Hi-Yield Killzall Weed and Grass Killer Review


Review of the Hi-Yield Killzall Weed and Grass Killer

As of this writing, there are 163 customer comments and 34 answered questions for the Hi-Yield Killzall Weed and Grass Killer.  I’ve read the customer feedback and then condensed the results into this review.  I hope that this review helps you when shopping for a weed killer.

Best Features

  • Dries on weeds quickly
  • Can be used in multiple locations (be careful using it around desired plants though)
  • Effectively kills weeds
  • Good for brush and vine control and stump treatment
  • Good price for what you get

Item Specifics

The Hi-Yield Killzall Weed and Grass Killer is a non-selective weed and grass killer.  This product contains a double-surfactant ultra formulation that dries on weeds fast to start working quickly.  You can use this weed killer near fences, in paths, patios, driveways, and curbs.  It can also be used for brush and vine control and stump treatment.  This weed killer contains 41-Percent Glyphosate.  It is a concentrated formula.  Be careful when using this weed killer to get rid of lawn weeds because it is made to kill grass.  

Won’t See Immediate Results

This isn’t a weed killer where you will notice results the next day.  You will need to be patient as you wait for the weeds to die.  One person said that it took over 3 weeks to notice results.  Another customer shared this, “First off, I want to make it clear that this is best used for a specific purpose, where you don’t need to see the effects immediately. If you’re trying to get rid of some weeds or grass really quickly, this isn’t for you; However, with that being said, this is the most effective weed killer I have ever used. When they say “Hi-Yield”, they mean it. I personally use this in the spring with a 1/10 ratio, that being 1 part poison, 10 parts water. Instead of weed-eating weekly, I use this in the spring and, after about 4-5 days, all that I want dead is dead. Also keep in mind this may leech to certain parts of your yard/garden, etc where you don’t want it to. This is no fault of the weed kill, but when I was spraying on a slight slope, I had to learn the hard way that liquids flow down hill. Lol. Just keep that in mind so you don’t have dead areas that you don’t want dead. It may be a little more costly initially, but it pays off in the end. Also, don’t forget your sprayer, as this doesn’t come with one.”

Good Price

For what you get, The Hi-Yield Killzall Weed and Grass Killer is priced well.  A customer shared their experience by saying, “After years of trying to kill weeds and grass in my gravel driveway with the usual suspects (Roundup, Ortho, etc.) I decided to give this one a shot. I was a little leery because of the price and most reviews stated that this product took a long time to work (10-14 days). A little advice. Don’t be a cheapskate! I mixed 4oz. per gallon instead of the recommended 2.5oz. which still yields 32 gal of final product instead of 51 gal. I did the math and believe me, that is still a heck of a lot cheaper than anything else out there. Browning started within 2 days and total kill in 4-5 days. With the other products new growth would occur in close proximity within a few days and so far that has not happened yet after 10 days. Next year I will try to treat the entire driveway first and see what happens.”

Does Not Come with Sprayer

You will need to purchase your own sprayer if you don’t already have one in order to apply this weed killer.  Most of these types of weed killers do not come with a sprayer, but some do come in a bottle with a spray nozzle, so just be aware that this is one that does not come with any way to spray it on.

May Need Multiple Applications

Some people who used this product on their weeds said that it worked best when it was used multiple times on the same area.  A customer shared this, “This stuff is awesome. I was trying to kill off an entire backyard worth of bermuda grass (in Phoenix). We’re going to redo my whole yard. I sprayed this stuff 3 times over the area in the course of 2 weeks. Within about 5 days it started turning brown. In 10 days it was DEAD! It’s so dead that the grass is coming out if you just rake it.  It killed off all the spurge weeds I had grown too which were taking over my yard. It killed off a lot of other weeds and some palm saplings that popped up too.”

Kills Large Areas Effectively

Some of the comments came in from people who have been using this product for a long time to kill vegetation.  It will work effectively and can be used on a large area.  One customer shared this, “I have used KILLZALL for eight years now. It is the most cost effective way to control fence lines and large areas in large gardens. It is safe from rainfall in two hours on a warm dry day, even with a predicted weather change. I can fill my 15 gallon electrically pumped tank fifteen times from 1 gallon, so a spring, summer, and fall spraying keeps areas under control more cost effectively than any other way. That includes a six hundred foot long ten foot wide ditch, that grows dandelions and other noxious weeds as if they were fertilized. Neighbors who used to use other products have switched to Killzall based on observation and experience.”

Wear Gloves and Use Caution Around People and Pets

This is a poison so it needs to be treated as such.  Do not get it on your skin, nor breath it in.  Be careful to not use on a windy day as it could get in your eyes.  Also, do not let pets nor children play on the area you sprayed for several weeks to be safe.  A customer shared this experience when she didn’t use gloves, “Warning…..WEAR GLOVES!!!! I accidentally got some over-spray on my hand and it burned to high heaven, even after washing it off!! It even changed the color of my skin!!! Almost looked like a white scar!! Took a couple months to start looking normal again!”

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  • Kills weeds effectively
  • Good price 
  • Dries on weeds quickly


  • Will kill grass and any vegetation it touches in addition to weeds 
  • Will greatly burn your skin if it comes in contact with your skin
  • Takes several weeks to see results

Hi-Yield Killzall Weed and Grass Killer Conclusion

The Hi-Yield Killzall Weed and Grass Killer contains a double-surfactant ultra formulation that dries on weeds fast to start working quickly.  However, customers reported that it often takes many weeks to see results.  If you are wanting a quick killer, this is not a good choice.  If you want a weed killer that works effectively and you don’t mind being patient, this may be a good choice. You can use this weed killer near fences, in paths, patios, driveways, and curbs.  It can also be used for brush and vine control and stump treatment. This weed killer contains 41-Percent Glyphosate in a concentrated formula.  This weed killer will also kill your grass so be careful of where you apply it.  Also, make sure that you wear gloves when working with this weed killer.  This is a lethal poison to plants and it can also cause harm to people and pets.  

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people considering buying the Hi-Yield Killzall Weed and Grass Killer.

  • Will this kill seeds before they grow into weeds?  No, it has to soak in through the leaves in order for it to work.  It won’t kill the weeds if you have already cut them down or if they haven’t grown yet.
  • If I spray this weed killer around trees, will it harm my trees?  Yes, it can kill your trees if you apply this weed killer on the tree or close to the tree.  Use this weed killer a few feet away from the trees so that it doesn’t kill them.  Be careful when using this weed killer around other plants too, including grass.  This weed killer is known to kill anything it comes in contact with.
  • Will this product kill southern sandspur grass?  Yes, it will kill southern sandspur grass.  Follow the directions of the label and apply it to the southern sandspur grass when the temperature is over 70 degrees.  You will probably have to wait a couple of weeks until the sandspur grass dies.  Keep in mind that this product will not kill any seeds already produced, so you may have more come up and will have to spray again if it returns.

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  1. Hi. I lost the info on the ratio of Killzall Hi-Yield Weed and Grass Killer and water. Anybody know? Thanks

  2. Will this kill bind weed and not hurt the plants the bind weed is growing on?

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