piece and adorns it with a golden array of colors and small beautiful details that make each exemplary one of a kind.

The board on which the flowers are inserted is made of either wood or iron, whichever you prefer most. Thanks to its design, you can use it as a door decoration, as intended, or even a centerpiece. However, if you decide to hang it somewhere outside, make sure to keep it safe from inclement weather.

9. Spanish Arch Wall Art

outdoor wall decor ideasIf you’re aiming for a rustic or even ancient look, you can go for this elegant wall décor idea. It features beautiful detail of Spanish architectural influences with curved scroll work and delicate leaf shapes throughout. This steel construction also benefits from a rust finish with orange, verdigris and brown colors, in order to make it look ancient.

It will most definitely prove a nice addition to your garden if you decide to place this on an outdoor wall. However, since it is easy to install and also has a small built-in loop, you can place it inside your house, all the same. Whatever you choose to do with it, this beautiful piece will most surely embellish any space.


Decorating a private space is one of the most enjoyable things one can experience. Using these outdoor wall décor ideas, start working today on decorating in order make your house reflect your personality. Whether a romantic, adventurous or relaxed atmosphere you are aiming for, you will find here everything you need to adorn your house with for you to feel at home.

As with any other decoration, if you wish to keep them intact for as long as possible, make sure to keep them safe from the inclement weather or hot sun. Even though they are meant for the outdoors, try to care for them in order to benefit from your beautiful decorations for as long as possible and keep your house pretty.

  1. I want to add outdoor decorations to make the outside of my home as beautiful as the inside. I like your suggestion of putting wooden wall designs on the doors to warmly welcome our visitors. It’s artistically simple, which makes it more beautiful, not to mention it matches my personality. Thanks a lot for the suggestion.

  2. Spanish wall art is a great idea for home decor. I was wondering to redecorate my house. Thank you for the information.

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