Hopkins Subzero Auto Emergency Snow Shovel: Review

Hopkins Subzero Auto Emergency Snow Shovel

Review of the Hopkins Subzero Auto Emergency Snow Shovel

The Hopkins Subzero Auto Emergency Snow Shovel had 134 customer comments and 3 answered questions on Amazon.  I’ve read through the customer feedback and condensed the results into this report.  I hope that this helps you when shopping for a shovel.

Best Fea​tures

  • check ​Compact size good for storing in your vehicle
  • check Low price
  • check Lightweight
  • check Good size for kids
  • check Easy to store 

Item Specifics

The Hopkins Subzero Auto Emergency Snow Shovel features a compact and easy storage system when closed.  It is perfect for cars, trucks and SUVs.  This shovel features a blade that is 9.5 inches.  The shovel when extended reaches 37 inches in length.  This shovel was made for emergency situations and compact storage.  The Hopkins Subzero Auto Emergency Snow shovel weighs 1.2 pounds

Keep in Mind That This Shovel Is Very Small

This is a small shovel that is only 37 inches long.  The size is actually the selling point, but remember that it is not a full lengthed shovel.  If you buy it and compare it to a full length shovel you may be very disappointed.  However if you buy it so that it fits in your trunk or for other reasons that you may want a small shovel, then may just really like this shovel and the size.  One customer had this to say about the size, “Haven’t used it yet but it’s a nice little shovel.  Nice for someone like me in a wheelchair and is close to the ground.”

Perfect to Keep in Your Vehicle

Many people bought this shovel so that they could store it in their vehicle.  One customer said, “Great to keep in the car during the winter months. Doesn’t take up a lot of space.”  While others commented things similar to this, “Handy little shovel for your vehicle. Easy to store and put together.”  If you have a particularly small car, this shovel may be perfect, as it was for this person, “Fantastic shovel; Working night shift in the snow can make it difficult to get out of a parking lot with a little car. nice and compact, doesn’t take up much room in the back of my vehicle.”

Structural Stability Questionable

This is an inexpensive little emergency shovel, so keep that in mind if you purchase it.  It is not going to be as durable as a full length shovel.  Comments like the following were common, “The telescoping handle also doesn’t feel particularly “locked-in”, and rattled around a bit when I was using it.”  Just remember that this shovel is not going to do well with being used everyday for shoveling off your sidewalk. It is an emergency shovel that works well as a second shovel when a full length one is not available.  It is a good shovel to travel with in your vehicle.


This is a lightweight shovel weighing in at just 1.2 pounds.  It makes it nice for people who can not lift a lot or for people who want to carry it with them to a neighbor’s place or in a vehicle.  Both the facts that this shovel can compact and that it is lightweight are both selling points for this shovel.

Nice Shovel for Kids

If you have a child that likes to help you out when shoveling snow, this could be a  perfect shovel for him or her.  It should be easy for even a small child to carry and the short length of the shovel will make it easier for a short person to handle.

best snow shovel


  • plus Compact size makes it perfect for vehicle storage
  • plus Low price
  • plus Lightweight


  • close Not durable for everyday heavy use 
  • close Telescoping handle may rattle

Hopkins Subzero Auto Emergency Snow Shovel Conclusion

The Hopkins Subzero Auto Emergency Snow Shovel is  great little shovel for putting in your vehicle for those times when you might get stuck or need to shovel out before driving home from work.  People who are shorter than average or who are in a wheel chair liked the fact that it is low to the ground.  It is good as an emergency shovel however it is not going to be as durable as a full length shovel. It is made for those situations when you need a shovel but might not be home to get your regular full length durable shovel.

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people considering buying a Hopkins Subzero Auto Emergency Snow Shovel.

  • chevron-circle-right Is the shovel head plastic?  Yes, this shovel head is made of plastic.  It is made for shoveling snow only, not scraping ice.
  • chevron-circle-right How will this work when being stuck in a sand dune?   This would not be a good shovel to use with sand because sand is heavier than snow.  It would most likely break if used to shovel sand.
  • chevron-circle-right Would this shovel be good for just cleaning snow around your car while you clean it off?  Yes, this shovel should work well for that.  Just remember that it is for shoveling snow and not strong enough for scraping ice.

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