Hospaip Garden Hose Review

Hospaip 50ft Garden Hose

Review of the Hospaip 50ft Garden Hose

The Hospaip garden hose had 472 customer comments and 65 answered questions on Amazon, as of this writing. I’ve read through the feedback and condensed the results into this report. I hope that it helps you when shopping for a garden hose.

Best Fea​tures

  • ​Lightweight
  • ​Retractable
  • Does not kink
  • Price
  • Shut off valve

Item Specifics

The Hospaip garden hose was designed using high-quality, sturdy and modern materials to make it functional, lightweight, flexible and long enough to make it easy and convenient for maneuvering around the garden, even when filled with water. The goal in creating it was to have no more leaks, tears nor cracks. Solid 3/4 inch brass connectors were used along with rubber washers, double latex pipe and a sturdy on and off valve. A zinc alloy spray nozzle along with extra flexible 3750D polyester fabric cover is featured. This hose can withstand water pressure from 3-12 Bar and temperature 41℉-113℉.  

Before it is expanded, this hose starts out at 17 feet. When the water is turned on, the hose expands up to 3 times in length for an extended length of 50 feet. It then returns in minutes to its original length when the water is out. A hose nozzle constructed from zinc alloy is included with the purchase of this hose. The rubberized out coating is slip-resistant for comfort when holding.

There is a water controlling knob for changing the water pressure and a rotating bezel for easy choosing kind of spray. Simply select the right type of stream and and then water water your garden, fill your pool, shower a pet or a wash vehicle.  

This hose is made for easy storage. Because it is retractable, it will take up less space than a regular hose. It is highly portable and flexible. As a bonus, it comes with a free storage bag. Just drain the water from the hose when not in  use,  put in the bag and then make sure to store out of direct sunlight.

Great for RVs but Not for Drinking Water

Because of the lightweight and retractable nature of the Hospaip garden hose, it is great for taking camping in a recreational vehicle. RVs can have tight quarters and supplies usually need to be the miniature version. Just keep in mind this hose is not supposed to be used for drinking water. One RV-ing couple commented this, “We were looking for a hose to use with and carry in our RV. We needed something small but long. This hose was a perfect fit for our needs. It came with a bag and a nozzle and is very handy for storage. It takes up very little space but it can stretch up to 50ft. We use it to clean our RV and ATV after a nature trip and before loading back into the trailer.”

Shut Off Valve Is a Hit

Some people bought this hose mainly for the shut off valve on it. This was hot topic feature. As reported by a customer: “This hose is really good. I like the fact that at the end of the hose it has a valve where you can turn the water on or off. I have this hose attached to a plastic PVC pipe where it runs across my garden instead of me walking to turn off the hose by the wall. I can shut it off at the attachment and saves me a lot of time. The valve is one of the main reasons I ordered the hose.”

Does Not Kink

The comments on whether or not it kinks, were unanimous that the Hospaip garden hose does not kink. The following is one of many comments on this hose not kinking: “This is the first expandable hose I have ever owned. The one I used to have always got kinks in it when i moved around. This solves all that. And I love the fact that it shrinks into a box that is about 8″ x 6.”


At just 3.72 pounds, the Hospaip garden hose is easy for almost all to carry. Some hoses of this size that I’ve reviewed have weighed more than double this weight. A customer talks about the weight, “It’s very light weight and stores easily. I like that it’s not stiff like traditional hoses and if it lands on my flowers, it doesn’t crush them. I highly recommend this hose and plan to replace the rest of my hoses in the near future!”

best garden hose, Hospaip 50ft Garden Hose


  • Does not kink
  • Retractable 
  • Lightweight


  • Not for drinking water 

Hospaip Garden Hose Conclusion

The Hospaip garden hose is a popular for many reasons. First, it is lightweight, which makes it easy for storing and carrying around. Second, it is retractable. Third, the shut off valve is a great feature. Customers were very happy with the shut off valve. The price is middle of the road for what you are getting. I would recommend this hose if you want a lightweight retractable hose. Keep in mind that it is not for drinking water. 

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people considering buying a Hospaip 50ft Garden Hose.

  • Can I connect this to a standard hosepipe? Yes, you can connect the expanding hose with a standard one if the tap on the end of a standard’s 3/4 inch. 
  • Does it shrink when in use? If you open the water source and on the valve, the hose expands up. If you close the water source and on the valve and spray nozzle, the hose will shrink.
  • Is the length 50 feet, under water pressure or when not connected to the tap? The length of the hose under pressure is 50 feet. In transport packaging, its length is 17 feet. Third, it has a shut off valve that makes it convenient when you want to shut it off and on without turning the spigot off or on. The price is about middle of the road for what you are getting. If you are looking for a lightweight hose that takes up minimal space in storage, I would recommend the Hospaip 50 foot garden hose.

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