Monte Carlo Maverick Modern Ceiling Fan Review

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Review of the Monte Carlo Maverick Modern Ceiling Fan

As of this writing, there are 50 customer comments and 48 answered questions for the Monte Carlo Maverick Modern Ceiling Fan.  I’ve read the customer feedback, and then condensed the results into this review.  I hope that this helps you when shopping for an outdoor ceiling fan.

Best Features

  • check 6 speed reversible motor
  • check Damp rated
  • check Wobble free
  • check 3 blades
  • check Made of wood

Item Specifics

The Monte Carlo Maverick Modern Ceiling Fan is specially designed for patio damp locations.  It comes with a 6 speed reversible motor.  It is well balanced and the blades are wobble free.  This outdoor ceiling fan has a 13 degree pitch designed for optimal air.

Damp Rated

This outdoor ceiling fan is damp rated.  This means that it cannot be installed in an area that is exposed to the weather.  Good places to hang it include a patio, covered porch, or damp room like a washer room or bathroom.  Just keep in mind that it is not wet rated, but only damp rated.

Wall Switch Available, but You Have to Buy It Separately

If you lose the remote control or don’t like operating the fan with it, there is a wall switch available.  However, you must purchase it separately.  This is what one customer had to say, “You can only work it using the remote so if you lose the remote, that would be bad. You can order a wall switch for it though. “

Nice Color

This outdoor ceiling fan is wood colored.  Customers that had wooden homes liked that this fan matched.  Here is one of the comments from a customer, “I live in a house that has a lot of wood, with hardwood floors and beams running around. So this wood fan with Black Finish was the perfect option for my home.

No Light

There isn’t any light that comes with this ceiling fan, and according to some customers no light kit can be attached.  Although some people may want a ceiling fan with a light, most of the comments were positive about the missing light.  Because it doesn’t have a light, it is more lightweight, easier to install, and can spin faster.  Here is one of the positive comments, “We haven’t a lot to complain about the fan. It obviously has no light-kit, so that could be a dealbreaker for some. It wasn’t an issue for us since we had other recessed ceiling lighting nearby, and frankly any light will ruin the look. To us, that is really a strong selling point, in addition to the silent DC motor operation. We are pleasantly surprised by the quality of craftsmanship. It’s also quite well designed compared to many other “propeller” design fans, boldly let go of the light in keeping the core small and integral.”

Made of Wood

Not only is this ceiling fan made to look like wood, but it is made of balsa wood.  This is a nice feature, since a lot of ceiling fans have plastic blades.  Although it may look heavy, the balsa wood blades are actually very lightweight.  This customer explained, “This fan is huge and it is absolutely beautiful. It looks like a large airplane propeller. The wood looks substantial and heavy but it is actually light balsa wood which is the type of wood usually used in the making of model planes and ships as well as duck carving and other model crafts. The blades angle upwards slightly and they are very nicely carved and smoothly finished. The black hardware looks fantastic with the wood of the blades.”


This ceiling fan is very expensive compared to other ceiling fans.  Most outdoor ceiling fans are a couple hundred dollars.  Customers noted that the price is higher because the fan is bigger than other fans.  But if you are on a tight budget, you may not want to purchase this fan.  One customer had this to say, “Truly, the only reason it doesn’t get 5 stars is price related. I sincerely feel the larger the fan, the more dramatic the price is, regardless of true cost. Common sense tells me there is somewhere around $90-100 cost in this product but the price is extremely over inflated simply because it’s “bigger”. Just money though, right?!”

Easy to Install

According to customers, this ceiling fan is easy to install.  Although some customers hired an electrician to install it, most of the customers who bought this fan installed it themselves.  Here is a comment from a customer who installed this fan on his own, “Installation was a little easier than other fans with everything fitting together easily and well organized parts and instructions. While it is a little heavy because of the size, I was able to do the installation on my own. You do need a pretty large clear floor area to put it together because the entire fan gets built before it is mounted to the ceiling.”

