Deck Decor: How to Make the Best out of Your Gorgeous Deck

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Every deck that isn’t gorgeous is a deck wasted. Those lucky enough to own a house with a deck know that when the weather is nice, having a deck is a true blessing. It gives you a great opportunity to spend time outdoors with friends and family, enjoy the sun and warm nights in pleasant company and to have a better quality of life in general. Whether you use it as an outdoor kitchen or place to rest and socialize, you should do your best to make that space more beautiful and more inviting. A beautiful deck is a combination of functionality, comfort and tasty décor, so read on for some tips on how to make your deck even more gorgeous.

Envision, Plan and Design Your Deck

If you wish to build the deck around your house, or you plan to refurbish the existing one, there are few important things to consider before you start. First and foremost are the building materials. Do the research, but know that homeowners usually opt for cedar, redwood, and pressure-treated lumber. Other than that, you can opt for aluminum or composite materials. Second, establish and with furniture visually separate functional areas (seating area, food prep station. kids’ area). Third, leave enough room to ensure the flow between these areas, meaning, there should be enough space for people to mingle and bypass each other.

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Add Levels

Some decks are simply too small, but you can always increase the square footage of your deck by adding a level or two. Multiple level deck will radically change the exterior of your home, while it will add a whole new dynamic to your outdoor space. You can separate functional areas by levels, only make sure to connect them with stairways. Also, although deck levels may look different, you should somehow tie them together, preferably with parallel landscaping or similar colors.

Add Fabulous Pieces of Furniture

Many homeowners buy deck furniture with less passion than when they are buying furniture for the indoors. Usually, they focus on getting a functional and durable piece, rather than having attractive and stylish furniture. What a mistake. With plenty of waterproof and durable materials, you can have outdoor furniture that is both, long-lasting and chic. Buy at least one statement piece furniture that will stand as a focal point on your deck. Also, you can look for some stylish and flexible seating that you can rearrange every once in a while.

deck, deck decor, deck design

Block the Annoyance 

Outdoors is great, but there is a whole set of annoying elements that may disrupt your quality time with your family, friends or yourself. Speaking of elements, direct sun and pouring rain can be quite annoying, especially on your day off. To ensure an enjoyable setting, regardless of the weather forecast, cover the deck with elegant retractable roof awning. If you have annoying and curious neighbors, or you simply do not appreciate the view to their shabby backyard, add some screening. Set up a good-looking structure that creates more privacy and blocks the view.

Fully Decorate Your Deck

Décor assumes so many things, but when it comes to decorating outdoors, the possibilities are countless. You can use almost anything as decoration. The first thing that pops into the head is flowers, of course. Add greenery and make use of some great planters. Use cushions to bring more color in and to make it more comfortable. Also, rugs can be a fabulous detail because they create a lovely homey feel and they soften the outdoor space. Keep in mind that lighting can be a perfect decoration, so be creative with lights to ensure warm glow and enchanting atmosphere once the sun sets down.

deck, deck decor, deck design

Prolong the Warm Season

No need to rush back into the house the moment October kicks in. You can enjoy the fresh air on your deck as long as you have some deck heating. It is a small investment compared to the fact that enables you to enjoy outdoors year round. Also, you may wish to build a fire pit or fireplace, because it will warm you up and it will stand as a great focal point on your deck. The great thing about fire pits is that you can turn it into an amusing DIY project for the whole family.


If you don’t have a deck, you should build one. If you do have one, make it fabulous. Investing money, time and creativity in a project like this is satisfying and rewarding in many ways. Aside from the fact that you will have additional space where you can relax, socialize and bond with your family, having a beautiful deck will considerably boost the curb appeal of your home if you plan to sell.

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