Nature Anywhere Window Bird Feeder: Review

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Review of the Nature Anywhere Window Bird Feeder

The Nature Anywhere Window Bird Feeder is a great gift for the bird fancier in your lift.  With this see-through bird feeder you can see birds up very closely.  It will mount onto any plain glass window.  The sliding seed tray makes it easy to fill and clean.  There is not need to remove the whole feeder everytime you refill it with feed.  Simply slide the tray out, fill it and then slide it back in.  Kids of all ages and elderly too, should be able to easily maintain this bird feeder with no problems.

The sliding tray will hold up to 2 cups of bird seed.  Four suction cups hold the feeder onto a window.  The company advertises that this bird feeder is “virtually 100% squirrel proof.”  That topic we will get to in detail in this report.  It seems that even squirrel-proof bird feeders can’t out smart the squirrels.  The recommendations are to keept he feeder installed 10 feet away from ledges, gables and branches.

The patented air circulation system was designed to keep the seeds dry and safe from mold.

Best Fea​tures

  • check Large size
  • check Durability
  • check Great for cat lovers & safe for birds
  • check Easy to fill
  • check Easy to clean 

Lifetime Guarantee! Now We Are Talking!

If you are not satisfied with your Nature Anywhere Window Bird Feeder, you can return it for a full refund.  If you would rather have a replacement, the company will do that instead.  All of Nature Anywhere products, including this bird feeder are backed by a lifetime guarantee.

What Customers Had to Say

As of this writing, there were 545 customer comments and 35 answered questions left on Amazon for the Nature Anywhere Window Bird Feeder.   This is a large and solid number of feedbacks that gave a good fell for this feeder.  In order to make your shopping experience easier and faster, I’ve read through the comments and reviews, and then condensed the results here.  I hope that this helps you when picking out a bird feeder.

Cat Lovers Like This Bird Feeder

I noticed that there were many comments from cat owners saying how much they liked this bird feeder.  Apparently, the close up window action keeps the cats entertained and the birds safe and sound on the other side of the glass.  Here is just one of the many cat comments, “Just like the directions said, it took a few days for the birds to come use the feeder, but now they do and they love it. So do our cats – they’ve never watched such close up cat TV excitement from the comfort of their indoor perches! At first we were worried that the birds would stay away, scared of the cats, but they figured out quickly that they have nothing to worry about. The suction cups are great so far, despite quite a bit of rain and some freezing temperatures. A fun feeder, and super simple to set up and refill!”  So if you like buying your cat entertaing toys, this one might just be the best cat gift yet.

Squirrel Proof? Or Not?

This bird feeder is designed to be 100% squirrel proof if placed up on a high window well away from trees.  But after reading the customer feedback I must report that this is not a squirrel proof bird feeder.  Several cusotmers commented that squirrels were able to climb right up the side of their house building and get to the feeder and thus the seeds.  It may depend on what kind of house siding you have.  Customers with vinyl siding reported that squirrels were able to climb the sides with ease.

Nice Big Size for Multiple Sized Birds

This window feeder is great because it is big enough for large birds like cardinals and bluejays to fit in it.  Not all of the window suction cup type of bird feeders are big enough for the larger bird.  But with dimensions of 7.9 x 4.3 x 7.5 inches and a weight of 1.35 pounds this bird feeder is the perfect size for a wide range of birds. Here is what one happy customer had to say about the size, “Each morning, it’s like bird-feeding rush hour, as many different sized birds flock to all three feeders, and sometimes use both the small & large feeders, that I have to refill all three feeders DAILY. Both a large and medium Bluejay and some Cardinals regularly feed from this Large feeder, and we are able to enjoy an up close view as they feed.”

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  • plus Large size
  • plus Easy to clean
  • plus Easy to fill


  • close Not squirrel proof

Nature Anywhere Window Bird Feeder Conclusion

The Nature Anywhere Window Bird Feeder is a great sized bird feeder for both small and large birds and all birds in between.  Because this feeder is designed to hang on a window with suction cups,  the viewer can watch birds up close and personal.  The Nature Anywhere Window Bird Feeder is especially popular with cat owners.  Apparently many cats love to sit and watch the birds visit the bird feeder. This feeder is easy to fill and easy to clean.  I highly recommend this bird feeder.

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people interested in learning more about the Nature Anywhere Window Bird Feeder.

  • chevron-circle-right Do the seeds stay dry when it rains?  A customer answered: “We have had several heavy rain storms since we put up the feeder and there was no noticeable effect on the seed during those times. I’ve noticed that the birds going into the feeder can get the seed a little wet., but nothing major. As far as my experience with the feeder it works fine and the birds love it.” 
  • chevron-circle-right Will these suction cubs hold in winter, and will they support the weight of one of two robins….using raisins for food?  A customer answered: “Yes and Yes! It is -10 outside right now and no problem with it being winter. These cups should last at least 4 or 5 years, maybe longer. They are nice and big too. All plastics get brittle after a few years outside. However, these suction cups are easily replaced. Probably by the manufacturer. Yes it will hold a lot of weight. Mine are full of seed and nuts. If it can hold a big red bellied woodpecker or two large blue jays with no problem and all those heavy seeds and nuts, you don’t have to worry!”
  • chevron-circle-right Why does the description indicate 4 suction cups….I only see three?   A customer answered:   Mine came with four suction cups, but you only use three. The fourth is a spare. 

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  1. I have a bird feeder similar ro a sock.. think it came from National audibon. for small birds. It is tight mesh. been up for a month, and have not seen one bird at it. seed is fresh. they are at birdbath nearby. Help!

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