Will Need the Included Weights in Order to Be Balanced

In order for the fan to be well balanced, it will need some extra weight.  Customers commented that after the weights were added, it didn’t wobble anymore.  This customer explained, “I’m ultimately very happy with this fan. It fit the needs of what we were looking for. Was fairly unbalanced and wobbled when first installed. Made sure to bolt the blades on very symmetrically but still needed some included weights added to a blade. After 20 minutes I determined where the weights were needed and is now perfectly balanced.”

Blows a Nice Breeze

This ceiling fan will blow a soft breeze when on its low speed, and a little more air when it’s on its high speed.  Customers liked that it cooled their house and/or patio without blowing things around.  This customer explained about the airflow, “Turning it on, it might take a minute as it builds momentum, and once it goes, it is super quiet! I almost want to say silent. It spins perfectly at the base with no movement. At a low speed, you feel a soft breeze, while higher speeds, you feel a light breeze. Nothing that will make your hat blow off your head. It is multi-directional, so if you need to have air move up or down in the house, depending. The instructions suggested counterclockwise to bring cool air up, and clockwise to send hot air down.”


This is a very large fan.  It may not work well for those with small ceilings, but if you have a large ceiling you will probably like this ceiling fan.  Here is one of the comments, “The 88″ Maverick fan is big but not overwhelming for a good sized room with a high ceiling. The new DC motor and balsawood blades make for a very light fan but one that looks substantial.”

Has 6 Speeds

Although some customers commented that this ceiling fan had 5 speeds, it should officially have 6 speeds.  These different speeds allow you to choose which speed will work best for you.  A customer had this to say, “The fan moves a lot of air, with 5 speeds in both up and down directions. All speeds are silent, and despite the size, it moves without any wobble or other issues.”

Different Color Choices

There are 5 different color choices, including colors like Aged Pewter with Light Grey Blades, Brushed Steel With Dark Walnut Blades, Brushed Steel with Koa Blades, Matte Black With Dark Walnut Blades, and Matte Black With Matte Black Blades.  These different color choices allow you to choose which color will work best for you.  All of them have wood coloring (except for the Matte Black With Matte Black Blades).


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  • plus Easy to install
  • plus 6 Speeds
  • plus 5 color choices


  • close Expensive 
  • close You have to buy the wall switch separately
  • close No light which for some people is a con

Monte Carlo Maverick Modern Ceiling Fan Conclusion

The Monte Carlo Maverick Modern Ceiling Fan is damp rated though it’s not wet rated.  It has a 6 speed reversible motor with a 13 degree pitch designed for optimal air.  There are 5 different color choices which are Aged Pewter with Light Grey Blades, Brushed Steel With Dark Walnut Blades, Brushed Steel with Koa Blades, Matte Black With Dark Walnut Blades, and Matte Black With Matte Black Blades.  It comes with weights which will make it better balanced without a wobbling effect.  This is an easy to install fan according to customers.  This ceiling fan is rather expensive but other than that, it had good reviews.  

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people considering buying the Monte Carlo Maverick Modern Ceiling Fan.

  • chevron-circle-right Can this fan be installed on a slightly sloped ceiling?  Yes, the ball at the top end provides up to about a 45 degree slope for mounting.
  • chevron-circle-right Can this fan be installed in a way that I could control it from a wall switch and not the remote?  Yes, you could purchase a wall switch for this fan and also still operate it with the remote control.  However, it is made to be operated with the remote.
  • chevron-circle-right Does this product come with a downrod?  Yes, it does.

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  1. I just installed this fan. In response to the question, “Can this fan be installed on a slightly sloped ceiling?” Yes, it can, but you will need a MC93 canopy, new ball and plate, as the one that comes with the unit only allows for installation up to a 15 degree sloped ceiling. The MC93 canopy does NOT come with a ring to cover the screws which is disappointment. The canopy cover that came with the unit did. I mounted this fan on a 4/12 slope or 18 degrees and used the MC93 cover.

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