Garden Glut: Recipes to Use All Your Garden Vegetables

garden glut recipes onion soup with parmesan bread
What exactly are garden glut recipes? Simply put, they are delicious recipes to use every single bit of scrumptious vegetables you have in your garden. Therefore, nothing will go to waste, and you can share some truly amazing meals with your friends and family. Here are our top choices.

#1. Beetroot Brownies

Yes, you read it well. You can add beets to your everyday brownies. And not only that, but it’s actually advisable you do because the taste is fantastic. Apart from that, they are less sinful than the standard ones because they have half the fat. Don’t worry, though, because you won’t even feel the beet taste. The brownies will still have that intense chocolaty flavor everyone knows and loves. Get the recipe here and some nice and lovely cocoa powder here. garden glut recipes beetroor-brownies

What Are Some Popular Vegetables That Millennials Are Growing in Their Gardens?

Millennials embrace gardening trend by growing a range of popular vegetables in their gardens. From leafy greens like kale and spinach to trendy options like microgreens and heirloom tomatoes, these young gardeners are exploring sustainable and organic practices. Embracing the farm-to-table movement, millennials enjoy growing their own produce for a healthier and more eco-friendly lifestyle.

#2. Lemon, Courgette, and Thyme Cake

Does it sound like a weird combination? It might, but it’s not. In fact, we can guarantee you that this will be one of the best cakes you will ever eat in your life. Not to mention that it’s so good looking. Yes, indeed, this one takes the cake as far as garden glut recipes go. Collect all late-summer courgettes in your garden and make this spectacular multi-layered cake as soon as possible. Here’s the recipe and this is where you can buy some buy some thyme. garden glut recipes courgette-thyme-cake

#3. French Onion Soup in Garden Glut Recipes

There are a few things that really say food for the soul and French onion soup is one of them. Just imagine a cold, crisp day after working in your garden picking up the last of the vegetables. You come inside, to the warmth of the house, and there lies a bowl of hot soup with parmesan bread on top waiting for you on the table. This is one of everybody’s favorite garden glut recipes. Get the recipe right here and some dry and savory parmesan cheese here. garden glut recipes onion-soup-with-parmesan-bread

#4. Bacon, Beans, and Peas Tart

The last entry on our list of garden glut recipes brings together three key ingredients of the fall. We’re talking, of course, about bacon, beans, sweet peas, and the crumbly, buttery crust of a tart. For this recipe, you can use some lardon bacon as well as some parmesan cheese. You can also add a couple of fresh basil leaves for some extra garden flavor. Make it right before serving and allow it to cool for a couple of minutes before slicing. garden glut recipes peas-bacon-pie If you thought there were no garden glut recipes that can satisfy you, then you thought wrong. As you can well see, you can even transform your garden cornucopia into sweets and desserts! Image sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
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