The Best Way to Keep Deer from Gobbling Your Garden

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If you live in an area with lots of deer, it can be hard to have successful flowers. Deer love munching on sweet flowers and green leaves. It’s deer candy. You could plant your flowers one day and the next, all the leaves and petals are chewed off. Deer are a lot bigger than small pests, and they can eat a lot! Although deer can be cute, you definitely don’t want them around your garden, especially if you’re trying to grow something. Here are some methods on how to keep deer from gobbling your garden.

Add Strongly Scented Plants

Deer like sweet flowers, but if they’re too fragrant it puts them off. Plants that are strong in smell, like lavender, will make deer avoid the area. Try planting lavender around your garden or home to keep the deer at bay. Deer will avoid very fragrant flowers because it confuses their nose and prevents them from being better able to find food. You can also try some fragrant herbs like mint, basil, oregano, or catnip. Be warned, if you plant catnip you’ll need to find a way to keep the cats away.

Sprinkle Some Irish Springs

Irish Springs bar soap does a great job deterring animals, even deer. For whatever reason, animals don’t like the strong scent of Irish Springs. Irish Springs is recommended multiple times to deter all kinds of animals. There are many ways to use the soap. You can cut it into cubes and skewer it right next to your plants. This will make sure that deer don’t bite off any buds or leaves. When a deer bends down to bite off a leaf, they will smell the strong scent of Irish Springs and back off. You can also grate a bar of soap into small shavings and sprinkle the shavings all over your garden. This allows for a better coverage of your garden because the smell will be all over. This soap will not harm your plants and it is difficult to wash away. The good news is that it smells good to humans so you won’t be repelled by the smell.

how to keep deer from gobbling your garden

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Build a Fence

This is probably the most effective method to keeping out deer. There are many different kinds of fences you can build that will work. However, keep in mind that deer can jump very high so a short fence will not always work. You can build an invisible fence with fishing line that will prevent deer from jumping over it. They will walk into the fishing line and feel that it is preventing them from going forward, but they will be reluctant to try to jump over it because they can’t see it. An invisible fence also allows you to continue to have good views of your garden without the fence blocking it.

Summing Up

Deer can be a nuisance to gardens. If you have a deer problem, it can be fixed. Try these methods on how to keep deer from gobbling your garden and see how effective they can be. You’ll be surprised at how a few simple things can repel deer so well. Keep deer away from your garden and watch it grow.

Image Source: PIxabay

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