How to Plant Garlic Step by Step

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If you want to learn how to plant garlic and enjoy its delicious flavor all year round, you should know that it is not at all a difficult endeavor. Furthermore, it is quite cheap, which means that you will save some money by not buying it from the store. Not to mention that adding garlic to your food provides an extra health benefit every day. If we’ve convinced you that you should grow your own garlic, take a look at this step by step tutorial and you will master the process in no time.
how to grow garlic at home

How to Plant Garlic in 5 Easy Steps

Step 1:

Do some research to see when it is the optimal time to grow garlic where you live. Usually, you can do that in early spring or mid-autumn.

Step 2:

Decide where you want to plant the garlic and make sure you prepare the soil beforehand. For instance, you should know that garlic requires a lot of sun. However, some shade won’t damage it, as long as it is not for a very long time. You have to make sure that the soil is crumbly and has a good drainage capacity. For that specific purpose, try to avoid soil that is clay-based. Another extra tip would be to make the soil even more fertile by adding manure and compost.

Step 3:

Buy the garlic seeds. Make sure that they are high-quality and fresh, and that they are large enough to be fit for planting. If you can’t decide on how many seeds you should buy, keep in mind that each of them will grow into a fully-fledged garlic plant. We recommend you order these Armenian Naturally Grown Gourmet Garlic from Amazon. They are organic and they only cost $12.99.

Step 4:

Plant the actual garlic. Break the garlic head into several cloves making sure you don’t damage their base since this is what makes them grow. Then, push the cloves into the soil two inches deep, remembering that the tips should be in an upward position. Leave about 8 inches between every clove you plant, to give them plenty of room to grow.

Step 5:

Take care of the garlic you’ve planted. What is the best way to do that, you ask? Well, first of all, after you’ve planted the cloves, you should cover them with mulch. For instance, try manure, straw, compost, dry leaves, hay, or rotted grass clippings. Then, according to when you’ve planted the garlic, fertilize the soil again in another season. So, if you’ve planted it in the spring, fertilize in the autumn, but if you’ve planted them in the autumn, fertilize in the spring. Also, remember that you should water the garlic cloves once a week if you live in a place where it doesn’t rain that often.

As we’ve managed to prove with the above step by step guide on how to plant garlic, this is not a difficult task. The better news is that it is cheap and healthy, so we suggest you give it a try in your own garden.

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